False Belief That Aphantasia Individuals Have No Mental Imagery

False Belief That Aphantasia Individuals Have No Mental Imagery

Larry Neal Gowdy - Copyright ©2023 - December 15, 2023

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Scientists Claim that Aphantasia Individuals Have No Mental Imagery

Scientists and academicians claim that hyperphantasia, phantasia, and hypophantasia people literally "see" visual images in their minds when they close their eyes. Scientists and science believers also claim that aphantasia individuals do not "see" visual images in their minds when they close their eyes.

An academician reported having a family of professionals who greatly enjoyed reading, but the individual himself did not find the act of reading to be enjoyable. The individual then leaped to assume that his lack of enjoyment was caused by 'aphantasia'.

The psychological disorder 'hypochondriac' is the noun-name given to people who hallucinate that they have symptoms of diseases that they do not have. The belief in oneself being 'aphantasia' is the behavior of a hypochondriac.

Many people in high IQ societies believe in science, and since average IQ scientists claim that many or most people with high intelligence have autism, then many of the society members believe that they themselves have autism. The people are hypochondriacs. The individuals may indeed have a mental dysfunction that results in the individuals believing in science and autism, but 'autism' is not the cause.

One academician claimed that 'aphantasia' people have poor memories of what is read from a book, but the same academician had previously stated that the same individuals were not interested in what was being read, and so the readers skipped over much of the book. Well darn, imagine someone who has no interest in a book, and who did not give attention to the book's words, might not have a good memory of the book!

At Least Some Aphantasia People Do Have Conscious Mental Imagery

As has been common throughout recorded history, one popular belief is that all mental imagery must be of pictures within one's mind. The popular belief was invented by people who only see pictures within their minds.

As has also been common throughout recorded history, no scientist, philosopher, nor academician has ever known how the mind works. If they had known, then they would have spoken of it. It was never spoken of.

About twenty years ago, the Sensory Quotient data was freely offered to different universities, but all of the universities replied with the same general statement, that the university professors 'already knew everything about everything', and that there could be no new information. Today, the new 'phantasia-aphantasia' theories might not have gained momentum if the self-worshiping sciencians had taken a look at the SQ data.

Within the SQ data is proof that some 'aphantasia' people do indeed see mental imagery, but the imagery is not what the sciencians are capable of comprehending.


The scientific method (as well as commonsense) demands firsthand observation. The only method of firsthand observing mental imagery is for the individual to personally experience mental imagery oneself. All theories created without the firsthand experience, are by definition imaginary. The scientific theory of 'aphantasia' individuals not having mental imagery is anti-scientific-method, false, pseudo-science, pathological science, and imaginary.

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