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Larry Gowdy Website Designing

Behind my colorful websites are HTML editors with dark gray backgrounds and colorful text. Each web page's code and content are physically typed by hand.

Web Services

My core services are for web design, content writing, search engine optimization, and website maintenance. I only feel successful when my customers' websites are successful.

I primarily focus on B2B sites and other professionals whose preferences include site dependability, security, and the presentation of text-based information. I only build sites that are safe for viewing by individuals of all ages, and I also only do organic 'white hat' SEO.

Most of my websites are compatible with most all browsers and devices. This page, however, is designed for modern browsers that can properly display modern CSS code, and so this page may not display correctly on some of the oldest browsers. If a customer has a specific need for visitors to use old browsers, I then build the customer's website to be compatible with the browsers.


It is a fact of life that everyone has different tastes, and that all businesses have different customers who each have different tastes. It is not possible to build a website nor anything else that can please everyone, but web designs can be chosen that appeal to specific groups of individuals, and that is what I aim for in my own designs; to attract very specific groups of individuals to my customers' websites. My customers have unique needs and preferences, and I strive to build websites that my customers find to be personally appealing and useful.

My own websites are aimed for desktop and laptop business users, but my customers' websites can be coded with a responsive design to best fit hand-held devices if desired (such as the page that you are currently viewing). With minimal changes of coding, my responsive web pages work properly on almost all browsers, including Internet Explorer® 6 and browsers that are set for high security.


The Internet is not always a safe place to play, but we can prevent most all future problems when we make a few good decisions when first designing a website. I choose a site's design by how well it is compatible with different browsers, how stable the site will be into the future, and how well the design lends security from potential hackers.

Unless a customer specifically requests otherwise, I prefer to not use content management systems (CMS) due to the security and stability problems. One of the advantages of my hand-coding each web page is that we know for certain that there are none of the security vulnerabilities that are common within CMSes.

When preparing a new website, I discuss with each customer the advantages and disadvantages of CMSes and the several different computer languages so that the customer can make an informed decision on their own.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is constantly changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes in directions that we are not much pleased to see. I used to maintain several different websites for the purpose of experimenting with different SEO techniques (sometimes at the expense of my own sites' rankings). All of my customers' sites are ranked very well for their keywords, plus I have had many nationally-ranked top-ten and top-five pages for their generic keywords, and I am confident that I can earn a high ranking for your website as well.

Yes, I can earn a national #1 spot on search engines, but depending on the competition, the effort can be expensive. A top-five or top-ten is usually good enough, and much more reasonable of cost.

I only do organic 'white hat' SEO, which is the most effective as well as being the only ethical method of SEO. Please contact me for more details.

Miscellaneous Info

Please browse this website to view several different categories of topics, with each illustrating to customers how different options affect a page's layout.

My office hours are normally about 1:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. I do not plug in the noisy telephone unless I am expecting a call. ;)

I request that all new accounts be initiated through email so that there will be no misunderstandings of domain names and URL addresses. Email gives us written information that saves everyone time while also keeping costs to a minimum.


Single home page custom websites start at $499.95. Additional pages with the same theme as the home page are $120.00 each (customers provide all personal photos and specialized text). A single home page is a good choice for a small business that needs a basic online presence, but a five page website is usually considered to be about minimum for effective search engine ranking. All of my customers' custom websites are programmed for search engine optimization, and each website includes hosting. The first 5 email accounts are setup at no additional charge.

Depending on the hosting service that best provides a customer's needs, the annual hosting cost ranges from $14.00 to about $65.00. If the customer wants me to handle the annual hosting service renewal, then the annual cost will be $44.00 to $95.00. I strongly suggest that all website owners pay hosting services directly so as to ensure that the owners will always have full control over their websites. (If I fall off a cliff or get beamed up, that could pose a problem to my customers. ;) )

Basic monthly SEO on existing websites is $50.00 (6 month minimum prepaid for 1 hour per month of SEO updates and modifications). SEO reports of an existing website are $120.00 (for individuals who want to do their own website modifications).

Please contact me for the pricing and differences between standard and high-end websites.

Background History

About me: over 10,000 computer/electronics customers in the tri-state area, passed several FBI background checks for previous licensing by the Texas Private Security Bureau, servicing of minimum to maximum security at city, county, and state government agencies, computerized security systems for corporations (banks, data centers, etc.), numerous top-ten SEO rankings, HTML, CSS, graphics, photography, design, etc...

I love my work, and I believe that I offer good value for my services. My aim is to attract quality customers, and the list of my clients shows that the goal has been and continues to be achieved. All technology changes with time, but good service and good people remain to be forever valued as the most important foundation of all business.

Having started my company as a young independent electronic tech in 1982, my skills continue to evolve to stay current with modern trends. As a native Amarillo resident I am familiar with the unique needs of Amarillo businesses.

As of September of 2018 I greatly downsized my online presence, including the removal of my primary web design websites. As of 2021, any future work will be by email request only. This brief page is now the sole replacement for my business websites.

Contact Larry Gowdy

I am in the process of handing all of my remaining web design work to Aart, the new webmaster for this website. Aart will be handling all maintenance and correspondence, and in time will be the sole coder.

The contact email address is aart at Aart will use a different email address with the same domain name to reply to your email: the email address shown on this page is periodically changed when junk mail gets excessive.

Thank you for considering me for your web designer. I appreciate all of my customers.