Pathological Science #10 March for Science Religion Signs

Pathological Science #10 March for Science Religion Signs

Pathological Science #10 March for Science Religion Signs

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Larry Neal Gowdy

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A religion is recognized to exist when some or all of the following ingredients are present: [1] a system of belief in a supernatural authority that has no connected evidence of being true, [2] the system of belief believes in the ultimate supernatural authority as being greater than man and Nature (omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient), [3] the ultimate authority is the one and only source of true truth, [4] formal doctrines describe how the ultimate authority is to be worshipped, [5] established cultural rituals, [6] reverenced leaders who govern and preach the doctrines, [7] designated holy places, and [8] the doctrines instruct the followers in how to think and how to live.

Psychopathic religions include [1] human sacrifice to the ultimate authority, [2] wishing for favoritism from the ultimate authority by offering foods and sacrificing one's own children to the 'god', and [3] all evils are excused-away as good things if committed for the ultimate authority.

Five core things mark what a cult is: [1] the cult's beliefs are the one and only true truth, [2] no one is permitted to question the leader's word, [3] anyone who stops believing in the cult's teachings will be shunned and driven from the group, [4] any outsider who does not believe in the cult's teachings will be hated, and [5] the cult itself is a fringe group.

All of the above ingredients are present within science except for the fifth mark of cults: science is now too popular to be a fringe group.

The word supernatural implies a thing that [1] is usually invisible, [2] it exists outside of natural laws, and [3] it is not subject to the laws of science's physics. The entity science is invisible, science is an imaginary mental classification that does not really exist in the real world of natural laws (science cannot be seen, heard, felt, smelled, tasted, nor measured), science's physics claims to accurately measure the universe using unnatural two-dimensional measurements that purposefully omit Reality itself — even the physicists themselves have believed in a binary universe which is anti-physics, anti-natural laws, and nonsensical — and all of science's theories of life, consciousness, and emotions deny even the laws of science's own physics while also claiming that the scientists supernaturally know what everyone in the world is thinking and feeling.

For many people, their faith in science is so strong that they are unable to recognize the differences between their beliefs and what is real. The people are so utterly convinced of their science being true, that they can no longer so much as recognize that Reality exists in-between each mathematical measurement.

It is very common for people in a group to not recognize their behaviors, while people outside of the group do easily recognize the behaviors. People who believe in science rarely ever recognize their behavioral flaws, but people who do not worship science very easily see the flaws.

A Researcher might think of their efforts as being a knowledge gained from the firsthand experience of observing and making notes of what was observed to be real, but the public thinks of Researchers as being little more than altar boys who perform the duties of Science. To the Researcher, knowledge is the real thing that came first, but to the public, Science is the real thing that existed first. For each Researcher, there are millions of people who worship Science as a religion.

For over a hundred years the religiosity of science has been recognized by many individuals. In 1880, Leo Tolstoy's A Confession also spoke of science as a religion. The religion of science is now so well-established that it is almost humorous that science believers have accepted "Flat Land" beliefs as being the universe's ultimate knowledge.

If science knew much of anything about conception and fetal development, then science would better understand why religions exist, and why science is worshipped as a god. Science is a callous religion, and its god is its narcissistic self.

March for Science sign GOD HATES TRUMP

March for Science sign: GOD HATES TRUMP

The sign is, of course, untrue, unless the 'god' is meant to be the Sciencians' god — themselves.

Why were there no science-related signs? Why were there no signs with really smart stuff that would show-off the acumen of science? Why did the signs not give scientific proof of the protesters' beliefs? Why were almost all of the signs very hateful and childish with lies and cartoons? The answer, of course, is because Sciencians made the signs.

The 'god hates Trump' sign illustrates contradictions, inventions, lies, hate, violence, ignorance, politics, and self-worship.

March for Science sign KEEP [peace symbol] YOUR religion OUT OF MY [periodic table]

March for Science sign: KEEP [peace symbol] YOUR religion OUT OF MY [periodic table]

The photograph of the sign was not at a good angle, but it appeared that there was perhaps a lizard beside the peace symbol. I am not familiar with Sciencian symbolism, so I do not know what a lizard might imply.

I have recently learned that some Sciencians are actually actively hating-on all things that are positive and kind, which might be why the March for Science sign used the peace symbol as a thing that the Sciencian hated.

Nevertheless, Sciencism has been very active the past several decades to remove all religions except one from public places: Sciencism. Sciencism had prayers and respect removed from public schools, and in place of prayer Sciencism inserted the callous disregard for others. Sciencism is a religion of hate. All of Sciencism's references to emotions — including love — are based upon hate. If Science were not a state-mandated religion, then Science would be listed as a hate group.

Do give notice that Sciencism never hesitates to hatefully demand that other religions be kept out of science, but Sciencism hypocritically rushes to force its hateful behavior on all other religions.

Sciencians truly do believe that they are as gods that all humans must worship, obey, and believe in, but no Sciencian has ever scored above a zero on the SQ test of cognition. The SQ test is very simple, but the test is different than IQ tests because no one can memorize answers and cheat on the SQ test. Scoring a zero on the SQ test validates that the individual has no mental potential for reasoning, nor can the individual perform the firsthand observations required by science. Sciencians are among the world's least competent, and their hate further proves their inferiority.

March for Science sign IN SCIENCE WE TRUST

March for Science sign: IN SCIENCE WE TRUST

It is uncertain what the wording may have implied to the author, but it is assumed that the wording was meant to imply that the individual trusts their religion more than another religion.

Freedom of religion is an important social need, as well as religious tolerance. Sciencism, however, has no tolerance for religions except its own, and Sciencism wants to destroy all religions, except its own. Sciencians' Sciencism is perhaps the single most bigoted religion on earth.

March for Science sign Build This Wall

March for Science sign: Build This Wall

I agree that a government within a multi-religion culture ought to not show favoritism to any one religion, but rather the government ought to focus on justice, fairness, and what is right for the nation as a whole. Within that view, the religion of Sciencism should also be kept out of politics — build a wall between government and Sciencism — and do not permit any favoritism to science by the government.

All government handouts to science ought to be completely and permanently forbidden by law. Real Researchers earn their salaries by performing real research at real corporations, and neither the Researchers nor the corporations are dependent on government welfare. If a scientist is not competent enough to hold a real job that is not government funded, then it would be wise for them to choose a different occupation.



This sign was also on the Pathological Science #7 March for Science Signs page, but the sign is one of the many that illustrate the religiosity of Sciencism.

Sensible individuals immediately find the sign's words to be uncommonly incoherent, but, the sign is the nature of Sciencism.

Numerous times in my life I had heard Sciencians speak of the 'big bang' as science, but the manner of how the Sciencians arranged their words was not pointing to the big bang as being scientifically measured from the outside, but rather the words were arranged within patterns that inferred that science was the cause and inner nature of the big bang itself. If the claim had only been made once or twice, then it would be sensible to suspect that the scientists had merely unintentionally made a slip of the tongue, but the claims were repeated over and over hundreds of times. No, the claims were not a mistake; the Sciencians truly do believe that their Science created the universe.

March for Science sign SCIENCE IS GLOBAL!

March for Science sign: SCIENCE IS GLOBAL!

I previously commented on this sign on the March for Science page, but it is useful to also include the sign here under the religious page.

The Science of Sciencians' is claimed to be omnipresent (global, existed before the universe began and continues to exist everywhere at all times), omnipotent (can do anything, and no one can do anything without science), and omniscient (knows everything about everything and is the one and only source of true truth), which are the attributes given to gods. Most science believers sincerely do believe that science is the underlying truth of all that exists throughout the whole universe.

Regardless of whether Sciencians will admit it or not, they worship Science as a god and as a religion, and the Sciencians' signs cannot now be denied.


Of the many concepts that Sciencians cannot grasp, one is that there exist real things that Science cannot measure nor so much as recognize to exist. Regardless of what Sciencians might claim and believe, Science is not universal, nor is Science the ultimate truth.

Science has not been the source of talented musicians, science has not been the source of talented artists, science has not been the source of talented singers, science has not been the source of talented thinkers, science has not been the source of beauty, science has not been the source of happiness, science has not been the source of kindness, science has not been the source of high intelligence, science has not been the source of talented carpenters, science has not been the source of talented electricians, science has not been the source of talented programmers, science has not been the source of talented interior designers, science has not been the source of talented architects, science has not been the source of talented gardeners, science has not been the source of talented ranchers, science has not been the source of talented drivers, science has not been the source of talented business managers, science has not been the source of talented furniture makers, science has not been the source of talented cooks, science has not been the source of talented writers, science has not been the source of talented parents, science has not been the source of talented clothing designers, and science has not been the source of anything talented except the talents of destructive things like negativity and the creation of pollutants that are destroying the planet.

Science does not have the highest IQs, science does not have the highest SQs, science does not have the highest awareness, science does not have the highest ethics, science does not have the highest morality, science does not have the highest etiquette, science does not have the highest politeness, science does not have the highest mindfulness, science does not have the highest beauty, science does not have the highest environmental concerns, science does not have the highest concerns of children's emotional health, science does not have the highest logic, science does not have the highest width of knowledge, science does not have the highest degree of firsthand experience, science does not have the highest intelligence of any form, and science does not have the highest of much of anything beyond narcissistic self-worship. Sciencism is mediocre, lukewarm, of median minds that believe of themselves to be superior because of the popular opinion given by unthinking followers.

Science is a religion, a very bad religion, one that its worshippers have claimed in writing to be the Creator of the universe.

Yes, Sciencians make many emotional ad hoc excuses for their false religion, but in so doing, the ad hoc excuses further prove the Sciencians' pathological science.

Christians have their violent crusaders, Muslims have their violent crusaders, Jews have their violent crusaders, Buddhists have their violent crusaders, Hindus have their violent crusaders, and Science has its violent crusaders. It is common human nature for the less intelligent humans to violently crusade for what they believe is the ultimate authority's true truth (note the Milgram experiments).

If I were a professional scientist — a Researcher — I would be very upset with the March for Science protesters. Research is difficult enough without a bunch of crusading loons causing a public opinion to rise that the Sciencians' Science is the same science that Researchers do. Real Researchers intelligently perform real research, but the Sciencians' Science is merely a self-worshipping religion of popular opinion.

Today, right now, very few people could explain the difference between the March for Science science and the Researchers' science. The public does not know what the differences are — it is doubtful that the public could so much as adequately describe what the word science implies — and the public has leaped to invent beliefs based upon the absence of knowing. The problem is growing worse, much worse, and the only solution is for the scientists themselves to fix the problems.

I myself have several personal goals in life, but I earn my income by trouble-shooting and fixing electronics and systems. I am very good at trouble-shooting and fixing closed systems, but I cannot force an open system to behave differently than what the open system wants. Humans are open systems, and, unfortunately, I cannot fix humans; humans can only fix themselves.

Today's 'science' is schizophrenic with many inner voices, none of which agree with the other. Hobbyists and Philosophians invent sophisms that are preached by the Pulpiteers, and the Sciencians further twist the facts into fitting whatsoever the Sciencians want to believe: their religion.