Laughing At Science - Brain Chemicals Cause Emotions

Laughing At Science - Brain Chemicals Cause Emotions

Larry Neal Gowdy - Copyright ©2023 - December 15, 2023

Moon landing photo is fake.

(©Copyright 2023 by Larry Neal Gowdy) Moon landing photo. The sun is above the earth, but the sun is to the right of the moon. Chrome and neon glow enhancements show the cropping and pasting of an earth photo onto the moon landing photo. The moon landing photo is obviously fake, and proven to be fake, but many science believers believed the photo to be true.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, some of which were really really dumb, but when scientists make whopper mistakes, you just have to laugh.

Scientists Admit In Writing That They Are Mentally Defective

A long-held scientific belief and claim is that emotions are caused by the brain releasing chemicals into the bloodstream.

Scientific lists of emotions only list emotions that are negative, selfish, and callous. No scientific list of emotions includes positive emotions. Therefore, according to science and scientists — and written by their own hands — they themselves do not, have not, and never can have a positive emotion.

Therefore, according to science and scientists, [1] the ability to have positive emotions relies upon an individual's brain releasing the chemicals that enable positive emotions, which mandates that [2] if scientists have never had a positive emotion, then [3] the scientists' brains are unable to produce and emit the chemicals that enable positive emotions, which then mandates that [4] all scientists' brains are defective, which also mandates that [5] all science is invented by individuals with defective brains.

Scientists Claim Psychic Powers

It is said that it takes about a minute for blood to circulate throughout the body. Therefore, if you are able to experience an emotion almost instantly after an event that caused the emotional response, then according to science, your brain must be psychic and already know what will happen, which enables the brain to begin releasing chemicals into the bloodstream so that when the future event occurs, your body will be able to immediately emotionally respond to the event.


Anyone who does not laugh and groan about scientists' claims, must therefore have a brain defect of not releasing the chemicals needed for humor.

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