There is Only One Tao - the Common Tao, is Not the One Tao

There is Only One Tao-Way

Nature's Way is the Only Tao-Way

One Tao, Not Two

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2023 - October 10, 2023

There is only one Tao-Way. There are many ideologies that were invented by man, with each ideology claiming to be the one true truth, but none of the ideologies are true Tao-Ways.

The following is a rough word-per-word translation of Dao De Jing - 'Way Virtue Weave' paragraph #1. I do not make my finished translations public, but the following is sufficient enough to illustrate the book's underlying ideas. Several of the English words are very much incorrect, but they are words that dictionaries give as definitions, and also what most people use within their translations.

Tao-Way approve, Tao-Way oppose, constant Tao-Way.

Name approve, name oppose, constant name.

Nothing name, heaven earth, it beginning.

Have name, myriad thing, it mother.

Therefore constant, nothing intend, together appearance, it subtle.

Constant have, intend together, appearance it boundary.

These both person-ist together, arise as-well-as odd name together, meaning it complicated.

Complicated it again complicated, many subtleties it door.

The words are simple: the Tao-Way is the origin of all things in the universe, including Nature. The Tao-Way, is what creates. That which is intentionally created, has an appearance; the boundary-surface is the appearance. That which was not intentionally created, is subtle, like subtle electromagnetic waves harmonizing within a magnetic field, but not seen.

In past years, man gave Tao-Way the name of 'laws of gods'. Today, man has given Tao-Way the names of 'laws of Nature' and 'physics'. Tomorrow the names will change again. Right name, wrong name, constantly a name, but almost no one attempts to live in harmony with Tao-Way.

All things are composed of ingredients: it is Nature's Tao-Way. Forwards, backwards, intervals, arrange them into an intended sequence, and Nature's Tao-Way will produce a wonderful thing that has never before existed. Only man has the potential of being root of Source's Tao-Way.

The following is a rough word-per-word translation of Zhong Yong - 'Middle Use' (aka Doctrine of the Mean) paragraph #1. Again, I do not make my finished translations public, but the following is sufficient enough to illustrate the book's underlying ideas. Several of the English words are very much incorrect, but they are words that dictionaries give as definitions, and also what most people use within their translations. The word 'alone' is one example: the idea of 'alone' does not so much as approach close to what the word means, but without giving the full translation, for the moment the word will have to do.

Heaven fate, it call nature.

Relation nature, it call Tao-Way.

Create Tao-Way, it call teacher Tao-Way (pause or end of sentence)

Person-ist not able must moment leave (pause or end of sentence)

Able leave, wrong Tao-Way (pause or end of sentence)

Right therefore junzi guard careful (hu particle)

his place not observe dread fear (hu particle)

his place not hear

No-one see (hu particle) yin(hidden)

No-one notice (hu particle) tiny.

Therefore junzi care his alone (pause or end of sentence)

Happy anger, sorrow joy, it not-yet issue, call it middle

Issue while always middle temperate, call it harmony

Middle (pause or end of sentence) person-ist, heaven under him great root (pause or end of sentence)

Harmony (pause or end of sentence) person-ist heaven under him extend Tao-Way (pause or end of sentence)

Extend middle harmony, heaven earth position how

Ten-thousand things birth how.

There are many Ways: Ways of religions, Ways of philosophies, Ways of governments, and Ways of ideologies. But, you can leave any of the Ways. If a Way can be abandoned, then the Way was never the correct Way. The one and only Way that cannot be abandoned, is Nature's Way. The Tao of Nature is permanent; it cannot be changed, and it cannot be abandoned, not for so much as a moment, even if necessary.

There is only one Tao-Way. It's name is Nature's Way.

As a young child, I climbed up upon the living room sofa, where I could look out the west window and see the Way of Nature. There, I gave effort to reason for the first time that animals had to exist before humans could exist, that plants had to exist before animals could exist, that the earth had to exist before plants could exist, and that all of the Ways of Nature had to exist before earth could exist. In later days, I repeated the observations and reasonings, with each repetition reconfirming and gaining additional insights into the Ways of Nature.

Surely most adults are able to reason the general sequences of Nature's Way, but for some of us, it was a memorable moment when we first reasoned Nature's Way.

Today, if a thing does not agree with Nature's Tao-Way, then I will not accept the thing as possibly being true.

By the age of two, I recognized that I could analyze and sum a conclusion to a question faster than what an adult could begin to think of the question. By the age of three, I discovered that man's language of mathematics is false because mathematics does not follow the Way of Nature. By the age of five, I had finally given-up attempting to speak to adults; none could answer any question, nor were any able to so much as to participate in a discussion, because, no adult was able to rationalize Nature's Way.

Today, man has his science, of which claims to know all about the laws of Nature, but no scientist — nor science believer — is able to behave in accordance with their beliefs.

Today, man has his religions, of which claim to know all about the laws of Nature that the religions' gods created, but no follower is able to behave in accordance with their beliefs, nor are the followers able to honor the Tao-Way laws that their gods created.

Today, man has his religion and philosophy of Taoism, of which people claim to be able to attain great powers and heavenly rewards, but no Taoist behaves in agreement with Nature's Tao-Way, which negates all of Taoism to be but one of the countless wrong ways that can be abandoned at any time anyone wishes.

Baking bread is Nature's Tao-Way. Electrical inductance is Nature's Tao-Way. Musical tones are Nature's Tao-Way. Everything, everywhere, was made possible by Nature's Tao-Way.

天下 'Heaven under' is a common term within ancient Chinese texts. The idea points at heaven being the Source of the laws of Nature. The created thing is 'under' heaven: Nature. Nature was created, and still is being created. Nature's Tao-Way is perpetually creative. 'What goes in, comes out'. What each person does and thinks, 'goes in, and comes out' as a new creation. It is a law of Nature that cannot be abandoned nor avoided: everything that a person does, adds to the ingredients of their own minds and spirits.

There is only one Tao-Way; it is Nature's Tao-Way. There is no second Tao-Way.

'Ten-thousand things birth how'. Nature's Way has birthed countless trillions of trillions of trillions of new creations, while man's Tao-Ways have birthed nothing except strife, hate, violence, and pain. 'What goes in, comes out'. Man's Tao-Ways are all false. Man's false Tao-Ways are destructive, and man's Tao-Ways prove it to be so. It is Tao.