Quantum Metaphor

Quantum Metaphor

Quantum Metaphor

Larry Neal Gowdy (Goudy)

Copyright©2015-2021, updated February 10, 2021

Fictional Symbolical Metaphorical Allegorical Literal

Written to the rhythms of Enya's Drifting...

Brother stood silently, with solemn presence he accompanied me within my quests, and though he stood in the void where I could not feel and thus know his heart, I had perceived the purpose of his presence, and always through him there was a knowing made known to me. Of the other visits with brother, he accompanied me in my travels, and always he was there.

As my auburn hair darkened with age, I never questioned who brother was, though I sensed we were known to the other, and I felt free to ask with the heart while in his presence. By the fifth summer, with brother present I perceived the event of the fiftieth summer, and I felt no concern, for within the perception it was known that the event would not be the end. The forty-five summers passed, the event occurred as was known, and it was not the end.

While brother stood solemn and quiet, during his presence of the eighteenth year, a perception of the forty-seventh winter was observed, but I was not concerned, because though the world worried that it was the end, I knew that it would not be the end.

In the twentieth season of falling leaves, I opened my heart with a yearning for a quality, and instantly brother was present, the perceptions of the event were present, and the details were vivid, but I did not understand what the details implied. In the forty-third year, the event occurred, and then I understood, perfectly, without any doubt.

During each perception, whether I stood in silence, or walked the stars, brother was there; always. Within each visit by brother, there was one unique element, the one thing that was always present prior to brother's presence, and he only became present when that one element was also present.

Of brother's many visits, each being within the presence during perceptions, all of which were verified to have been accurate, it was not until the forty-third summer that I finally began suspecting who brother is. My concern, now, is for brother.

And my concern for brother increases. Though in the twenty-ninth summer brother was present during the perception of an event that will be the present end, and though the event is positive, still, my present concern remains for brother, not of myself, but for another, and the one unique ingredient within all of the perceptions, it alone remains to be the sole thing of value, for the present, and more so for brother's own future.

The trend continues, of each pair of perceptions growing closer, less distant, each becoming more intense, and I am with hope that I can finish my goals and be prepared when the day arrives, that I hand to brother all that I could achieve for him. Though there may be countless more similar perceptions of close distances, of seconds to minutes, of days to months, the perceptions are too common to be interpreted as anything more than a normal sense of choosing my steps, but the perceptions with brother's presence, those I value above all, for they are beautiful.

My wish is for brother to smile, I never got to see him smile, though after the two-hundredth year, our having walked the three-hundredth year together, I did sense his heart approving of one of my choices, the choice that I now live, and I wish for him to not be alone, for he has no one beside him, and when we are in the void, I perceive none others nearby, and I am concerned for brother.

But now I recall the memory of the fifteenth winter, when during an event I approached the end, and the end could not have been changed, but I perceived brother's presence, and the event stopped. As brother had accompanied me through the recurring patterns within patterns of the universe in the fifth summer, so also in the fifteenth winter he was somehow connected and able to change the unchangeable. There is a direct connection between brother and I, and though I too often assume that I know who he is, I also know that I do not know, but it does not matter who brother is, still my only concern is for him, and this is my goal.

Within quantum physics it has been said that the universe must have a method of speaking to itself across time, of self-adapting itself, of learning from its mistakes and then correcting the mistakes before the mistakes happen. Some men enjoy their passion of quantum mathematics, but some individuals prefer to experience life, and to understand through the firsthand experience. Mathematicians have their chosen methods of investigation, while other individuals choose different methods of investigation. Mathematicians count numbers and hypothesize about bits of small data, while some individuals choose to live the perceptions of full events, the events that include the content of knowledge, thoughts, sensations, and emotions, none of which can be found nor measured with numbers.

When the knowing of an event is made known, there is no sensory perception of pressures upon the skin to describe from where the knowledge arrived, no sounds, no aromas, no tastes, no sights, no distances, no time, no movements, absolutely nothing relative to three-dimensional references: it is truly a non-three-dimensional transference of information, and, at least for some individuals, it only occurs during the presence of one very specific ingredient that is in one very specific state.

As a child I had a strong preference for a specific animal, what an American Native might term to be my animal sign. During my teenage years I created a nickname for myself by using the animal's name. There was no particular reason for my being interested in the animal, not until I later discovered that the animal is the one on the paternal family crest. Coincidence? Perhaps. For several years I doodled with squiggly lines that held a special meaning to me personally, and though teachers complained of my ignoring my studies in favor of doodling, I continued the doodles into adulthood. Recently I discovered similar doodles carved on stones, the stones being of an ancient culture located near my ancestral lands (carvings that make sense to me, but not to archeologists). Coincidence? Perhaps. The item of attention here is that one form of urge arrives from one source — perhaps emotioned ancestral urges passed down through the generations — but the urges possess felt origins that are distinguishable, whereas the void does not arrive from within, nor even from without. All forms of electromagnetic radiation can be felt, and from the perception is the analysis of from which direction the radiation arrives, how far away the source is, how strong the signal is, what frequency it is, and all other details including the present time frame, the past from the present, all radiances' probable futures, and all things needful of perceiving are perceived, but within the void, there is no felt radiance, nothing to describe and to discern from which direction the information arrives, no time frames — not so much as a 'presence' to mark if the information is from here or from anywhere else — no pasts, no futures, and the present is only relative to my own: the void is not three-dimensional.

It seems acceptable to muse of the possibility that the ancient seers — the real men and women of real talents, the real mystics, the real masters, and the real prophets — it does appear plausible that they too applied the one specific ingredient within their perceptions, and if it were true, then it is a good thing, that the universe will not permit the knowings of future events to men of dark hearts.

And I am pleased, that though there are many systems of faith amongst man, the one system of behavior remains self-evident of its correctness, a correctness that appreciates Nature, loves all life, cares for all things, and is happy for other's happiness. But for those of us who have made our choices, Nature has permitted us a glimpse of her beauty, a true gift of Nature, and for us, it is enough, because we never desired any gift, and that is why it was given.

More can be learned from rocks, and from trees, than can be learned from books, and man called us highlanders and forest dwellers, because, that is where we yearned for quality, and cared for the other as we walked with Nature.