Words of Wisdom From the Sage #2 - Flat Earth

Words of Wisdom From the Sage #2 - Flat Earth

Sage Monkey

(CC0) The Sage - photo by Fabrizio Chiagano, minor modifications by Larry Neal Gowdy

Larry Neal Gowdy - Copyright©2024 - July 03, 2024

Flat Earth Beliefs

The Sage rolled his eyes up to the right as the young academicians chattered and asked questions about what they had been told of a flat earth. The Sage's voice tones were of frustration and a growing lack of patience as he turned to face the academicians: "Oh good grief people! Get a grip! Just because someone can't feel movement, it doesn't mean that no movement exists! Most monkeys can't so much as feel EMF! Nor gravity! That doesn't mean that EMF and gravity don't exist!"

An odd looking academician handed the Sage a paper that had two-hundred alleged proofs of a flat earth: "But it says so! It's written! With mathematics! So it must be true!"

The Sage silently thought to himself that perhaps he ought to take-up the habit of alcohol, or cigars, or both, in quantity, high quantity, just to help relieve the tensions of his having to endure crazy questions: "Okay, give me a minute to look the paper over some."

After several minutes of reading the paper, Sage exhaled a slow sigh before gaining the strength to say what ought to have been overtly obvious to the academicians: "Okay, it says here that if the earth were a globe, and spinning at about a thousand miles an hour, then our hair ought to be standing on end, and, we could simply jump up and fly in the sky. Oh jeesh people! Come on! The paper is insane! Even if the earth that we live on were flat, it doesn't mean that the other side of the earth has to be flat! Tell me quick! Who here has gone to the bottom of our flat earth to see what shape it is?"

After not receiving a reply aside from the academicians' puzzled facial expressions, Sage continued: "All of yall are jumping to conclusions! You're just believing whatever other people tell you to believe!"

Sage paused a moment as he collected his thoughts and calmed himself before continuing: "Okay, one step at a time. The paper has several references where the author claimed that "we" only feel movement when in a car accelerating or decelerating, but "we" do not feel movement when traveling in a car at a uniform velocity. The statement is an outright lie. Just because someone is numb and dumb, it doesn't mandate everyone else is numb and dumb. Many people feel movement, and feel it to a high degree, enough that the people can estimate about how fast they're traveling. As one teenager phrased it, 'life begins at 150', his speaking of how the sense of movement at 150 miles per hour takes-on a whole different sensation."

Sage continued: "Accelerating and decelerating are not a sense of movement! They're a sense of propulsion and resistance! Neither are movement! To sense the movement of a thing, relies upon a thing moving, plus the biological ability to sense the thing, plus the mentality to be consciously aware of one's own sensory perceptions. Now, if the author had felt acceleration, and believed that it was movement, then why wasn't he smart enough to recognize that he was still moving? It's like dog owners who are so accustomed to hearing their dogs bark, the owners become mentally deaf to the barking. Same for people who raise cattle; they're so accustomed to the stink, they no longer smell it. It is a very natural monkey nature for us to not give mind to things that are perpetually common."

Sage glanced at the paper again: "In the next sentence, the author then claimed that everyone can feel movement, and that some people get motion sickness. The author then claims that if people can get motion sickness at 50mph, then the people ought to be much more sick with the earth spinning at 1,000mph. Okay... and so, the author fully ignored all earth fields, and ignored all causes of motion sickness, and ignored everything else, including animal migration. Sensing movement is the felt sensory perception of a thing external to us. Of the several earth fields, each is felt, albeit subconsciously by most monkeys. You can think of it like being an electromagnetic field that you pass through. If you stand still, you will not be traveling through the magnetic fields. A lot of people are sensitive to magnetic fields, and magnetic fields can cause nausea and pain. Some monkeys purposefully strap magnets onto their body for the purpose of alleviating pain, which actually does work, which also proves that magnetic flux has an effect upon the body. Nevertheless, even if the planet were traveling at a zillion-zillion miles an hour, your body will not feel the movement because your body is almost fully motionless within the magnetic field. But when you add the other earth fields, they make the sense of movement even stronger. The paper's author knew nothing about physics, nor was he qualified to speak of the topic because he himself had no conscious capacity to feel movement."

Sage say: "If the earth that we live on were flat, then everyone on earth would see the sky brightening at the same time each morning as the sun revolved around us. The paper says that the sun is small and close to the earth, just above the clouds. Okay, yeah, sure, then the sun would have to rise in the east to the low height, and then fly a flat path over the flat earth before going down at the west edge of the earth. That would be like the sun traveling a rectangular path. Nothing else in Nature behaves similarly, so why should the sun?"

Sage say: "And the stars, spinning around the earth, which would also have to be at around a thousand miles an hour, while all of them miraculously retaining their relative positions for thousands and thousands of recorded years. Now, if it's so freaking impossible for we monkeys to endure a thousand mile per hour speed, then it would be even more impossible for tiny little star-things in the sky to fly the rectangular path like what the sun allegedly travels. Ah, but the author conveniently omitted that problem."

The Sage glanced again at the paper: "Oh good grief, now the author is claiming that the sun is a few thousand miles from earth, and, apparently, the sun does not revolve around earth, but rather the sun travels in a circle above the earth. Okay kiddies, someone explain to me how the sun, thousands of miles above the earth could not be seen all over the flat earth, and too, someone please explain the physics of how the sun could simply go around in circles in the sky. And while you're at it, explain why plasma charges form on the opposite side of the planet from where the sun is? And explain why people who are able to feel earth fields are feeling the nighttime sun's location 'underneath' them, and traveling towards the east?"

Not receiving a response from any academician, the Sage shook his head and spoke with disappointed tones: "Okay, now, let's put an end to this topic by stating that you're going to have to come-up with some verifiable physics to explain anything that the author claimed, and until you have the physics, this is just garbage. And too, until you yourself have personally traveled to the bottom of our flat earth, then you really don't know if earth is flat, or maybe just flat on one side, or something else entirely. Heck, earth might have even been hit by Nibiru, and we're living on the side that got broke-off. You don't know, and never will know until after you yourself have stood on the bottom of this planet."

The odd looking academician was about to say something really dumb again, so Sage was quick to finish: "Look, there's a lot of stuff that none of you know about, okay? Stuff that's been around for almost seventy years, and will never be made public because the public wants to believe fake news, okay? The normal monkey won't think for himself, can't think for himself, and he expects everyone else to tell him what to believe. We've had maps of the world for hundreds of years, and every school kid has seen the maps, but still almost no one on earth has recognized the obvious. Monkeys believed the world is flat because other monkeys said the world was flat, then monkeys believed the world is spherical because other monkeys said so, and now monkeys are again believing the world is flat because some new monkey is saying so, all because most monkeys don't have enough brains to think for themselves."

The Sage mischievously grinned large: "Actually, the planet isn't round nor flat. There is a reason for why angels come down from heaven to earth instead of coming up from heaven, just as there's a reason for why people pray upwards instead of downwards, and too, why people pray at all. If you don't already know the reasons why, then no quantity of explanations can explain what you simply cannot comprehend."