5g Opens Champagne Bottle

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5g Opens Champagne Bottle

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Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright © June 13, 2023

Okay, the following may not be news worthy, but it's definitely worthy of posting.

My morning began terribly, including a mentally challenged fellow telling me that feeling EMF radiation from computers (or anything else) is almost impossible because WHO said so. (Oh, wow, so, WHO said so, and, so, since Who wholly relies upon "today's global safety regulations are still formed and based upon the lies of fraud scientists", then that makes WHO's claims to be gospel!)

Apparently the fellow has been using his cell phone way too long because I had previously given details that the problem of felt EMF radiation from a computer was proven to not be in the monitor, that other people nearby were also feeling the radiation, and yet the boy still insisted that it had to be the monitor. It is such a hugely depressing ordeal to attempt to reason with JLS (James Legge Syndrome) people who can't so much as remember what was said in a previous sentence.

Anyway, while hoping to find something funny online so as to relieve some of the agony of having been talked to by a person with JLS, I came across a really good video that linked back to the Twitter Irish Channel. The video segment is titled "This shows how you can open a bottle of champagne with 5G phones without contact." I hope everyone on earth watches the video, but, maybe it wouldn't do much good anyway because most people's brains have already been 'opened' with 1g-5g.

The best value of the video is that it shows four cell phones placed within about 3 inches of a champagne bottle, and after a few seconds the cork pops out of the bottle, and champagne overflows. The several people nearby then gleefully behaved with pleasure, as if what they just witnessed was a good thing.

Heck, why not put the four cell phones around someone's head and see what happens? Surely it must be safe, because WHO said so!

And when one's cell phone is pressed firmly upon one's ear, what is that little wet gray thing inside one's head that is about 3 inches away from the cell phone? Huh? Yeah, really, a lot of people never thought of that before.

Several known individuals have had cancers at a specific location. The location was (one-hit drum roll) about 3 inches from where they carried their cell phones. Yep, one lady's cancer was on her colon, precisely about 3 inches from where she kept her cell phone in her back pocket. Others had cancers at various body locations, all of which were about 3 inches from where they carried their cell phones (please don't carry a cell phone in your underwear!). I myself still have a dark growth on my back right at where a microwave antenna used to be in the 90s (fortunately the antenna was a little over 3 inches away, and the exposure was brief). One lady died with huge tumors in her brain, about 3 inches away from where she kept her cell phone pressed upon her head. Yep, the cancers were impossible because WHO said so!

The effect of cell phone harmonics is one topic that I've whined about for decades. If you happen to be near several people using cell phones, the chances are very high that you will at times be within one of the several harmonics fields. EMF harmonic fields are analogous to ripples on water. Depending on the frequencies, EMF harmonic fields will most strongly establish themselves at various distances, usually beginning at around the 3 inch distance. (I remember Apple® having a recommendation of near that range, of keeping their cell phones about 3 inches away from one's head, which means that Apple knew all along that their cell phones were hazardous to one's health.)

IQ is Irrelevant to Intelligence

(CCO) Photo by Maja R.. — A thinking man can learn more by looking at a pond for twenty minutes, than what a memorizing man can learn by listening in classrooms for twenty years. (Photo modifications by Larry Neal Gowdy)

Go sit in a classroom with 50 students carrying microwave-emitting cell phones and laptops. Yep, a hundred or more devices frying everyone in the classroom, and thousands of other nearby devices radiating microwave like there's no tomorrow, and still people don't understand why some college grads can't make light with a battery, wire, and bulb.

On a large scale, one of my customers had the problem of their wireless Internet not working even though all of the equipment was functioning correctly. The customer was having to visit neighbors where he could get online to check emails. The problem was, the customer's house was located near the center of a neighborhood where most everyone else was using wireless. The harmonic EMF fields were blocking the customer's wireless reception, and there was absolutely nothing that could be done except to move to a new location, which he did do. (I was quick to leave his house too; the microwave radiation within his home was intense.)

People who have several wireless devices in their homes are constantly walking into EMF harmonic fields. Yep, pop that champagne cork nice and slow, like cooking a frog in hot water.

Back in the 70s, Russia was purposefully beaming microwave into the US embassy, which was (reportedly) the cause of major illnesses amongst the US embassy staff. Most everyone has also heard of the Havana Syndrome, which appears to have been a purposeful arrangement of microwave signals which (reportedly) caused cognitive difficulties, vertigo, and migraines. Building an EMF weapon is simple, and has already been done by militaries and office workers.

In the 70s and 80s people whined and angrily ranted about Russia having beamed microwave into the US embassy, but, oh, today, people smile happily and actually want cell towers to beam microwave into their homes. Yep.

And see if you can figure this one out: a group of people are feeling eye pain and having headaches when a Windows® 10 computer is booted. There is no discomfort whatsoever when the same computer boots XP, 7, 8, or any Linux distribution. The only discomfort occurs when the same computer boots Windows 10. The computer is not connected to anything, not even a monitor. According to the Who-believing JLS boy, the problem of eye pain and headaches must be caused by the monitor's settings or drivers. Now everyone think real hard, and try to figure-out what the boy said wrong. Actually, literally, honestly, two people said the same general thing. Yep.

But anyway, the JLS boy who could not remember what was said from one sentence to the next, he is a firm believer that microwave EMF fields are perfectly safe and healthy for you. Yep, his cell phone has always been about 3 inches from that tiny little shrinking gray thing in his head. It's best to stand back and not be near people like that when their cork pops.

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