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Animals Migrate and Navigate by a Built-in Compass - Not!

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Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2023 - August 02, 2023

Ah, little is as enjoyable as lengthy laughter! While continuing to research search engines' results for quality, I entered a search term just to see how the search engines ranked my old Animals Migrate by Compass humor article from 2015. I first gave the new You® search engine a try, and after a few moments of scanning what You displayed as results, finally my eyes focused on the descriptions given under each website. Laughter immediately followed!

All of You's first page results actually did claim within 'news reports' that animals navigate and migrate by a 'built-in' compass. Numerous thoughts flashed, including the fact that You's AI could be no more accurate that the claims on the least accurate web results: all pseudo-science and pathological science. What good is AI if all that it is able to do is to read fake news? Is AI intended to be used by people who cannot read?

Screenshot of the You search engine results. The first paragraph began with "Many animals, including birds, sea turtles, and monarch butterflies, migrate using a compass."

Just for fun, I searched for a translation of 聞之不見之, and You returned with "Hearing it but not seeing it". I then strolled over to DuckDuckGo® and Bing® to check their translations, and both gave "unheard of". As usual (and as expected), no online translator is able to translate Chinese, but it's really bad for people who blindly accept whatever a search engine or AI tells them to believe.

Nevertheless, Bing and DuckDuckGo ranked me as #2 for 'animals migrate by compass', which is okay (and hopefully a lot of people will see the article before believing in the other articles' fake science), but the #1 site still had the copy-paste of what other fake science sites also claimed of animals migrating by a built-in compass.

Laughter Turned to Stress Headache

Normally, I just ignore fake science, pseudo-science, pathological science, and everything else reported by the mass news media (which means that I ignore just about everything online), but frustrated thoughts of the 'animals use compasses' absurdities lingered. As stated in the search engines article: "...Google's® #1 spot claimed that electric vehicles consume an average of 320 watt-hours per mile." The public is fed an almost continuous stream of lies and purposeful misinformation, and worse, the public is accepting the lies as true truth because the fake news sites claim that their information is "scientific".

"But by the term 'scientific' is understood just what was formerly understood by the term 'religious'." Leo Tolstoy

Unable to let-go of the thoughts, I turned to the best self-therapy available to me: writing this brief article.

Some Basics of Whether to Believe or Disbelieve

If a science claim does not agree with Natural physics, then the claim is false. Everyone ought to easily know that a compass cannot describe where one's home is. People who believe in science ought to be able to find the address of 1444 S.E. 24th Street with a compass. Ah, already you can hear the growing distant roar of sciencians' ad hoc excuses...

Everyone ought to also easily reason that a compass cannot describe where a bird's nest is, where a lake is, nor can a compass describe any location whatsoever. If a compass cannot describe a specific location, then animals do not migrate with a compass. Regardless of the quantity of noun-names science and philosophy might claim for an action, if the scientists and philosophers cannot intricately describe with verbs how the actions occur within Natural physics, then the claims are pseudo-science and lies.

Similar applies to psychics, the paranormal, and all other topics. Just because a psychic might claim things like pineal gland, chakras, clairaudience, claircognition, clairgustance, clairtangency, clairsalience, clairsentience, clairempathy, and clarvoyance, the reciting of memorized noun-names does not infer that the claimants know what they are talking about. Again, if a person cannot intricately describe with verbs how an action occurs within Natural physics, then the claim is imaginary and false.

While rereading one of my old articles, I saw a historical reference of a very specific thing, and it reminded me of how no science anywhere in the world has ever mentioned a similar thing. More stress arose because the topic cannot be publicly spoken of without a fraud scientist/academician copy-pasting-plagiarizing the information and then claiming that they "discovered" it all by themselves. "One of the most descriptive measures of intelligence is not of what people say and do, but rather the measure is of what the people cannot say and cannot do.". No scientist and no academician on earth has ever been able to describe anything related to life and human intelligence: never have and never will. And yet still almost everyone on earth believes in everything the scientists and academicians say. More stress...

Reportedly, the 'magnet' (loadstone) was not 'discovered' until around 600 B.C., and the effects of 'electricity' (getting shocked by eels) was reportedly recorded around 2,750 B.C.. Magnetism and electricity have been around since the beginning of the universe, but only in recent centuries has man begun to measure and to make use of magnetism and electricity. Man is still fully ignorant of other Natural fields, but man (science) is quick to claim that there can be no field other than magnetism (which includes electrical magnetism). Similar to psychics claiming 'pineal gland' for the psychic powers that the psychics know nothing about, scientists often claim 'quantum' for things that they too don't know anything about.

Psychics do not know which field that psychic perceptions come from. Scientists do not know which field that animal migration comes from. Claims from fake psychics... claims from fake scientists... same thing.

Almost humorous was of an alleged psychic who claimed that psychic abilities are 'the ability to sense what cannot be sensed'. Yeah, it made my headache worse.

This website has several brief references to fields that are unknown to science, but, the references are purposefully left vague. If anyone had ever been interested in animal migration, then someone would have asked within the past twenty years. No one ever asked. No one cares about animal migration (nor do I).

I could give a quick illustration of animal migration, an illustration that all rational people would agree is real, and does not make use of compasses, but...

" repeat (do not take this amiss) the amazing stupidity indoctrinated in you by the advocates of the use of violence — the enemies of truth, the servants first of theology and then of science — your European teachers." Leo Tolstoy

And that is the stressful thing; people are loud with their religious belief in science, while the same people will not so much as apply a moment of simple logic to what science tells them to believe. Meanwhile, the fake news sites continue to grow, the search engines continue to pump-out more fake news, and the gullible public is quick to believe everything that carries the name of science. People believe that James Legge was a genius for saying that top quality virtuous people hate, hate, hate, and hate people; the same believers who believe science's claim that animals migrate by compass.

If a person refuses to think for himself, then he will always be a mere puppet of the choir.