Electric Cars Destroy the Environment

Electric Cars Destroy the Environment

Electric Cars Destroy the Environment

Electric cars' REAL exhaust pipe.

Photograph (CC0) by Theodor Vasile, cropped by Larry Neal Gowdy

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2021 - May 28, 2021

Government Flip-Flops

In the 1990s, the Clinton administration signed numerous laws regulating water resources, including the wetlands conservation bills that threatened to confiscate people's privately owned properties. Tensions were high between land owners and government employees, but fortunately the Clinton administration ended before the government's hysteria led to a physical conflict.

In 1998, former Illinois Democratic senator Paul Simon forewarned of approaching water shortages in his book Tapped Out: The Coming World Crisis in Water and What We Can Do About It. Before reading the first 1998 release of Simon's book, my neighbors and I had already been forced twice in five years to deepen our water wells. The book only reconfirmed what many of us already knew: we were running out of water.

Life Ends Without Water

Short quotes from my 1998 Homesteading book:

"Near the turn of the 21st century the UN reported that approximately two million (2,000,000) children across the world die each year from diarrhea as a result of polluted water. Here in the USA a growing number of city dwellers who care about the quality of water they drink must buy it in bottles. Almost no city tap water in the world is truly safe to drink.

...Cities are rushing to buy and secure water rights. Some towns now sit empty beside highways because their water tables had been depleted. Other cities and counties throughout southwest North America are rationing water, prohibiting the washing of cars, and even restaurants will not serve water unless requested by the customer.

As of 1998, one-hundred and twenty (120) nations were investing hundreds of billions of dollars in the attempt to desalinate ocean water. Desalination is a temporary fix at best, and water shortages will be common worldwide before the next generation is grown.

...Unless people change their lifestyles, the water problem will not improve.

...The Ogallala Aquifer, running from Idaho to Texas, is estimated to be depleted to unusable levels for many regions by around 2040. Wells running dry are a serious problem today, and the problems will continue to escalate in the near future. Alternative methods of obtaining water must be constructed before the problem is too far out of hand.

...The earth does not have the resources to feed and water humans today, and it will not get better if the population continues increasing and current lifestyles persist in the wasting of resources.

...The majority of nations have gone to war over water in the past. When the world population doubles again... water will be so scarce that wars will be unavoidable. Heated political battles over regional water rights are on the front today, and the tensions can only increase as water grows more scarce.

...In some Middle East countries water is already more valuable than oil. The nations power their desalination plants with petroleum and feel that it is a bargain. Some brands of bottled water in the USA already cost more than gasoline. How much will water cost in 2040?

There is no value in believing "the government" will come to the rescue. Ask most any farmer, rancher, or anyone else involved with the use of water and they will tell you of how bad the regulations and costs have become. After damming Canadian River about 35 years ago the government allowed salt to leak into the river and not only refused to do anything about it, they also would not allow private land owners to correct the problem. Now, perhaps half or more of the land bordering the river is unfit for farming. After a rain, large portions of properties turn white with salt. There are several varieties of vegetables that city dwellers can no longer grow due to salt in the tap water." (Hard-core Homesteading, Self-Reliance, and Self-Defense, ©1998, Larry Gowdy)

The federal government would not lift a finger to protect the endangered species in my region — I took it upon myself to put a stop to the 'city hunters' killing hawks, eagles, and other endangered species — but the federal government was very anxious to forcefully confiscate private properties without so much as a rational explanation.

Fast forward to 2021. The over-zealous wetlands conservation enforcements still continue. Example: United States District Court, District of South Dakota, Southern Division, case #21-4081, May 05, 2021, containing a photo that shows at least a quarter to half a section of relatively flat farmland having an estimated .8 acres of the land that temporarily puddles water after rains and snow-melts. The USDA classifies the puddle to be a "wetland". An acre is land is tiny, small enough to spit from one end to the other in a Texas wind.

As of May, Lake Mead and Lake Powell are being reported as being near the lowest levels since the Hover Dam was constructed in the 1930s. If the water levels continue to fall, it is reported that the Colorado River may have its first ever declaration of shortage emergency, resulting in water rationing for about 40-million people.

The water shortages continue, and the irrational enforcement of "wetlands" continues, and yet the Biden administration is now promoting electric car use. From FACT SHEET: Biden Administration Advances Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (whitehouse.gov, April 21, 2021): "Today, the White House announced new progress on the Administration's goal to accelerate and deploy electric vehicles and charging stations... The General Services Administration announced progress on the goal to transition the federal fleet to zero-emission vehicles. ...President Biden’s American Jobs Plan includes a transformational $15 billion investment to fund this vision and build a national network of 500,000 charging stations. ...This could increase the use for EV charging infrastructure of $41.9 billion in federal grant funding in 15 specific programs. ...These actions are a set of initial steps on the path the President’s goal of a national network of 500,000 chargers to support convenient and affordable travel by drivers of zero emission vehicles across the whole country."

Momentarily ignoring the 'oops' in the last sentence (the author appears to have possibly omitted "of" after "path"), the immediate problem is that the whitehouse.gov's Fact Sheet repeatedly lied. Electric cars are not "zero emission vehicles". Electric cars are powered by electricity, and the generating of electricity to power electric cars has large quantities of emissions that are similar (and often worse) to what is emitted by gasoline powered cars. All known federal government websites have similar errors and lies about all topics related to energy and the environment.

The government plan for charging stations includes the highways that rely upon the Colorado River for water to generate electricity. Where will the states find the water to generate and to supply more electricity to the many thousands of charging stations?

And there is found the normal behavior of how the government races to claim one thing, and then a few years later races to claim the opposite. The Clinton administration wrung its hands about the water shortages, while the Biden administration is wringing its hands while demanding that more fresh water be wasted.

But the government is employed by normal people, people who are unable to cross-light that the act of increasing the demand for more electricity will result in the increase of water consumption.


Hoarding is a mental disease. Once a normal person begins doing something, the normal person cannot stop. Wired rotary telephones were useful, but normal people could not stop there, they had to have more telephones, more push button telephones, more mobile telephones, more cell phones, more apps on their cell phones, more wireless ioT (Internet of Things) devices, more whining about their wireless devices getting hacked, and the hoarding continues, and will continue up to the point where the whole system finally collapses upon itself.

Normal people are being convinced that electric cars are supernaturally able to have "zero emissions", and as the fad continues, so will the hoarding continue of hoarding more gadgets to go along with the gadget electric cars. Normal people will not stop hoarding until the electricity stops due to the lack of water.

There is no value nor sense in attempting to explain to normal people why they need fresh water for drinking and for growing food. The public will still claim that electric cars are magic, able to be recharged without the need for electric power plants.

Years back, evaporative air conditioners became a boogie man for their consumption of water, but no one says a word about electric cars consuming many times more water than evaporative air conditioners. And the electric cars consume the water all year-round, not just during hot summer weather.

Man must destroy the planet. Man has no other option because he is an insatiable hoarder: man does not possess sufficient enough thinking capacity to choose a different path.

When the water supplies are gone, so will be gone the drinking water, and food. All fresh water supplies are already polluted, as are all commercially grown foods polluted of toxins. It will get much worse.

And, as an FYI, 500,000 charging stations might keep up to around 2,000-5,000 employees working part-time. 2,000-5,000 new part-time jobs is not a large sum for the nation. Also, the taxpayers are being forced to fund their own water shortages. Everything spoken of on the government "Fact Sheet" is not insane, it is normal.