Playing the Game

Playing the Game

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2006-2013

The world is our playground, and all that exists are our toys, even those toys that believe they are toying with us. A toy is he who believes he is not being toyed.

Always let the toy believe they won, go out of your way to instill within the toy a sense of their victory. Allow them to become the toy of their choosing.

Strife exists when toys believe they possess knowledge.

Act the fool, never ever under any circumstances speak the whole truth to toys, for toying is play and make-believe.

Always speak truth to what is real, for in truth, toys become confused and make of themselves as toys.

When a toy gives vain flattery, the toy believing he can make you his toy, make him instead your toy by pretending to accept the flattery.

That which you hold precious, never share nor even allow to be made known, for once opened, your possessions become others' toys.

Never toy with your own self, nor with Mother Nature, for they both are your refuge of Reality. Only toy with toys that have accepted make-believe as real.

When presented with an effect not understood, philosophical toys say "the gods dunnit!" and scientific toys say "chaos dunnit!". Toys hold many belief systems, all unfounded, all are make-believe. Know thyself.

To learn the true nature of a toy, become its fool.

Toys self-choose make-believe, and term proper honest behavior as "idealism".

Toys enjoy being toyed with; make them happy.

Toys that never accomplished a thing invented the word "paradox".

Toys are those that think you are too stupid to know they are trying to toy with you. Play along!

Never provide more than the minimum requirement to play the game. Toys exhibit strife and discontentment when their minimalist world of make-believe is threatened.

The greatest misinformation is in truth, for toys twist all information to fit their belief systems.

When you have grown weary of toying, fill and close the toy box. Nature is the sole refuge where honesty exists not as an ideal, but as a way of life.

Toys invented political games, law games, war games, culture games, education games, religion games, business games, economic system games, and within all that exists that was created by toys, is a game.

In the beginning was the Game, and the Game was with Toy, and the Game was Toy.
The same was in the beginning with Toy.
All Games were made by Toy; and without Toy was not any Game made that was made.

In all that is a game, if toys stopped believing their games as real, the games would instantly end and fellow toys would see that it has been a game.

The game of law could end, and nothing would change except for the puppet masters no longer feeding off the labor of toy victims. The game of economic systems could end, and nothing would change except for the harsh reality to reappear that each person is responsible for his own life. The game of religion could end, and nothing would change except for the need to reinvent another religion to begin the game anew. The game of education could end, leaving all the papers hanging on our walls to be meaningless tokens of a well-played game. The game of science could end, and who would notice?

If the game you are playing ended today, what could be held in your hand as evidence of it having been achieved on your own without dependency of a game? When the words, papers, and beliefs disappear, all that is left, is one’s true self.

May all people possess a thing that games cannot give nor take away.