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Update June 19, 2021

The Logics home page has been reconfigured to list all of the articles on this website within a simplified list of links that might be convenient to individuals with small monitor screens.

Update June 15, 2021

Aart is now handling the site's maintenance as I devote time to my new projects.

Update May 10, 2021

I have made a lot of changes to the site's appearances, plus added about sixty articles from my other website. The different layout is like what is currently used on the other site — which will enable me to upload new pages without fussing with two different themes — and the added articles will enable me to link to each for additional information rather than repeating the same information in new articles. The added articles are generally the same as on the other site, but some articles have been sizably abbreviated and have had second-party references removed.

Please browse the home menu for articles that were not present during the last update.

About LarryGowdy.com

Unlike my numerous other sites that were primarily devoted to business, this is a hobby website, intended to be used for the personal enjoyment of occasionally coding and creating new web pages that relate to my lifetime hobby of research. One of the originating purposes for this site was to only present positive topics, to dwell within higher thoughts, of things beyond our current grasp, of things to be reached for, of things that make us make ourselves better. Now that I have recently finalized three of my research projects — two of which required an active and stressful engagement with less than stellar ideologies — hopefully now I will once again be free to ignore the outside world while focusing on what is worthy of reaching for.

There is no known standard of logic within modern cultures. Nature is unchangeable, and since correct logic must use an unchangeable standard to base judgment, then Nature is the one and only possible standard. Therefore, all of my writings have always focused on Nature's way as the sole judge of right and wrong.

Also, now that I have begun entering into a new research project, this website will be used for several simultaneous purposes, but at present there is no intention of modifying the website beyond its current layout.

About the Website Design

The layout has been tested at 1280x800 and 1440x900 on five different browsers (Internet Explorer® 11, Edge®, Firefox®, Vivaldi®, and Opera®), three different computer hardware configurations, and several different operating systems (Windows® XP, 7, 8.1, plus various Linux® distributions). Variances of layout display between the different browsers and operating systems are negligible, but the chromium-based browsers (Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, etc.) are incapable of displaying fonts at the proper weight: letters are much thinner in the chromium browsers than what would normally be seen in all other known computer software, including Word®, Excel®, graphics editors, text editors, file managers, etc.. If the text appears too thin to you, then switching to a non-chromium / non-google.com browser will likely solve the problem.

The new home page is a condensed version of the landing page in the private network. The home page has been modified with a single menu to reduce the clutter and to just generally tidy the layout while also enabling all files to be easily accessed without page scrolling (715 on the private home page at last count). If or when necessary, the menu will be modified to have 3rd-child rows so as to retain full screen viewing in resolutions as small as 1280x800. All pages have been updated to reflect the private network's header and footer layouts.

The site's text defaults to Calibri (from Lucas de Groot's fontfabrik), Segoe UI, Arial, sans-serif, Times New Roman, times, and serif fonts for all English characters. If your computer does not have the fonts installed, then you will see whichever default serif and sans-serif fonts that your device is capable of displaying. For security and privacy reasons — for visitors as well as for myself — I do not use embedded fonts nor use downloaded fonts.

The default paragraph font size is 16 pixels, which enables a better clarity of display for some Asian texts while also keeping English characters near a similar height as the Asian characters. The Calibri font is a few pixels less tall than the Asian fonts, but Calibri offers the best quality display. Please adjust your browser's zoom if the text is too large or too small for your device.

The Asian texts are currently coded for the Noto Serif CJK TC, Yu Mincho Demibold, MingLiU, Batang, and Microsoft® JhengHei fonts — depending upon which language is displayed — which appear to offer the best reproduction. The Yu Mincho Demibold font (© Jiyukibi Ltd.) has been added because it was found that the MingLiU font changes some text into simplified Chinese script. Most all Windows users ought to see the non-English characters displayed correctly, or at least well enough. The Noto Serif CJK TC font is standard on some Linux distros like Mint, and is available from all known repositories.

For several important reasons, for my own personal websites I only design pages to be viewed on desktop monitors and laptop screens. Due to the increasing popularity of desktops using very large monitors — and often at a distance — I have coded this site's pages (sans the home page) to include improved viewing within narrowed browsers on large monitors, reduction of white space for reducing eye strain, and the smoother zooming of large text for visually impaired individuals as well as for the distant monitors. Please adjust your browser's width, height, and zoom to best fit your own preferences. For existing article pages, a display of at least 280 pixels of width is ample, but a minimum width of about 440 pixels provides a much better viewing experience. Future pages may acquire a fully different layout that makes good use of full screen displays (1280x800 or larger).

The goal is to create a website that is safe, stable, loads quickly, ensures privacy, is usable by as many computer users as is reasonable, and provides for a good place that people can visit to find something interesting and useful to read.

Article Topics

Most often, article topics will relate to whichever research project(s) that I am currently most focused on. The articles' first drafts are almost always very verbose, but after compressing the text down to a few core ideas, I can then feel that enough has been said, and I can then move on to other topics.

I predominately write about analyses because analyzing is what I have done since birth. I analyze most everything, continuously. My customers always liked me analyzing and fixing their problems: I am not shy about pointing at defects, nor shy about replacing defective parts with correct parts. However, some people do not like having their favorite topics analyzed. I do not purposefully insult any system of belief, but I am not shy to reject beliefs that are defective. As an example, I reject the idea of a soul's eternal state of bliss because only the three-dimensional organic human body is capable of expressing the three-dimensional organic emotion of bliss: souls cannot do that. I analyze everything relative to what is real in the real world: Nature. I do not blindly accept popular opinion.

As has been the standard of all of my online articles, the presented topics purposefully omit one or more of the key points that define the topic. Individuals who have done their own research will recognize why the key points are not given. One of the reasons for not mentioning the key points is that many readers would merely memorize the words, and the readers would then believe that they had acquired full knowledge of the topic. It is disrespectful to a reader to merely offer 'ear to mouth' answers without providing an opportunity for the reader to first exert the effort to think and to analyze a topic on their own.

As of November 04, 2020 I am uploading numerous pathological science articles that were originally on one of my old websites. Aside from a few punctuation marks and typos corrected, the articles have not been changed from their original version. Any additional comments are noted on each individual page. The old articles' topics are useful as comparisons to the ancient Chinese topics, and illustrate that pseudo-science and pathological science existed thousands of years before the word science was coined.

Privacy Statement

This website does not use tracking scripts, embedded fonts, JavaScript, advertisements, cookies, external ad links, analytics, downloaded fonts, external files, nor any other coding that can pose a security or privacy concern for the user. This website only uses HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS coding, which are the safest, fastest, and most stable of website programming languages for the greatest number of different devices. Each page's coding is also typed by hand, which ensures that there are no unsafe scripts. The hosting server does collect URL addresses for use within the monthly statistics of visitors, but no one except me looks at the URLs, and I only give attention to the URLs if/when there is a URL causing excessive bandwidth or hits. I do not know who my visitors are, nor do I pry.

An exemption to the above is that some of the added articles contain active links to Barnes & Noble® where a couple of my old books are listed. Book sales earn me dozens of dollars a year, which are spent on paying the costs of this website's hosting and domain. Also, some pages like the Best of the Web article will have external links, but I have included notes in the articles to give information of the linked sites' degrees of security and privacy.

I do not collect, sell, rent, send junk email, nor in any way make use of a person's email except for my replying: private emails remain private, and I delete all emails that do not have an important reason to be kept.

How to Contact

Polite questions and comments are welcomed from visitors. The contact email address is aart at larrygowdy.com. The email address is changed periodically to help lessen the quantity of bot junk mail.

Our primary computers are kept offline for security purposes, and so we may only check personal email on a different computer once a day or so. Please be patient if we do not respond quickly.

About Copyrights

Unless stated otherwise, all texts and graphics used throughout this website are my own original copyrighted creations, plus foreign language quotes from public domain texts. Most all quoted public domain English texts will have border lines on the left and right sides of the text.

This is an example of the borders and font size of where a public domain text is quoted. The font size may or may not be larger than normal so as to better display non-English characters.

I retain all legal rights to the web design and all personally created content and use. 齊道 Chi Dao is the title of my own writings, not the translations nor the commentaries of other books.

The current home page's background image is a modified version of Denise Jans' photograph.