Review: Mattias Desmet and Robert Malone Mass Formation Psychosis

Review: Mattias Desmet and Robert Malone Mass Formation Psychosis

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2022 - January 21, 2022

What is Mass Formation Psychosis

The following paragraphs better detail what Mass Formation Psychosis is and how it is created, but as a brief introduction, Mass Formation Psychosis is a name given to the natural human behavior of people willingly permitting themselves to be psychologically and physically controlled — herded and driven into hysterics — by the people believing in things that are not true.

Original Source : Mattias Desmet

Mattias Desmet is often referenced as being the original source of Mass Formation Psychosis. Therefore, the only rational option is to go see what Desmet actually said, and to never ever under any circumstances believe what an article or a news report claims.

"I had been lecturing on this process for quite some years before, and it showed me I think of how difficult it is... if an entire population of an entire society is grasped in a certain strong psychological process how difficult it is as an individual to step back and to look from a distance and to understand what is happening. ...[referencing Desmet's book]... In the first five chapters I describe the psychological evolution throughout the last two centuries, and they all... throughout the last two centuries the phenomenon of mass formation became increasingly strong and was exactly because people experienced less and less social bond, social connectedness, and less and less sense meaning in life." (video Mattius Desmet on Our Grave Situation, 1:09:47 length: transcription is not 100%; Desmet's talk included additional pauses and repeated words).

Desmet's statements are valid throughout the talk. Parallel is that others of us have had similar curiosities for decades, of why people have seemingly gotten progressively stupider and more violent, especially since around the years of 1985 to 2000. The dates appeared to suggest that the causes were directly related to the era of cell phones and the increased use of online social media. However, upon further investigation it was found that the human behaviors of stupidity were extant a hundred years previously, and now with additional research reaching back to the China region of ~500 B.C., it can be shown that humans have always been stupid and violent within all eras of all cultures throughout all of recorded history.

Desmet is a professor of psychology, and being so, it would be deeply disturbing if he had not previously been aware of the common psychological behavior of humans. Fortunately, Desmet's talk does illustrate that he was knowledgeable of 'mass formation' before he theorized about what is now popularly named 'mass formation psychosis'. The topic of focus here is to point at the fact that Mass Formation Psychosis is not a new phenomenon nor a newly invented manner of psychological mind control as some conspiracy websites claim. The conspiracy websites' claims are false. Commonsense knows that the claims are false. Desmet's own talk proves the claims to be false.

Anyone who is knowledgeable of electromagnetic flux fields can easily create circuitry to manipulate how the flux fields interact. The human mind is physics-based, and will respond similarly as all other physics-based flux fields. Anyone who has invested a few minutes observing how humans think and behave could easily create scenarios to manipulate most people into behaving as the observer wants. There is nothing new about 'mass formation psychosis' other than the noun-name and the modern scenarios that enable and enhance the response (e.g. television, cell phones, and social media).

Desmet lists four ingredients of mass formation: [1] lack of an individual's social bond (loneliness, use of social media, no in-person communication), [2] lack sense of life meaning, [3] free-floating anxiety, and [4] free-floating aggression and frustration. The four ingredients are not new. The most notable difference between today's scenarios and past scenarios is that today's mass formation psychosis has a different set of circumstances that spawn the four ingredients: television, cell phones, social media, Internet, and unhealthy foods.

My comments on the four ingredients: [1] Lack of social bond: social bonding requires in-person interaction. Watching television, using social media, and using cell phones prohibits social bonding. [2] Lack sense of a meaningful life: except for a degree of some Confucian ideals, all known societies of all eras have fixated on material wealth and social status, while never focusing on human values. Unless a person self-chooses self-guided self-betterment, then the individual must follow the herd and to live a meaningless life. [3] Free-floating anxiety: people who do not participate in the three brain-drains — watching television, using social media, and using cell phones — tend to have very little or no anxiety. No one forces you to watch television. No one forces you to use social media. No one forces you to use a cell phone. Each individual willingly chooses or declines participation in the brain-drains. There can be no conspiracy nor manipulation by malevolent agents if a person does not choose to participate. [4] Free-floating aggression and frustration: watching television's programs of hate and violence, watching the mass news media's hysteria and sensationalized lies, using social media, and using cell phones, invites a continuous stream of the sensationalism of aggression and lies, none of which is an individual able to personally remedy, which then further heightens frustration and anxiety. Therefore, any mass formation psychosis that may exist is the participants' fault: no one is forcing it upon you.

Therefore, Desmet's ideas are valid, but the results only relate to individuals who have willingly submitted to participate in the social hysteria.

Desmet's ideas are also a good example of pointing at the public — all of whom loudly claim to believe in science — and to then point-out that almost no one in the public mentally correlates that their behavior of following the herd will scientifically cause 'mass formation psychosis': the public believes in both science and the anti-science of governments, all while the public continues watching television, using social media, and using cell phones.

Dr Robert Malone's Version of Mass Formation Psychosis

Robert Malone gained public attention by his being banned on Twitter® for unspecified reasons, regardless of his high credentials within the field of vaccines. As the stories go, Malone got banned because he spoke about a topic that he was expert in (including his being the original inventor of the mRNA vaccination as a technology), but the Twitter employees — who are competent in nothing whatsoever — chose to ban Malone because the ignorant Twitter employees could not mentally grasp what Malone was talking about. The ignorant Twitter employees had made stuff up in their minds, and then claimed that Malone must be wrong because Malone's competent knowledge of viruses did not agree with the Twitter employee's incompetent ignorance. But that is normal and very common: for over fifteen years it has been commonly known that Google® and others blacklist websites because of the websites' data not agreeing with the fake news media's slant of lies. Professional web designers know to not made public certain topics, because the topics will automatically cause a website to be blacklisted.

But what did Malone actually say that was so terrible that it got him blacklisted?

"The answer is Mass Formation Psychosis. When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other, and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it, and then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events, on one small point, just like hypnosis, they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere, and one of the aspects of that phenomena is the people that they identify as their leaders, the ones typically to come in and say: 'You have this pain and I can solve it for you, I and I alone.' Okay? 'Can fix this problem for you.' Okay? Then they will lead, they will follow that person, who, it doesn't matter if they lie to them or whatever, the data are irrelevant, and furthermore, anybody who questions that narrate is to be immediately attacked, they are the 'others'. It's essential for Mass Formation Psychosis, and this is what has happened." (Dr. Robert Malone, video Mass Formation Psychosis, 3:05:04 length (note: transcription may not be 100% accurate))

Yes, that is correct, Malone stated an observable fact that has been validated by science. One of the fastest ways of getting banned and hated-on is to state scientific fact. Google, Twitter, Facebook®, and the numerous other self-proclaimed 'truthers' judge accuracy relative to the employees' own base of knowledge and intelligence, of which is always miniscule. Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the numerous others also base their judgments on popular opinion, the same popular opinion that Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the numerous others themselves created. But the same people who cry and wring their hands about mass formation psychosis also fully support and use Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the numerous others. Human hypocrisy is entrenched into the normal human psyche.

The full video of Malone's talk is over three hours long. Short excerpts can be found on many websites. Malone's talk is good, and the topic is also good, but though Malone's description of the theory is valid, it is definitely not new as some people have claimed.

The herd instinct has been common throughout most all mammals, and also common is for the herd to pick for itself its leaders. A leader does not have to have qualifications, nor so much as be competent, but if the herd believes in the leader to be the sole truth-giver (i.e. science), then the herd will follow, and anyone who disagrees will "be immediately attacked" and shunned by the herd. That's just the way most all humans (and other animals) are, and always have been.

Pathological Science Sciencians lends additional information of how the herd (mass formation) attacks and hates on nonbelievers.

"You give a three-year-old a hammer, and everything becomes a nail. ...That's kind of a simple way of saying that people that aren't well-trained, given a powerful technology as a tool, will abuse it and over-use it." (Dr. Robert Malone, video Mass Formation Psychosis)

Amen. Most all humans are hoarders. "Compulsive Hoarding is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary." (Introduction of the A&E Networks series Hoarders.) Modern 'technology' is driven by the never-ending obsessive need to acquire more stuff regardless of the fact that most all new 'technology' is worthless, hazardous, unsanitary, a source of perpetual global pollution, and is detrimental to everyone's physical and mental health. It is a very common mental problem throughout the world: once humans begin doing something, they simply can't stop.

Having the newly invented rotary telephone wasn't enough. Next was the push button telephone, then the cordless telephone, then the portable telephone, then the cell phone, then the smart phone, then increase after increase of broadcast frequencies, then the never-ending increase of cell towers, and accompanying the endless hoarding are thousands of satellites being shot into orbit to enable cell phones to be more polluting while also being an increasing health hazard to all living beings.

The recent rage for electric cars ignores the permanent pollution of lithium and the other toxins associated with the powering and manufacturing of electric cars.

Along with the "obsessive need to acquire and keep things", many people use their cell phones for social media, and it is the social media itself that is a core source behind the sensationalism and fake news that are driving people into the unhealthy hysteria and psychosis.

And yet the general public still refuses to accept the scientific facts that have been written by scientists themselves. No one believes in science, and it is especially not believed by sciencians. The hypocrisy of the human creature is intense and extremely lethal to all living beings, including humans.

This website has several articles with related topics:

"Many ancient societies are said to have sacrificed their children to false gods, and though the behavior may appear outrageously demented, today, right now, in the twenty-first century, humans willingly sacrifice their children to science while claiming that it is okay for their living children to be vivisected unto death, because it is all in the name of science." (Pathological Science #4 Emotions)

"Are not doctors scientists? Estimates range from 100,000 to over 440,000 people are killed each year by doctor incompetence. Death by doctors is said to be the 3rd leading cause of death, but if heart disease and cancer were evaluated to have been increased by science's pollution and negativity, then death by scientists would likely be the world's #1 leading cause of death. If the science-made weapons of war were included, then science is the leading cause of death. Common sense says to avoid plagues by avoiding filth, and to avoid being murdered by avoiding scientists." (Pathological Science #7 March for Science Signs)

"And how can the normal person believe of themselves to be right about a science topic? The people do it by claiming that whatsoever is written in science books is right. ...Somewhere between the desire to be right, and the desire to be oppressive upon other people, there is formed the desire to worship the authority that made the 'right' people right: in this case, Sciencism. ...Einstein's greatness was a really good PR job." (Pathological Science #11 March for Science Appeal to Authority Signs)

Humans have always 'mass formed' and had 'mass psychosis'. Perhaps the only thing new about Mass Formation Psychosis is that the underlying variables are of modern events related to the current hysteria and fake news spewed by the mass news media.

The result of the constant barrage of hysteria has resulted in the public becoming hysterical. Similarly as any other flux field in Nature, whatsoever ingredients a person puts into life, so will the individual become. No conspiracy needed.

A good historical reference of the effects of 'mass formation' is of the Qin dynasty of about 200 B.C.:

"According to some reports, the only books to not be burned by Qin Shi Huang were those related to agriculture, forestry, divination, and medicine. Allegedly, topics of law were to be learned directly from official lawmakers (the lawmakers' own personal and biased slants of whatever laws they wanted to be law). Some histories claim that the book topics to have been banned were history, poetry, and philosophies of the Hundred Schools. ...The Qin dynasty, therefore, is a marker for several different shifts of patterns, but most important for the moment is the dynasty's date range being of when Chinese books' mental patterns most notably changed from first-person understanding to third-person imagination." (Point At Deer, Call It Horse)

Today, all governments force citizens to attend public schools. The governments (herd leaders) dictate which topics are accepted, and which topics are taboo. Anyone who disagrees with organized academia is "immediately attacked" and shunned by the herd. Literally all governments mandate that all students believe in science while the students simultaneously believe that the schools' anti-science mind-and-spirit-numbing negative behavior is acceptable. Students have been mentally dumbed-down — hypnotized — into not recognizing that the schools and governments enforce beliefs that are contradictory and hypocritical.

The Qin dynasty's legacy still exists: the old way of an individual writing words related to firsthand experience is now fully gone, and in its place is the phonetics of imagined noun-names that almost no student is able to define.

People who live on farms and ranches — and work in circuses — they train their animals through repetitious actions, and almost no farm/circus animal objects. Governments train citizens through repetitious actions in schools, and yet almost no one objects, nor does the public recognize that firsthand understanding and intelligence contradict the book-learning forced within schools.

Over-all, Mass Formation Psychosis is valid, but it is definitely not a new phenomenon as many conspiracy theories have claimed.

How to Not Be of the Herd

[1] Stop watching TV! Some of us pretty much stopped watching all television over twenty years ago, so for people like myself, today's social hysteria and psychosis would be a complete unknown if we didn't get online. In my region, even the weather forecasts have become sensationalized hysterics: "Threat of thunder" for rain clouds, "National weather alert" for normal winds, "Danger" of sunlight, and the asinine lies like "100 Million People on Alert for Heavy Snow and Ice" (ABC News, January 15, 2022). For over a year I now usually just look at online weather reports instead of enduring the psychotic voices of weathermen sensationalizing fake weather. If wanted, buy some good movies on DVD to watch, and enjoy peaceful hours instead of only hearing the hysterics and sensationalism of the mass news media's fake news.

[2] Fully eliminate all cell phones and other wireless devices. Yes I know that the public is more addicted to cell phones than hard drugs, but that's the problem: severe addictions strongly damage a person's ability to think and to live. Too, the human mind needs real things in the real Nature to learn from; the mind becomes weak and stupid when the mind is teaching itself to form conclusions based upon imaginations (e.g. flat two-dimensional display screens).

[3] Immediately stop using all online social media. Social media is one of the leading causes of social hysteria and mental decay.

[4] Find something good to replace the bad: wood-working, art, music, clothing, restoring old cars, chess, writing, gardening, most anything that does not include any form of social media. If a thing has an advertisement attached, then shun it.

[5] Self-think. Self-analyze. Make your own decisions. Do not follow anyone else. Do not accept anything anyone says without your first investigating the topic to ensure that what was said was correct. Do not accept anyone to be your owner. Sure, a lot of people actually do want to be farm animals who are fed and cared for by governments, but real humans can think.

[6] Self-create meaningfulness of one's own life. This can be a tough one, because it is not always easy to rationalize what is most meaningful in one's life until the life is already spent, and only then can hindsight give answers. The brief article Focus on the Goal lends a few ideas that may help individuals looking for meaning. The core idea is to self-choose self-quality, not quantity. Hoarders are mentally ill, and they accumulate quantities. Mentally healthy people strive for quality. Investing $200.00 into a quality electric drill that lasts over thirty years is smarter than buying cheap quality $20.00 drills that have to be replaced twice every year. A quality sewing machine will last over fifty years, while the cheap sewing machines might have to be replaced every two years. A high investment into one's life to create self-quality, is far more economical, productive, and intelligent than to repeatedly invest little. The idea here is to simply walk away from the bad things in life that destroy one's mind and health: to no longer choose to accept a life that dwells within mass formation psychosis.


The only reason that social hysteria (Mass Formation Psychosis) exists is because people accept and participate in the social hysteria. No one can control your thoughts and behavior unless you permit it. Yes, it may be true that most humans have the herd instinct, but real humans have more mind than animal instincts. The choice is yours, the choice always has been yours, and the choice will always remain yours. What happens next is also your choice.