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Repo Questions and Answers

Repo man wants YOUR car

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(1) Want to get back on your feet? Miss a couple car payments!

(2) How to stop the repo man? Pay your car payment!

(3) What should you do if a repo man comes to repossess your car? Let him! You can always call the bank later.

(4) Your health is worth more than a car: stay safe.

(5) Are you having financial problems? Call your bank today, right now, and discuss the problems. Most banks are more than happy to work with their customers, but it is your responsibility to tell your bank that the problems exist.

Repo Questions and Answers

Keywords that People Use When Searching for Repo Information

Below is a two week sampling of the keywords that people entered into search engines to find some of my repo pages. Some of the keywords are hilarious, some are rather sad, some illustrate higher intelligence, and some are, well, wow-bizarre. I commented on each key-phrase to the right, separated by a dash ( — ). I listed my favorites at the top of the list so that if you don't have time to read them all you can at least see the ones that I feel are best. I had so much fun with this that I may look through previous months' keywords and list the ones that I find to be the funniest, most popular, or ask the best questions.

Please use your browser's 'find' feature to look for specific terms (press the ctrl key and F at the same time). The spelling is usually pretty poor in most of the keyword phrases, so you may not easily find all pertinent phrases without reading them all. After reading over the phrases I temporarily lost the ability to spell correctly too, so be forewarned, crazy human behavior rubs off on everyone!

#1: repossion is a fellowny — This one is my favorite! Hey, my English has always been poor (I am from Texas after all), and I have no problem whatsoever with anyone being English-challenged; but I simply love the innocence of the spelling! Humor and compassion at the same time, what a marvelous emotion! But the answer to the apparent question is no, having a car or boat repossessed is not a felony unless the previous owner damages or hides the vehicle.

#2: how to become a car repo man — All of the words were spelled and arranged correctly; impressive! This guy will make a good repo man.

#3: how to stop a repo — Pay the car payment! Seriously though, if the repo man is about to take your car, then let him. Give him the keys, be polite, apologize for the problem, and you can get the car back later after you have caught-up on payments. No car is more valuable than your health, so let the car go.

#4: how much does a repo man make a year — Some repo men might make around $250k a year, many lose money due to too much overhead, and some might make around $10k-$20k a year. I'm betting that most repo men quickly give up and go get a day job.

#5: how do repo people act — LOL! Sorry about that, but I just had to laugh at my own memories of having met different repo men. Repo men are humans, and all humans are nuts, so therefore all repo men are nuts. But seriously, there are good ones and bad ones, and a lot of their behavior will be dictated by how the person behaves from whom the car is being repoed. If you want a polite repo man, then you be polite first.

#6: sitting in your car during reposession — LOL! Don't! Men in blue uniforms and red lights on top of their cars will soon remove you from the car and introduce you to your new bunk buddies!

#7: how many car payments can you miss before they can legally take the car out of your possession — None. Seriously, read the fine print on your loan paper, if the lender so much as pretends to suspect that you will not make all payments then it is legal for the lender to repo the car, even if it is one second after you paid the down-payment or one second before you make the last payment. Car loans are insanely in favor of the lender.

#8: do u have to have a license to be a repo man in missouri — U shure do I bet u.

(Added April 5, 2013): The amazing thing to me is that this website gets so much traffic. I'm thinking that I am in the wrong business, I should move to a large city and be a repo man. If this site is so popular, then the repo business must be booming.

#9: (added April 5, 2013): hide my car and report it stolen to avoid reposetion — Wow, the person is planning several first degree felonies and putting his/her plans online too. Most people do not know that the prisons are filled with individuals who think like that.

#10: (added April 5, 2013): can a car company repo your for non payment of a down payment — LOL! Yes.

#11: (added April 5, 2013): if you burn a car do the repo still get money — If the repo man tows the car away, yes, s/he still gets paid regardless of whether it is being towed for the lender, the junk yard, or for the police who arrested you.

#12: (added April 5, 2013): repo car from other than your billing address — A sizable number of people invent ideas to excuse-away reality. The individuals somehow believe that the invented excuses become real rules of conduct that other people must follow. Repo men, police, and everyone else that has to deal with the public are constantly faced with similar craziness.


how to become a repo man — That's a good question and this site gives good answers.

do repo men make good money — Some do, most don't.

texas repo laws and rights — Good search phrase, and the user found a good reference on this site.

laws on repoing cars — Another good search phrase, and the user found a good reference on this site.

repo rights — A little vague, but still the user found a useful site that has information.

how can a co-owner of a car repossess a car that s being blocked legally — Vague question, but it sounds like the decision had already been made: it's to be done legally and not to be done illegally.

vehicle repossession laws in texas — Good search term, and the user found a useful answer here.

car repossession laws in texas — Another good phrase.

how to become a repo man in nj — Sorry, only Texas here, but the requirements are likely similar.

how much do repo companies make per repo — It depends on the repo, but typically around $200.00 to $400.00 here in the Texas panhandle.

di i need a license to repossess in mo — I'm betting you do.

tow truck repo license — Good search phrase, but better asked to a state licensing agency.

repo laws — Repo laws vary by state and country, it's best to clarify which region that you are in.

how to get into repossession business — Good enough question, and this site gives good enough answers.

how to repossess a car in texas — Drive it away, tow it away, pay someone to repo it.

car repo laws in texas — Good key-phrase that found good answers.

how do you get into the repo business — That's a legitimate question, and this site gives enough answers to help point the individual in the right direction.

how to become a repo man in canada — I'm betting that it's similar to USA laws, and the final answer is the one spoken by the repo man's licensing agency.

how to become a repo man in ms — Quite a few hits from MS folks, so I'm thinking the repo business ought to be good there.

average repossession cost — In my region it's normally around $200.00 to $400.00 plus any additional expenses (travel, repairs, new keys made, etc.).

texas penal code repossession — That phrase found the right answer here on this site.

repoing — Wow now that one is about as vague as it gets.

betac — I haven't a clue; the acronym fits many possible definitions.

car repossession non regulated agreement — A little better description would help.

how much do repo men make per repo — See above

buy here pay here only reports once the loan is paid off — The user is likely asking about reporting to credit companies; each Buy-Here-Pay-Here is different, some report monthly, some report annually, and some never report at all.

how much repo per car — See above ($200-$400 on the average depending on expenses and type of repossession)

is repo legal — If a car is on a loan and the loan isn't paid, then yep!

how to keep a out of state repo car — Pay off the car loan??

how much does it cost to get my car out of repo — Whatever the repo man and bank want to charge, seriously. But generally it is usually the cost of catching-up on all car payments first, then add around $400.00 or more for the repo itself (banks may add more for shuffling papers).

auto repossession companies illinois — Good search phrase, and this site used to be in the top-ten rank for an Amarillo repo company: too bad the site is no longer promoting a local repo company.

who does repos for union bank — Good question, but sorry, no Union banks around here.

is it illegal to remove tires from a car being repo in texas — LOL! Yes! Please don't do that!

in texas can a person go to jail for reposession aticle b32.33 — Having a car repoed is not a crime (or I hope not), but obstructing the repo is a crime. Give the nice repo man your keys and everything will pass quickly.

vehicle repo rates in texas — It varies by region, bank, repo company, and whether the repo is voluntary or involuntary. Around $200.00 to $400.00 is average in my region.

buy here pay here near me — Is that ME as in Maine, or was that a test to determine Google's psychic powers? Just teasing! Seriously though, how the heck did a search phrase like that land on this site? LOL! I'm thinking that some of the Buy-Here-Pay-Here lots could use a better website (HIRE ME!! HIRE ME!!).

if buy here pay here repos my car do they let you pick it back up — Probably, but only after you have caught-up on the payments.

were did repoing cars come from — Driveways? I am seriously hoping that I am misreading the question, but it sounds like someone might have been led to believe that repossessing vehicles is some sort of evolved legal practice handed down from previous laws. Nope, repoing has been a common thing since humans first started using collateral to borrow money, and we're talking thousands and thousands of years; it's just common sense, if you don't pay, it gets repoed.

car repossesion in texas — Frequently.

how to become a repo tow company — Repoing and towing are different businesses even if both do towing, but the search phrase landed on this site and the user likely got a useful answer.

how to return a truck to the bank without it being considered a repossession — If a vehicle is not paid for, it is still a repossession if the collateral is returned.

what happens in tennessee if you hide your vehicle from the repo man? — The banks hire better repo men! Seriously though, if Tennessee law is similar to Texas law then you go to jail. Good enough answer? Give them the darn car!

is it illegal to finance a car without license in oklahoma — Driver's license, registration license, lender/bank license, Buy-Her-Pay-Here, or what? In Texas it's illegal for all of them.

can a car dealer repo a car without license? — If the car dealer is carrying the note then probably yes, but if the note is through a bank/lender, then I wouldn't bet on it being legal. It could still be moral and just, but legalities are not always concerned with what is fair. Generally, if a company or person has not paid money to the government for a license, then it's illegal to do it (including flushing the toilet, living in a house, eating food, all that stuff).

what to do incase a car repo — Hand the nice repo man your keys, say bye-bye to the car, and if you have enough money then call the bank and catch-up on the payments to get the car back.

can a finance company be charged a repossion fee if the car was not towed — Yep! Repoing a car by driving the car back to the impound lot is still a repossession.

repo laws vehicles — Vague, but the user found a few useful answers here.

what rights do the possessor of a car that s they re trying to repo — You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to hand over your keys, you have the right to live a less stressful life without the car, and you may have the right to get the car back after making all payments. Generally, you have no rights, you already signed away your rights when you signed the loan papers (in very small letters on the back of the loan agreement).

eople who have had their cars repo — Wow now that would be a long list! Zillions of them!

can you call the cops on a repo man — Yes! Although for me I wouldn't call the cops unless the repo man was doing something illegal.

do repo call the police they are doing a repo — Yes, at least in my region the repo man is required to telephone the police to report the repossession so that if the ex-owner later calls to report it stolen then the police will know that it was repossessed.

how to get a repo license in pa — Good question, and I'm suggesting that the person begin by spending days telephoning and visiting state agencies to find which agency handles the licensing.

can a repo man move another car to get to the car in texas — Maybe, although maybe it would be unacceptable to open another vehicle to access the transmission shifter or steering wheel. Moving another car off to one side with a tow truck might be okay in some circumstances, but maybe not, it just depends. The best answer for that is to ask your local police or sheriff's department.

is it a felony in california to hide your car from being repossessed — I'd betcha it is!

can a car being repossed be insured? — In Texas it's illegal for a car to not be insured if it's used on the streets, and repo companies are required by law to carry insurance that covers damage to repoed cars. The answer is very likely a yes regardless of what the question intended.

how long will a repo man stay outside your house — As long as it takes, but generally around fifteen to thirty minutes to hook up and go. However, the question appears to suggest that a repo man is parked in the street and waiting for the car to show, which in that case the repo man might be there for days, and I'm going to tell you right now that if he is that interested in your car then after he leaves there will be someone else in a different vehicle watching the house 24/7. Give the poor guy the car keys and let him go home for dinner and sleep!

how much do u get for repoing a car for the bank — Depends on the bank, but generally around $200.00-$400.00 depending on whether it was a voluntary or involuntary repo.

can you tow.a.reposssesed.vehicle.across.state.lines — In Texas the answer is yes and no; a repo man licensed in the repoed state can repo the car, and the repo man in the adjoining state can receive the repoed car, but if the repo man is not licensed in both states then the answer is no he cannot legally repo in one state and tow the car to a different state. State governments get angry if a business hasn't paid money for the privilege to work and travel in that state.

texas state vehicle repo laws — The phrase found a useful site here.

repossing a car in tx as a lien holder — If you are unsure of the legalities then I strongly suggest hiring a licensed repo man because s/he will know the laws and help keep you from making a booboo that costs you more money in the long-run.

car got repossess personal items back such as car parts — If it isn't bolted down or a part of the original car (including floor mats, radio, etc.) then you should get everything back.

texas repossession laws for auto — Good phrase that found useful answers here on this site.

when banks call for repossession — If you don't have enough money to pay the payments then tell the bank so, and then drive the car to the bank and politely hand them the keys; you may get the car back once you can afford the payments. If you holler, cuss, and make the bank send out a repo man, then don't expect the bank to be nice either.

car being repossessed while at work — Bummer! Taxi cabs, buses, bicycle, feet, friends, family, there's always a way to survive without a car.

what do repo men make a month?? — I'm guessing the average net income is around $2,000.00 in the red. Successful repo businesses may net around $3,000.00 in the green. The repo men that banks adore may net around $20,000.00 a month. It depends on the region, the banks, the economy, and how much competition there is.

what state law do creditors have to abide by — Good question, and one that I don't have a good answer for. I am confident that there is a ton of laws for banks, but I am not familiar with any.

repo and destuction of property — Don't do it! Seriously, it isn't worth it to damage collateral and go to jail for it. I've serviced security equipment in a lot of jails, and trust me, you don't want any of the inmates as bunk buddies.

national auto lenders repo — Sorry, too vague.

texas car reposession law — This is the site with some of the answers.

how do i become a repo man — First get some experience of investigating which government agencies that you must pay for licensing; once you've done that, repoing cars will seem easy in comparison.

ways to park your car to prevent repo — LOL! That's known as hindering the creditor, which can get you time in the state jail, and have ALL of your cars AND HOME taken since they were used in the commission of a felony crime. Now, do you really think that the one car is worth that much trouble?

always late on car payment — Bummer, but it's easily remedied by paying the payments earlier.

will repo company take car without tires — Yes, and if you are the one that took the tires off then the police might take you to jail in the middle of the night without shoes.

repo problem car — Problem car as in a car with mechanical problems? (Hey I'm getting good at figuring out what the questions implied). Yes, running or not, a repo man can take it, and if it's a lemon that isn't worth the payments and you can't sell it, then leave the keys in the car and tell the bank to tow it off.

selling a repossessed car in texas — If it's the bank/lender reselling the car, it's perfectly legal.

georgia repo laws — I'm not sure, please call your local law enforcement agencies to get that answer.

financial repossession mo laws what happens — Missouri laws, that I can't say, but they're usually similar in all states.

what the average cost of repoing a car is — $200-$400 depending on region and effort required to find the car.

repo man legal rights — If the repo man is properly licensed and authorized by the lender to repo a car, then he can legally take the car, but he does not have the right to damage any other property, nor to break and enter premises. Ask your local police department for specifics.

hiw much does someone makr from a repo — Not much, $200-$400, but after expenses it can be much less.

texas vehicle repo laws — This is the site with some of the answers.

how to become a repo man in missouri — Please see above answers.

what happens when u have a repo for more than five months — Not sure of the question, but if the lender has been trying to repo for five months, the lender may decide to have the police issue a warrant for your arrest. Say howdy to your new bunk buddies at the local jail!

obtain a copy of letter of repossession of vehicle — Ask your lender for the paper, they should willingly give you a copy.

repo man truck — Big, noisey, smells bad inside from too many hours alone while eating fast foods.

how much repo companies make per repo — $200-$400

why do you have to contact the police when your car is repossessed — So that if the previous owner calls it in as stolen it won't waste policemen's time looking for a car that was instead repoed.

car repossession law — Texas info is here on this site.

getting two vehicles repo — Wow bummer! The repo man probably liked it though, two jobs at one address, less time and expense for the repo man.

texas law for repossession of vehicles — This is the site.

repo men legal rights — Very similar question as one before.

repo man damaged my property — Naughty repo man! Seriously though, if there was damage then contact the repo company and politely ask for compensation. If the repo company will not honor the damages then call the police and press for charges and compensation. Repo men have the legal and moral right to repo cars, but they have no right to damage property.

is there money in repo — Some companies do very well, but I'm betting that most companies don't.

can repo people take out parts so vehicle is not move — If authorized by the lender, then probably yes.

buy here pay here repossessed my car — They do that, and a lot! And why? Because many people don't pay for the cars.

lien on car title in indiana if vehicle is towed — If Indiana is similar to Texas, then yes the towing company can place a lien on the vehicle until the towing charge is paid.

car repossion in texas — Laws and info here on this site.

does texas regulate auto repo — Oh you betcha! Big time! Government employees couldn't get paid such large salaries if the government didn't regulate and require licenses for most everything.

amarillo national bank late car payment — I know those people! Seriously! Hey, every one of the collectors I met were good people (which is a shock to me since I personally have no love for the bank itself). If you know that you will be late on a payment then call them and let them know. They will work with you as far as they can.

sleeping in my car to prevent repossession — Please see a similar reply above. The nice policemen will give you a more comfortable place to sleep, plus a new bunk buddy!

hindering repo — See above. Wow, no wonder our jails are crowded!

can i buy a car if my other car been repo — Yep, but expect to pay above retail, plus 50% for the down payment (which is what the car would cost if you paid cash anywhere else anyway), and expect the interest rate to be huge.

do dealerships accept past repos — Oh you betcha! See above: sellers love the higher interest rates.

texas state repossion list — Hmmm, a list of all vehicles repoed in Texas? Is that one of those factoids like "if you stacked all repo forms end to end for 2012, it would reach to the moon and back three times"?

can you repo a car that is in your name — If you are the lender, maybe. Chat with your local police department first, let them know what's going on, and they will point you in the right direction. Chances are, you will likely have to have a court decision (oh yay so much fun there, but that'll teach you to never again accept payments when selling a car).

how do you start up a repo business? — Lots of detective work, lots of filling out forms, lots of visiting lenders to tell them about your business, and lots of money spent. Oh, and too, you need a website!! HIRE ME!! Visit my main site at to get ideas of how to put together a site, and then HIRE ME!! ;-)

how to become a repo man? — Please see above.

are they allowed to drive your car when its repoed — Depends; getting fuel or repairs then yes, joy riding maybe not unless first given permission by the lender.

repo for a living — Hmmm, now I'm going to ask what the definition of living is. Spending 12+ hours a day in a smelly repo tow truck and fussing with irate people is not my idea of living. But yeah, this site gives a bit of info on the first steps of starting a repo business.

how much money does a repo company make? See above. (It's interesting that so many people are interested in the income.)

what is the law in repossesing your vehicle in texas — Please see above and on other pages.

louisiana repossession laws car third party possession not in contract with creditor — Now that doesn't sound comfortable! Nevertheless, the repo man can repo anywhere regardless of who is driving/using the car.

is my car on the repo list — If you have to ask then I'd suggest calling the bank ASAP to find out.

can you legally sell a car that is mortgaged through a bank or is that considered fraudulent? — You can sell the car, but the proceeds must first go to pay off the note. Selling a car without paying off the note is very illegal, and too, the new 'owner' will be very unhappy when the car gets repoed by the bank.

who can you call to complain about huntington banks repo company — Call the bank first, and if the complaint is about property damages and the bank doesn't help, then speak to someone at the police department for advice.

i want to repo cars — Yep, I too used to think it ought to be fun, but not now: my computer doesn't scream death threats at me, and I can turn it off when I want.

avg amount of repossessions done a week — One local company got around five to ten repos a week, while ten other repo companies got no repos. I'm thinking the gross average of all repo companies combined is likely around one repo a week.

what is the law in california fir a finance company to repo a car — It's likely written on the back of your loan papers, and in very small print.

to tell where a person car is hiding from repossession — Detective work is a skill that good repo men have. To learn how crooks think, a person must sometimes be a crook; I wouldn't make a good repo man.

repossession of a car in texas — This site has info on that.

is it legal to break into your car to repossess your car — If you are the legal lien holder, then maybe. Speak to your police department before doing anything, and if it's legit, heck, they might even help you.

indiana retain repossessed vehicle — Sorry, I'm just a Texas boy, no knowledge of Indiana laws and customs.

is it legal to repo a car in texas — Yep and yep! But it's only legal for those who are legally able to repo.

can you be a repo person with a felony — Good question, and I don't know the answer. I'm going to say maybe depending on the type of felony, but I'm also going to say that the expenses might be much higher for insurance and stuff.

become a car repo man — No thank you, but you can if you want.

privacy issues on repo vehicles — A repo is recorded at your bank/lender, reported to credit bureaus, recorded at the police department, and any lender can access the files.

how to find repo car information license plate — Each state should have online access to DMV records. Contact your state DMV agency to access their site.

federal regulations on repossession companies — Good question, and I do not know the answer. Ask your state agency for information of how to learn more about the federal laws.

become a repossession man — The phrase is a bit abbreviated, but it found this site, so mission accomplished.

do you have to notify someone that you re filing a hindering secured payment against them — I'll betcha they will find out real quick. ;-) To my knowledge there is no requirement, but ask your local agencies to make sure.

how to get into car repo business — This site has some info.

can the repo man move a car to repossess one — Please see above: maybe yes maybe no, depends on the circumstances.

does the repo man call your insurance company — Probably not, but your insurance company will know pretty quick by your credit report.

can a repro man go in your house — Not legally unless you invite him in. If the repo man breaks into your home to repo a car, then keep clear of the boy, don't say a word, stay safe, leave and call the police to have him arrested for breaking and entering. The police will introduce him to his new bunk buddies.

repo men becoming — Hmmm, this one forgot to add another word maybe?

is it legal for a tow truck driver to move the car to get to a repossession car — See above: maybe.

if u have a repo do you have to pay for another tag — License tag plate? Not unless it expired while at the impound lot.

should i give the keys when my car is being repossessed — Yes! Good question. Stay safe, stay sane, be polite and let the car go.

discuss repossessions by the owner — The owner is the lien holder. The debtor is usually better off only discussing a repo with the lender and not with the repo man.

penal code for repossession — This site has some of the Texas laws.

gettin into the repo business — Heehee, yep, gettin into bein a repo man. Tip: when fillin out repo forms be sure to enter all leters and nmbers, else bein a repo man will get reel annoyin.

how old do you have to be to be a repo man — Likely 18+, but check your state's requirements.

what are the laws in stating your car will be repoed — It is usually the lender that chooses when to repo a car. To my knowledge there is no law stating that a car must be repoed.

repo talk — Vocabulary? Lots of cuss words, lots of yelling, lots of talking trash about the lenders' customers, and usually lots of talking trash about the lenders too.

repossession credit unions license how many cars — Sorry, no idea what is being implied.

repossession costs — See above: $200-$400+ is average.

being a repo man — Some guys and gals love it, some folks don't.

what rights does a repo man have — See above: he has the right to do what is legal, he does not have the right to commit crimes.

auto repossession laws in texas — This site has some references. Please check with the Texas agencies to ensure that the laws have not recently changed (politicians pass many thousands of new laws each year and it's impossible for anyone to even read all of the new laws let alone apply them.)

how much well it cost 2 start a repo componey — LOL! Please accept my words with friendship and caring: include a night course in English while figuring all costs; trust me, it will help more than anything else.

can you go to jail if you hide a car you own from repo — YEP!

repo law in texas no insurance — I'm not sure of the question, but in Texas it is a no-no to not have insurance on a car/tow truck/repo business.

what are the requirements for someone repossessing a car in georgia — If similar to Texas, the requirements are all licenses and a get-going order from the lender.

avg — And the user found this site with that keyword?? Wow!

how to become a repo man in ga — See above; get the licenses, get the insurance, get the tow truck, get the business from lenders, get going!

your rights? police wants to tow your car from your house — Uh-oh, sounds like serious criminal stuff. Be polite, let them have the car, and if the cops took the car illegally then you can get damages in a court.

my rights in a repo case — As a debtor, pretty much none. Your right was to pay the payments, and once that right is given away, you basically no longer have any rights.

texas repossession laws — This site has a few listed.

missouri law on repo car from buy here pay here lots — If similar to Texas, the law is in the loan form you signed (read the small print on the back of the form, it's there).

vehicle repo laws in texas — This is the site for some of that info.

can u ask a car to get repo in another state — LOL! I used to talk to my cars when I was a teenager, but dadgummit they never replied unless I said something bad and the cars then very quickly developed major mechanical problems. I talk nice to my cars now. But yes, if the car is in a different state then the car can be repoed there, but the cost is much higher.

my car got repoed by buy here pay here — It happens, a lot. Around 20% of Buy-Here-Pay-Here buyers do not make payments; some BHPH lots repo over 50% because of late payments.

can repo company come to my work — They found you! Yes they can pick up the car most anywhere.

texas repossession tow law — This site has some of that info.

only worth a repossessed car — I have no idea of what the question implied.

how old do u have to be to drive a repo truck? — Old enough to reach the brake and steering wheel while seeing above the dash. Legally though? Probably 18 since it's a commercial vehicle. Check with your local DMV for the latest requirements.

what happends when your financial company tows your car and they break it — {grins} Darn car breaks into little pieces, bummer. But seriously, if the car is damaged when being towed then the repo insurance will (should, ought to, better) pay for damages.

how to get into repoing cars — See above: just don't get into cars being repoed, okay?

protocol to a car repo from a buy here pay here — Bookkeeper sees that you are one day late on a payment, the bookkeeper hollers at the manager, the manager hollers at the repo dude, the repo dude grabs the car, the car is placed in an impound lot, the customer's possessions are removed from the car, the customer is called and told to come get their stuff and either make all payments or else the car will be resold.

can i repo from a federal property in tx — Shore can, but I'm-a tellin ya, it depends on what sort of federal property we're talkin about here, ya know? Me, I'd shy sway from federal properties like law enforcement, military, and other places where the employees carry guns. Too, I would ask the local police or sheriff's department to escort me so as to help keep the peace and to be there to witness anything unhappy that might occur.

is it legal for the bank to break-in when repossesing the car — Break into the vehicle yes, break into your home probably not.

what do i need to starting a repo business? — See above: the main thing is lots of dollars, and too, free time.

stories of someone who had car repo — There are likely millions of stories, but here we only talk about doing the repoing.

is it legal to repo a car at work — Yep!

how much does it cost to make a repo business — An estimate for my region is around $50,000.00 for low-end, and around $200,000.00 for high-end.

does car rep need to contact sheriif prior to — Telephoning law enforcement is usually done after the repo, but if there is a high probably of the debtor being violent or dishonest then the repo man will want to call the law first.

what is the law in the state of texas about repossession — This site has some of that info.

do buy here pay hrte dealers report repos — Some do, some don't. Reporting to credit bureaus costs money, so some dealers do not report.

repo man rights in az — See above: he has a lot of legal rights, and no illegal rights.

is it legal to repossess a car you own — ??? Not sure what the question is, but if there is a lien on a car, then the only owner is the lien holder, the lender, and yes they can repo the car if they want to.

demand letter to repo my car — Repo companies do receive the paperwork from a lender to repo a car, but the paperwork does not necessarily have to be shown to the debtor.

do i have to allow a repo person to take my car — You don't have to, you could always choose jail instead, but hey, the repo man is going to get the car one way or another, so yes, if you want to stay safe and sane, and legal, then yes let the repo man take the car.

if you only have liability insurance can you get your car back from repossession — It depends on the state you live in and what was agreed to on the loan. Most lenders require full insurance, and liability insurance is usually not enough.

can a car be repossessed at work while other cars are blocking — See above: it depends, sometimes yes sometimes no.

rights of a rep man in ok — See above.

become a repo man — See above.

in ky can i repo my own truck if someone else has the keys — Is this one of those cases of someone accepting payments for the sale of a vehicle? If so, chat with your local law enforcement to learn how they interpret the laws. Stay safe, stay on the good side of the law.

can they find your car to repossess it anywhere — Yep! Although, if you're super good at hiding the car so well that the best repo guys can't find it, then the police will choose to find you instead. Say howdy-boys to your new bunk buddies!

can your credit union checking account be levied for auto repossession in texas — Ugh, possibly yes, it depends on your credit union. A good rule of thumb is to never have a loan at the same bank where you have a checking or savings account; in my experience bad banks always mess up accounts by moving money from one account to another without permission, and it isn't worth the hassle nor the possibility of losing your credit rating due to the bank purposely emptying your checking account (a local Amarillo national bank did that to me, putting our money into closed accounts; it took years to rebuild my credit).

responsibilities of a repo company — Wow, so many, where to begin? How about just to legally get the car and do so without harm to person or property?

is it against the law to report a vehicle as repo if it is past due — If the car has not been repoed, then I'm thinking that surely there are some legalities being broken, such as giving a false report to credit bureaus.

what is legl time to repo car — Always. The repo man can repo whenever he wants, day or night, and holidays are a favored time.

car repo due to fraudulent liens texas — If you can prove the fraudulent liens then have the culprits arrested and collect damages!

how much do repo make — See above: some make good money, most make nothing.

receive repossession letter — Not a good sign. Either make the payments or else have the keys handy when the repo man arrives.

can i pay a repo — When/if you get the car back, yes, you will get to pay the repo charges on top of the payments.

how long to get car out of repot by filing chapter 13 in texas — If it's already repoed then you might be out of luck. Some lenders may still work with you, so go talk to them and see what they say.

what repo co should leanders use — Use the one that advertises on this site! Oh wait, none are advertising here because I have not offered advertising, darn! The best choice is to simply choose a repo man that bathes, can spell properly, and has a clean vocabulary,,,,, well, at least able to spell correctly so that he will fill out forms correctly.

repo — That's what this site is all about!

can repo people call police — Yes, and they frequently do.

is it a felony to not give repo guy car in california — I'll betcha it is.

how to become a repo company — See above.

buy here pay here tried to repo my truck because of insurance — They have that right if it's on the loan agreement.

laws that repo men have to abide by — The same as everyone else. The only 'right' that the repo man has more than anyone else is to legally return a car or other collateral to the lender.

repossessing a vehicle you own from somebody that i used to know — Now that sounds like an uncomfortable situation, but it happens.

case law history on repossing veichles — Sounds like something to be found in a law library and not online.

are repo companies liable — Yes! They are liable for their their mistakes just like everyone else.

average repo cost — See above.

concealed carry while reposessing — Many do, and for good reason. It isn't a favorable choice, but the public can be overtly violent, and the repo man does have the natural human right for self-defense.

how long does a repossession stay in the town it was repossessed — Depends on the lender, but a lot of lenders ship the vehicle to be sold in a different city soon after the repo is finalized.

list of contracted auto repos arizona — I'm not sure about Arizona's laws, but some states do not allow that type of lender information to be made openly public.

vehicle repossession in texas — This site has info about that.

i want to b a repoman — I c. See above.

vehicle repossession/owner rights — Generally none; see above.

how to become a repo man ca — See above, and then go visit your state agencies for more information.

authorization letter to repossess a vehicle — That's what repo men get before heading out. Without the letter the repo isn't righteous.

can a bank repossess a car if its overseas — Yep, but wow the repo charges would be high. I'm thinking that this sort of situation lands under the title of hindering, which is jail time for the culprit.

repo license price — Check with your state agency for the latest rates.

what happen if the bank repossess my car damage — If the bank damages it then they will be required to repair it if you pay off the loan.

repo usa — That's us!

vermont repossession procedures for tow companies — Not sure, but likely similar to Texas.

3rd party repossession — Without more details that sounds like a gray area.

what time of year is the repo business good — Excellent question!! Christmas and Thanksgiving are two of the best times to grab hard to find vehicles. But repoing is good year-round, with some periods maybe being a little better (like late spring when the cars that were bought with tax returns are up for repoing).

what are the rights to repo ing — See above.

i got back to ropo — ??? I have no clue on that one.

texas repossession laws on vehicles — This is the site.

if your car is repossessed can you pay them in small payments — Maybe; ask your lender and see what they say. No one likes a repo except the repo man, so the lender might be happy to work with you.

leagal laws on repos — This is the site with Texas info.

when do repossession companies own the car — When the lender fails to pay for the repo (mechanic's lien), but that likely rarely ever happens.

is it legal to repo a truck with a load — Yep! Be sure to rent another truck to go pick up the load from the impound lot.

i wanna hire a repo man — Check online for your city, and check the yellow pages. Call a large local bank and ask who they use.

car repossessed but want money.back — No refunds on payments made. FYI, some lenders purposefully wait until a debtor has made a payment before the lender repos the car the next day; it isn't ethical, but it happens, and it's legal.

can a indavidual repo a car that he sold another person in ca — See above. If you're collecting payments from an individual, then you've got legal problems that may require a court battle.

will the bank send you a letter that they will repo your car — Maybe yes maybe no, it depends on the lender.

what are my legal rights to a car repossession in texas — None. See above.

repo laws in ct do you need to be notified first — Probably not.

how to become a repo man in oklahoma — See above. Notice that this one is also correct of spelling and grammar. He's going to make a good repo man.

if a repo guy damaged your vehicle who is responsible — The repo man.

what are the laws for repo agents in california — See above.

what is needed to start a repo business in ga. — See above.

repo company laws — See above.

connecticut laws on repossessing cars — See above.

how much does insurance cost for a car repo business — It depends on your own driving history and your location, but expect it to be very expensive, in the $500-$5000 a month range.

what authority does a repo man have — To repo your car, and that's about it.

can a car lot not tell you if they repo your car — They may not have to say a word, but are required to inform you where to pick up your personal possessions.

concealing mortgaged property georgia — Bad! Bad! Don't do it!

out of state repossession companies — Check online, check the phone book, and ask your local banks who they recommend.

repo license — Ask your state's agency.

will my bank eork with me if car was repo — Usually always yes, but you will still have to pay the payments.

texas law on vehicle repo and sale — This site has several of the hindering creditor laws, but for reselling the car later much of the choice is up to the lender.

credit company liability for vehicle repossession — I'm not sure of the question. Insurance-wise the repo man is liable.

repoing in state prison — HA! Hey, drop by the little guard booth and tell the guard there what you're doing before you start dragging a car off the lot. The guard can radio to the other guard in the tower to not shoot you. Yep, one minute of intelligent reasoning can save you decades of grief and pain.

usaa repossession — ??? I'm guessing that's a repo company maybe.

in the state of texas what are the repo laws for a car? — See above.

where to hide your car from repo — Seriously? HA! Actually (and don't tell anyone that I told you this) but the best place to hide from police is to be parked in the police parking lot, and the best place to hide a car is on the dealer's parking lot. It's hilarious but those used to be the last places that repo men looked. I'm thinking that maybe the repo men have now caught-on though. The best place for a repo car is in the lender's parking lot, and hand the folks your keys before you leave.

how do i find a hire me for repos — Telephone? Write letters? Visit in person?

what to do if your car is repossessed in texas — Call the bank and make arrangements to pay the note, or do nothing and let the car go.

truck got repoed 2 times — Dang, surely not due to lack of payment?

georgia concealing of mortgaged property — Probably like Texas, a no-no that is rewarded with jail time.

laws on repo ing — This site has a few for Texas.

can a repo company take your vehicle from your property — You betcha!

can a car be repossessed from job — Yep!

what happen when your lender has a lean on the car and you miss payments — Most lenders let you make up a single late payment later, but two or more payments and the car may get repoed.

is it legal for car delear to reposses a car while client is in the same month as payment — Yep!

what can repomen do and not do in texas — They can do all things legal and they cannot legally do all things illegal.

best time to repo a car in florida — Probably like all other states, when the debtor is in their home or at work or at a store: all the time.

if i let them repo my car do i have to pay for it — Probably not, but you will pay in higher interest rates on your next loans and insurance.

who do you complain to about a repo company in california — If it was an illegal act then complain to the police, but if the repo man was just a jerk then either complain to the lender and the state agencies ruling the company's license, or else just let it go; you won't make a gruff repo man polite by complaining.

texas penal code vehicle repo — This site has some of that info.

average repossession fees — See above: figure around $200-$400 or so.

texas penal code for lien holders — This site has some of that info.

car repossession can repo call police — Yep!

become a auto repos it repo man — Uh, yeah, maybe, not sure.

stolen money from repo — If it was in the repoed car and you can prove it, then call the police. If you can't prove it then you lost the money. Not all humans are honest and ethical, and all repo men are human.

buy here pay here car dealerships law — They invent their own,,,, just kidding. BHPH lots follow similar laws as banks and other lenders.

what s illegal during a repossession in kentucky — Wow, that question leaves a large opening for interpretation: selling illegal substances, rooster fights, selling firearms to known terrorist countries, slavery,,,, but generally the repo man is only legally able to repo the car from an open area, and that's about it.

is stopping the repo man a felony in texas? — Stopping him by paying the car loan is legal, but most everything else is illegal.

can you get felony for interfering with repo — You betcha!!!

how do you repossess a vehicle if you are an individual in louisiana — Call a repo company, they will likely know all of the latest laws.

repo regulations for banks — Banks should already know the laws, but for the debtor all that is needed to know is that the bank owns your car until after you pay it off in full.

bank repos towing lists — Banks probably won't make that information public.

repo com usa — Likely another site.

texas laws and regulations of a reposession company — This site has information about that.

how can i pay off for a car which is in repossession list — Go to the bank and give them money??

late car payment repo car hop — Some carhops are cute, but I don't think you can repo them.

how to buy a car with a repossession on credit — Pay more money down and accept the higher interest rates. But generally, if a person can afford that high of a down-payment then I would suggest finding a good used car and paying cash.

does lien holder have to report before repossession — Nope.

automobile repossesion liability — The repo man is required to carry full insurance.

bank need a repo man — Most do.

do companies have the right to destroy your house? — No! If a repo man has damaged your property then demand payment for damages, and if the repo company does not pay then call the police and have him arrested.

repoing cars dangers — Excellent question, and the answer is LOTS! Being a repo man is likely one of the most dangerous jobs there is, and I'm serious about that. Being an unarmed guard in a maximum security prison is relatively safe, and in the military at least you get to shoot back, but repo men are up against some of the craziest people on earth.

best way to give a damaged car back to lienholder — Drive it there? Tow it to the bank? Telephone and tell the bank what happened so they can send a tow truck?

my car got repossessed and the dealer says i have to wait a week to get it — It could happen; the dealer has a lot of paperwork to file. Be cautious about making any payments until the car is ready to be released; the dealer might choose to take your payments and still not give the car back.

missouri auto repo laws — Likely similar to Texas laws.

i need to keep going to pay one car on reposition — ??? Yes a loan must be paid if a person wants to keep the car. Believe it or not, some people sincerely do not realize that they have to pay for a car.

sheriff comes out to reposess vehicle — Yow! Sounds like some serious stuff there.

vechicle reposession business and profession code — Check with your state's agencies; the laws and codes are lengthy.

concealment of property repossession in tx — See above: not a good thing for a debtor to do.

mississippi towing laws for repos — Check with your region's DMV for current regulations.

do repo trucks have license plates — They should!

legally become repo man — Beats the heck out of illegally becoming a repo man! Visit your state agencies for the latest requirements.

car got repossessed mo what now — Either pay off the loan or forget the car.

repo man how you get started — See above.

how do you work for repo — Get hired?

how long will a lender have to wait to get possession of a title from a owner with no vehical lender — ??? What!?

legal advice for repo man — Best legal advice: hire a lawyer.

if the repo man break my truck do they pay — Yes.

responsible for cars insurance on repo — Only up to when the car was repoed.

laws on banks towing your car if you have a bad social security — Bad social security number or bad social security retirement? Too vague to answer.

how old do u have to be to repo ga — Likely 18+, but check with your state to make sure.

texas auto repossession laws — This site has a few of those.

repossession laws for texas — See above.

in the state of texas is it against the law to have writing on the outside of your car — ,,,,,short pause,,,,,big smile,,,,,small chuckle,,,,, wow what a question, but I'm thinking that if most all cars have writing like brand names and business names, then writing is legal. Illegal writing might be vulgarity or hate words.

when does a repo agent have possession — Generally, the instant that he touches the car or has the vehicle connected to his.

how do i get into the repo business — See above.

if dealer excepts late payment once can he still reposess your car — Yep!

become repo — Okay.

illinois law on banks repossessing vehicles — Law library for that one.

laws for repoman in texas — Law library again.

repo law in texas for automotive — More law library.

is it illegal to drive a repossessed car — Not for the lender or repo man, but for the debtor, yes.

legal rights when lender does not want car back — ???

texas state repossession law — Law library.

repo your car while in it — LOL, not a good thing! Get out of the car safely and let the car go. Your health is worth more than a car.

repo car companies — Zillion of them all over the world.

car repo experiences — This site speaks of a few.

property attached to a vehicle becomes — It becomes the property of the lender.

repo leans in texas — ???

repo whats the law — And I wonder, do many people honestly believe that all of the laws surrounding a topic like repoing a car can be found in a single sentence or on a single page? The number of laws is huge, in the thousands, and they will not all be found online.

whats rights do i have when it comes to repo men on my property? — Almost none other than not being a victim to violence or property damage.

texas car repo laws with buy here pay here car lots — Law Library.

usa repo guy job — See above.

do you have to have a repossesion license in indiana — I'm sure that you do.

vin numbers up for repo — Seriously, do people truly believe that this sort of information will be publicly listed online?

can i make my behind payment to repo person — Sometimes yes, usually no. If the repo man has an arrangement with the lender then he might be authorized to take a payment, but independent repo men usually have no authority to accept payments.

can repo company get information from department of licensing — Yes! And tons of it!

is it against the law in florida to ecade a leinholder on repo — Very likely yes!

individual repo in texas — Call a repo man and ask for information.

the best repo insurance — Cheapest bid.

what to do when car repossession company is in the house — In your house? If you let them in then it's too late; if they broke in then call the police.

what can happen if you hide a car from a repossision in oklahoma — Go to jail?

car repossessed bank not talking — It's their right.

liability of repossession in texas — See above.

ky repo laws protecting the person — Likely similar to all other states.

would you go to jail if you detroy a car being repod — Yeppers!

how to become a repo man in arkansas — See above.

what rights do repo people have in arkansas — See above.

is it illegal for a car dealer ship to repo a car and not give u the money back u already paid on it — Not illegal. Read your loan agreement.

what do you need to be a repo man — See above.

surrendering a buy here pay here car — Saying bye-bye.

how much do repo companies make — See above.

has anyone had their car repossessed — Ga-zillions of people all over the world.

can a repo man legally take your property — No. But to clarify, a car that has a lien is not your property, it belongs to the lender.

damaged property during repo — Call the repo company to pay damages, and if no success then call the police.

your rights in texas with a reposession — None.

how much do a repo man makes — See above.

how long after you miss a payment can a lien holder take your car — Instantly.

car repo laws in missouri — See above.

if repo man comes can you still stop it — Probably not, at least not legally.

where can u get list of cars on repo list — At the lender's.

how does repossession of a car work in texas — See above.

repo man blocks car in to prevent drive off — Yes, that is standard practice to prevent you from committing a felony The repo man just saved you from going to jail. The repo man is your friend.

how much it cost to own a repo business — I'll sell you the best repo business in my region for a billion dollars. If you want to start your own, then the costs will be much lower, maybe in the $50,000-$200,000 range.

what can you do to keep a truck from being repoad — Make the darn payment!

repo rights texas — None.

i bought a repo car on the streets — LOL! Wow, doesn't sound good!

felony for owner of car repoed — It happens a lot.

a cop ask for the keys to hand to the reposession is it legal — Yes!

how to repo a car — Uh, tow it away?

repossession business license — You buy that at the government agency for your area.

can your car be repo for not paying of lien — Yes.

what should i do when the guy comes to my house to repossess my car — Give him the keys and be very polite.

do repo men have police rights — No.

repo man licences — Yes they have them if the repo man is legit.

buy a car same day after repossession — Yes.

texas law on repossession of vehicle — Lots of laws, see a law library or ask for specific details.

happy state bank repossion — Shame on you! Happy State Bank is the best and sweetest bank in the Texas panhandle, and no one should ever be late on a loan through Happy. Bad debtor! Bad!

montanarepossessionofmotorvehiclelaw — SorrybutIreallydon'thaveananswerforthatone.

repo truck owner — Oh! At first I thought it said what it said, but then I realized that it was looking for an owner of a repo truck? {scratches head}

does the repo man have to notify the police departiment when they reposes your vehicle — Only after the repo.

can a car be repossessed on private property in ms — Likely yes.

auto repo laws state of texas — Law library.

insurance requirements for repossession companies — Usually in the $1,000,000.00 range.

can repo companies separate a truck from trailer — Likely yes.

how to get a repo license — Ask the government agency that sells licenses?

how to become a repo man in nm — See above.

can a bank add repo fees to your loan — Yep!

car repossession in texas — Yes it happens.

how to get keys for repossesion — Ask the debtor? Get copies from the lender? Make new ones?

how long can a repo place keep your car after you paid your fines — For as long as the lender wants or until you pay off the note.

Repo Laws A short list of laws for repossession companies and for vehicle owners.

Repo Questions and Answers Answers to questions asked about laws and repossessions.

First Repo An article about an individual repossessing their first vehicle.

How to Become a Repo Man Some good basic information about the repossession business and how to become — or avoid becoming — a repo man.

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