Confucian School #4 - Calm Center Wise

Confucian School #4 - Calm Center Wise


Larry Neal Gowdy

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Confucian School - Calm Center Wise

A measure of one's progress of goal, is within the calmness of one's voice.

He who climbs a high mountain, knows that the mountain is high. He will not believe that the mountain is low. He will not believe people who say that the mountain is low. The man will be calm and relaxed in his knowing.

You know that the sun is high. You will not believe people who say that the sun is near the ground. You are calm and relaxed in your knowing.

Firsthand experience enables the knowing, and the firsthand knowing enables inner calmness.

People who have no firsthand learning, their voices carry the tones of deceit. All who can hear voice tones, know what deceit sounds like. All who can read faces, know that facial expressions express hidden deceit.

'Poem say, "Give bosom bright goodness, not large voice with face." Zi say "Voice face, it for to-use convert people, insignificant {also}." Poem say, "Goodness light as-if feathers, feathers similar have relationships. Upper sky it travel, not voice, not odor." Very!' (word-per-word draft translation of 中庸 Zhong Yong 33:7)

Salesmen, deceitfully attempting to sell bad merchandise, use large voice with face. It is obvious to everyone who can hear voice tones and can read facial expressions.

'Qu Li (melodious manners) say: do-not not respect, respectful like ponder, calm determine explain-speech, calm citizens {!}'. (word-per-word draft translation of Qu Li #1, Li Ji Book of Rites, Record of Rites, Qu Li 1 Calm Voice)

It is very, very rare to hear a politician speak with a calm voice. Four known calm voices... two from one state, two from one tribe... all four self-think. The four are respected.

A calm voice proves one's knowing. A calm voice earns respect.

'Junzi him learning, enter ear, attach heart, spread four limbs, body move calm. Hold-level while speak, fluid while move, alone able use be standard follow. Tiny person him learning, enter ear, come-out mouth, mouth ear it space-between then four cun ear. How entirely use beautiful seven chi him body?' (word-per-word draft translation of Xunzi Book - Encourage Learning #5)

Like voice tones and facial expressions, body language also exhibits firsthand knowing.

Not found in writings, is that one's aromas also exhibit firsthand knowing, and/or deceit. When emotions change, so do the body's cellular tones of aromas change. Deceit smells bad, like putrid flesh. Honesty smells clean, of melodious tones.

Also not found in writings, is that one's body chi radiance exhibits firsthand knowing, and/or deceit.

Self-thinking infants, firsthand learn voice tones, aromas, body language, and body radiance long before learning words. Most mammals do similarly. Emotions are as a universal language in Nature. Calmness is an emotion of knowing, and of inner peacefulness.

No one is able to hide their topmost secrets.

'Poem say: "Secret, even-if hidden {-carry}, likewise cave-hole it obvious." So junzi inside save not sorrow, not bad of ambition. Junzi place not able reach person-ist, it only man, his place not appear similar.' (word-per-word draft translation of 中庸 Zhong Yong #33:3)

The goal is not to achieve a calm voice, but rather to become wise of knowing, and skilled of goal. When one's knowing is true, and one's skill is of talent, then inwardly will one's emotions be centered, and outwardly will one's expressions be honest-obvious.

'Happy angry, grieve laugh, it have-not expressed, call it center'. (word-per-word draft translation of 中庸 Zhong Yong)

Beautiful people express emotions, voice tones, body language, aromas, and body radiances that all harmonize together. He who is accomplished within his skill, is of self-harmony. Self-harmony is the evidence of one's goal choice being correct.

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