Pathological Science #6 Animal Migration

Pathological Science #6 Animal Migration

Animal Migration Pathological Science

(PD) Animal Migration - Pathological Science.

Larry Neal Gowdy

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The Science of Animal Migration is Pathological Science

All known scientific theories of animal migration — as related to the earth's 'magnetic field' — are directly pointed to within Langmuir's first five symptoms of pathological science: [1.] The maximum effect that is observed is produced by a causative agent of barely detectable intensity, and the magnitude of the effect is substantially independent of the intensity of the cause. [2.] The effect is of a magnitude that remains close to the limit of detectability; or, many measurements are necessary because of the very low statistical significance of the results. [3.] Claims of great accuracy. [4.] Fantastic theories contrary to experience. [5.] Criticisms are met by ad hoc excuses thought up on the spur of the moment.

Why Science Knows Nothing of How Animals Migrate

The topic of animal migration is another kind of Fermi paradox. Statistically, when talking about remarkable individuals who have remarkable talents and who have made remarkable contributions, there are always one or a few expertly skilled individuals who stand out from all others, and there are always numerous other individuals who are good but not remarkable. Race car drivers have Jackie Stewart, singers have Andrea Bocelli, and string musicians have Yiruma, Jordi Savall, and Sarah Chang.

Early western Researchers of natural phenomenon include Galileo and Newton, for the science of radioactivity there is Marie Curie, and for vaccinations there is Jonas Salk, but in the scientific field of animal migration there is no one, absolutely no one at all. Statistically there ought to be space aliens, and statistically there ought to be remarkable scientific contributions in the field of animal migration, but there is no evidence of any. As Fermi allegedly asked, where is everybody?

Statistically, there ought to be scientists who are remarkable with the skill of explaining and describing consciousness, thoughts, memories, emotions, sensory perceptions, dreams, beauty, love, conception, fetal development, animal migration, and the many other very common things that most all humans and other animals experience, but the scientists do not exist. Where are they?

There are several reasons of why science and scientists have no skills with the topic of animal migration: [1] the topic itself requires firsthand observation through firsthand experience, [2] scientists themselves have no talents with self-observation, and [3] science does not accept firsthand observations as being valid nor useful, but the most important reason is that [4] individuals who are skilled with the topic have no desire nor reason to join the clique of science.

The absence of firsthand observations has left all scientific explanations of animal migration to be incomplete, flawed, imaginary, and just plain nonsense: pathological science.

There do exist individuals who are quite good at describing and explaining things like consciousness, beauty, love, and migration, but the individuals have their own lives, and they have no interest in science. Remarkable flautists do not judge it as being a high goal in life to play within a room filled with zoo monkeys blowing on slip kazoos, nor do individuals skilled in the topics of the mind judge it as being a high goal in life to join the clique of science.

Science is not the ultimate goal in life for individuals with skills. Science is not the ultimate truth. Science has no expertise in things that relate to the mind. Science has no remarkable race car drivers, no remarkable musicians, no remarkable singers, and no remarkable firsthand observers.

If scientists were the god-like experts that many individuals believe, then all of the world's best drivers, musicians, singers, and artists would have all gained their skills from science, but there are no such individuals — none whatsoever — which proves that science has no potential within topics that relate to the experience of life.

The topic of animal migration is a topic that resides outside of science, and what science cannot know nor explain.

Science Denies that Knowledge Can Exist Outside of Science

A description of an open system makes use of verbs of actions, of intensities and durations, and numerous other actions that occur simultaneously, but science cannot grasp an action that is not two-dimensionally reducible, nor can science so much as comprehend how multiple things react within patterns of mutual influence, and so even if the descriptions were offered to science, no scientist would understand what the descriptions imply.

The descriptions had been offered many times in the past, but scientists 'bipolar exploded' that the descriptions were not reduced down to a two-dimensional level that the scientists could understand, and so the descriptions are no longer offered.

An easy example is to ask an individual to describe at least three Earth fields, and do so with the use of verbs. One of the first responses is that most individuals believe that there is only one Earth field — magnetic — with some individuals including gravity. There is the problem: when a science only knows of one thing, the science will, of course, form all conclusions relative to the one thing. Einstein did it, Michelson did it, and animal migration scientists continue to do it. Science only knows of the magnetic field, and nothing more.

I have mentioned the layerings of gravity for decades, my often giving analogies like "blankets" of distinct layers. Recently I was dogmatically told that science has always known of the layers — which, of course, was a false statement — and so I quickly dropped the topic because there could be no value in speaking about a thing that the individual knew nothing about nor could feel themselves.

The science of the Earth's magnetic field is similar: a lot of inventive scientific claims, but still no animal migration scientist can describe the field with verbs.

Similar to the Fermi paradox of there being no space aliens because the paradox assumes that all consciousness and all intelligence can only reside within a multi-cellular Earthling-like brain, so also does science insist that all migrating animals must think and act upon the one and only planetary field that scientists have knowledge of and can measure two-dimensionally: magnetic fields.

The pathological science of animals migrating by use of the Earth's magnetic fields will not go away, because the belief has already reached the limitations of the scientific mind.

Animals Align Themselves with Earth's Magnetic Field

A relatively recent scientific claim has been that animals align themselves according to the Earth's magnetic poles while grazing and sleeping, and, allegedly, the animals' positions somehow further prove that animals migrate by Earth's magnetic fields. Rather than my mentioning the papers' titles and the living authors' names, I will merely give a little background information from a firsthand point of view, and then use the background information to comment on the papers' central topics.

As a teenager I sometimes drove about forty miles out into the country late at night where I would stop beside the road, go stand on the ground beside the road, close my eyes, turn, and then verify that I could still feel directions and locations. I was born with the sense of location and direction, but the increasing EMF within cities had somewhat dulled the perceptions. Having reconfirmed the perceptions to be correct, I would pause and analyze how the perceptions were perceived, weighed, and judged relative to other perceptions (I have been told that it is not normal for other teenagers to do similarly). The three dominate perceptions were of              ,              , and              , with each related to               and              . To me, locations and distances are as obvious as sight, and much more descriptive. To me, the science of animal migration as taught in the schools was nonsense, and the science remains to be nonsense. (Sciencians 'go bipolar' and scream that no living being can feel locations — regardless of the fact that the same Sciencians claim that living beings migrate to sensed locations — but no one cares what science claims.)

(I am not claiming that migrating animals sense and consciously analyze the identical same things as I do, I am only illustrating one variation, and I do not claim to be able to psychically read all animals' minds like what many scientists claim for themselves. My variation is obvious to many of us who are familiar with related topics, and to us, all of biology and all of related science is shockingly ignorant of the most obvious of things related to living beings. Biology's claims of animal migration are but one example of the many proofs that no known biologist knows anything useful of physics.)

While frequently driving from a city to my rural land in the mid-90s, on occasion I noticed that a small herd of cattle were standing while facing the north/north-west. The first few times were unremarkable and spaced a couple weeks apart, but after observing the behavior several times over a period of years, I mentioned the oddity to my wife and I began giving closer attention. With my not having been raised in the country, I did not know what was normal, but it did appear that the cattle's behavior was being influenced from an external cause.

After moving onto my 'off the grid' land — that was about a mile from the nearest neighbor and somewhat shielded from the city's EMF about thirty miles away — about once every couple of weeks I began sensing that someone was watching me. The patterning described a camera-like device, but the patterning was scrambled and not distinct. The sensation was peculiar because there was no one near, and the direction of attention was coming from my own land on the other side of a road and at an elevation that should have been easy to see (my land was down in a shallow canyon, of about 100 to 400 feet below the higher nearby lands). When I began giving attention to the repeated sensations, I recognized that the perceptions occurred about every two weeks or so and lasted about an hour of waxing and waning from north-south, as well as waxing and waning from east-west over a few days. The sensation was unsettling because of its uncomfortable intensities plus my not knowing what the cause was (I laughed at myself for almost acting paranoid), and it made me have an urge to either walk towards the source to find what it was, or to turn and walk away from the direction of from where the sensation was felt to be strongest. I later verified that the patterns of sensation matched those of imaging satellites' that have polar orbits (such as the Landsat).

Having recognized a plausible cause of the sensations, I pretty much ignored them afterwards, but I did still wonder if the cattle on the higher lands might have been feeling something similar since the cattle faced north at a similar time of day as I felt the sensations. My questions were to ask [1] did the cattle feel a similar sensation as what I felt, [2] did the cattle feel the sensation approaching or leaving, and [3] were the cattle facing north as a way of approaching or walking away from the perception? To me, I did not really care, so I ignored the experiences and went on with life.

While on the land I had also recognized that when the sun's pre-dawn radiation could be felt at a sufficient intensity, it was also when roosters began to crow. During times of thick clouds, when the solar radiation was delayed, again the roosters would not crow until the radiation was felt to reach a specific intensity. I found the experience to be interesting in a way, but I had far more interesting research projects that are still the only things that are of value to me, so I did not invest time into studying common rooster behavior.

A few years ago I was asked a question about the then-popular topic of how scientists had 'proven' that animals migrate by the Earth's magnetic fields because the scientists showed pictures of some animals facing north or south in Google® Earth (sure, why not). When asked for my opinion, I mentioned that I had seen countless cows in my lifetime, and cows tend to face wherever they want, sometimes into the wind, sometimes away from the wind, sometimes towards aromas, sometimes away, often following the cow in front (most humans do similarly), and in my region — a densely-populated cattle country that also includes the aromatics — the cows that I had seen usually faced in no specific pattern of direction. I did not further explain my own experiences because [1] most of the people were science believers, [2] I did not want to become the target of Sciencians' hate, and [3] I was curious of how the public would continue inventing more explanations of the Google images.

I did a quick research on the topic and found that the scientists were indeed basing most of their claims upon satellite images and/or low-flying aircraft images — surely I do not have to explain when the images of animals were taken — plus a few firsthand observances of a few little groups of deer and other animals that allegedly pointed their bodies more in alignment with Earth's magnetic poles than of geographical north, which gave me a little smile, but I still did not care to research the topic much further.

One papers' authors did claim that the EMF from nearby power lines allegedly disrupted the cattle from facing north (the scientists appeared to leap to assume things that had no evidence of being true), and the authors also claimed that the effect of the power lines' EMF must have an effect at the molecular and cellular levels within animals (interesting however, is that no cross-lighting was performed between weak magnetic flux and intense magnetic flux, nor exactly why EMF causes a reduction within the sense of direction (as I mentioned previously for my own) which appeared to suggest that the scientists did not know what magnetic flux might be). Repeatedly the papers presented circumstantial evidence that animals feel and position their bodies relative to Earth's magnetic fields.

One paper claimed that the animals' alignment had not before been recognized by cattlemen, hunters, and others who allegedly ought to be familiar with animal behavior. My interpretation of the paper was that the authors had assumed that animals have always aligned their bodies with the magnetic north pole, and that somehow no other human in recorded history had seen what should have been extremely obvious. In my interpretation of the paper, the authors did not suspect that the alignments might be infrequent and possibly have been of a modern cause.

I recently spent a little time online researching satellite orbits, just long enough to recognize that there are far too many satellites from far too many countries and not enough hard data to waste my time researching further (the topic does not interest me enough to warrant effort). Someone who has a lot of time on their hands — and who wants to become a famous scientist — could accumulate the data to determine whether the earth's magnetic poles of about an alleged 11.5 degree tilt is similar to satellites like the Landsats that Google uses in Google Earth, and which direction that Google's picture-taking planes flew (a knee-jerk guess is that airplanes use compasses). Regardless of whether or not a Russian or American satellite might have an orbit with a similar angle as Earth's magnetic field inclination, still it is one of the many questions about sensing satellites' radio waves that must be answered first if anyone is to claim that satellite photos prove animal sensitivity to the Earth's magnetic field.

Too, before someone leaps to make wild claims about two-dimensional singularities, perhaps another obviousness must also be stated: a single satellite's orbit is not a singularity. The radiation from all satellites must be taken into account, including how two or more satellites might influence the emissions' harmonic patterns to create the 'scrambled' pattern that is disturbing to some animals. And yes, there are other variables there too, but those are for the 'expert scientists' to figure-out on their own.

I cannot resist adding one of the variables: the cattle that I witnessed pointing north were near other herds that were never witnessed to point north, but the north-facing cattle were indeed                             with a very specific               that is common throughout the world, and, humorously, was related to my own firsthand experience.

To clarify again, I am not claiming that satellite radiation is the cause of animals allegedly aligning their bodies north-south, I am merely pointing to one of the many variables that must be precisely measured and recorded. Until the day that all satellite orbits and all other above-Earth influences are known and compared to when animals 'align' north-south, then all of the beliefs about animal alignment are imaginary, made-up, fantasies, and nonsense. Is it plausible that some satellites might cause some animals to align with the satellites' orbits? Yes. Does the possibility mandate that it is the only possible answer? No, of course not.

Sort-of-joke #1: A scientist was riding shotgun in a rancher's pickup, and each time that the rancher entered the south gate of his ranch, he honked the horn to get the cows' attention. The scientist loudly exclaimed: "See! They're all running north! It proves that animals align their bodies with the magnetic poles!"

Sort-of-joke #2: A scientist was riding shotgun in a rancher's pickup that was loaded with feed, and each time that the rancher entered the south gate of his ranch, he honked the horn to get the hungry cows' attention. The scientist loudly exclaimed: "See! They're all running south! It proves that animals align their bodies with the magnetic poles!"

Sort-of-joke #3: A scientist was riding shotgun in a rancher's noisy airplane, and each time that the rancher entered his fields from the south, he flew low so that the rancher could more easily see his cattle. The scientist loudly exclaimed: "See! They're all running north! It proves that animals align their bodies with the magnetic poles!"

It is very easy to observe an animal positioning itself into an angle that is not in direct alignment of from where a source of sound originates. Slightly turning one's head enables better alignment of the ears to hear fainter sounds. Slightly turning one's body often enables an individual to better feel percussions and other sensations upon the skin and inside the torso. Lifting one's face is often a stance of when wanting to better smell something. It is a very natural and common behavior for all known mammals to align themselves at various angles when giving attention to sensory perceptions. Some individuals, of course, quickly claim that if satellites were the cause of animals' alignments, then all animals ought to be exactly aligned with the satellites' orbits, but the claim would be an ad hoc excuse and not so much as have circumstantial evidence of possibly being true.

And what of the Earth's magnetic field? Why must a cow or a deer align itself with the sensory perception? Exactly why? Do scientists literally believe that animals are magnets? What of the Earth's other fields? Why is science completely mute of all other fields?

As the topic currently stands, it is not logical to ignore the fact that satellites were present during satellite imaging. If animal alignment towards the north or south occurred every 16 days and at a specific hour of the day, and a specific satellite has the same 16 day orbit and passes overhead at the same hours as the animals aligned north or south, then that is enough reason to further investigate that one satellite. Firsthand observation through firsthand experience provides much more useful information than sitting in a classroom while philosophically debating book words (or sitting at one's desk while looking at Google Earth). If scientists were not numb, they would have quickly asked similar questions instead of wasting time with philosophical inventions.

The goodness of the 'animal alignment' theories is that they continue to illustrate a deviance from Galileo's science of firsthand observations through firsthand experience. The old imaginary scientific theory of animals migrating by earth's magnetic fields will not go away because scientists refuse to apply firsthand observation to firsthand experiences — firsthand experience is now taboo in science, excused-away as 'subjective' — and instead, the scientists want to believe that they can simply make stuff up, invent two-dimensional theories, claim that it is true, and then expect everyone to believe the inventions to be true fact.

The Pathological Science of Animal Sensitivity to Magnetic Fields

A common claim by Sciencians — popularly known as skeptics — is that no one can feel magnetic flux, and that magnetic flux can have no effect on any living body (much like how scientists claim that cell phones cannot possibly have any effect whatsoever upon anyone, but the scientists also claim that cell phones are helpful for people with Alzheimer's). Nevertheless, the Sciencians claim that science knows everything about everything, and the Sciencians also claim that animals migrate by feeling magnetic flux. According to most scientists, all living organisms can feel magnetic flux (except humans of course). All animal migration science is contradictory and pointedly ignorant.

An interesting experiment of my own was to place magnets close to individuals, and upon not noticing the individuals react to the magnetic fields, I would then ask if the individuals could feel the magnetic flux. The individuals did not report a perception of magnetic flux until after the question was asked, which proved that the individuals had no conscious awareness of magnetic fields existing (which was obvious anyway since the individuals could not feel the much stronger magnetic fields of cell phones, large speaker magnets, nor the numerous other electrical objects that the individuals are frequently near). When the question was asked, some individuals quickly claimed that yes they could feel it (the obvious emotioned tones of the individuals' voices described the claims to have been dishonestly invented, probably for egotistical reasons). The experiments illustrated that the individuals likely felt nothing since they could not describe the sensation, and when asked which was the north pole of the magnetic flux, the individuals could not answer, and as they stammered with attempts to invent ad hoc excuses, I would end the experiments.

If animals can feel and make use of magnetic flux for migration, then please explain how an animal knows north from south. Please describe with verbs the firsthand sensory perception of how north is felt differently than south. And no, stating "science proved that animals are magnets", or "science proved that animals got iron in their faces", or that "animals got little compasses in their brains" are not valid answers.

A science article that is about a year old speaks of how government-funded research participants were placed into a government-funded cage that was allegedly shielded from all external 'magnetic fields', and then the participants were electromagnetically measured to determine if they were sensitive to weak 'magnetic fields', allegedly of a similar strength as the earth's 'magnetic field'. Since the participants were allegedly found to have a two-dimensionally measured sensitivity to the weak 'magnetic fields', the government-funded scientists then claimed that they proved that humans could feel and react to the earth's 'magnetic field'. The article did not explain why the participants were not sensitive to 'magnetic fields' outside of the cage that are tens of thousands of times stronger than the earth's fields. According to common electrical and physics theories, and witnessed within all known forms of 'magnetic fields', if a thing is sensitive to a weak magnetic polarity, then the thing will be more reactive to a strong magnetic polarity. Basically, if animals migrated relative to planetary 'magnetic' poles that are approximately 0.5 gauss in flux density strength, then animals should be far more drawn to a cheap little flat refrigerator magnet with a 50 gauss flux density, or to a 10,000 gauss speaker magnet.

Similar to the fraud 'expert' biologists who do not know the difference between a watt and a volt, it is a safe assumption that the biologists also do not know the differences between gravity, magnetic fields, nor anything else related to planetary fields. If the experimenter's cage did not have all objects float without gravity, then upon what reasoning can it be said that the biologist blocked all magnetic fields? How could it be possible to make an electromagnetic measurement inside the cage without there being the electromagnetic fields of the measuring devices inside the cage? As a high school electronics teacher once said, if we could block all magnetic waves, then we would have an anti-gravity device. The teacher was not fully correct, but the gist of the topic was valid: it is not possible to block all magnetic waves. The article's claims were immediately recognized as pseudoscience by everyone who knows anything about 'magnetic' fields.

Why do scientists claim that magnetic fields from cell phones cannot be felt, but the same scientists also claim that magnetic fields can be felt? Why cannot scientists cross-light their own thoughts?

For very specific reasons I myself have chosen to often sleep with my head towards the north and north-northwest, but I do so because I can feel differences of                                                                                                , and never because of the scientific philosophy of planetary 'magnetic fields'. American scientists are paid over a million government-funded dollars each to invent and/or preach the belief in 'magnetic fields', so there is no reason for me to publicly describe the sensations of direction unless someone were to offer me a million dollars also, which, of course, would never happen.

In my city, most all humans sleep in either a north-south or an east-west direction. Some animal migration scientists might quickly claim that the behavior is because of the Earth's magnetic fields, but the real reason is obvious: most streets run north-south and east-west, most homes are aligned with the streets, most homes are built as boxes, and most homes can only have furniture usefully aligned with the walls. What, exactly, are the walls for animals? Just because a scientist cannot see nor feel the wall, it does not necessitate that the wall does not exist.

Again, the science of animal migration and behavior is a philosophical invention formed upon two-dimensional measurements of things that the scientists themselves cannot see, hear, feel, smell, nor taste: the theories are wholly formed upon circumstantial evidence, special pleadings, and unbridled imaginations, which is pathological science. Someday, if mankind survives long enough, man will recognize his error, and the sixth symptom will become obvious: [6.] Ratio of supporters to critics rises up to somewhere near 50% and then falls gradually to oblivion.

Alternative Scientific Theories of Animal Migration

Apparently some scientists recognized that animals do not migrate exactly north-south in alignment with the Earth's magnetic field, and so the scientists invented several more claims: [1] animals migrate by the sun's position (because some animals migrate during the daytime), [2] animals migrate by the stars' position (because some animals migrate at nighttime), [3] animals migrate by polarized light (because animals can still see the sun's position through dark clouds), [4] fish migrate by the sense of smell (the scientists claim that fish can smell their home from thousands of miles away under water), and [5] animals migrate by other things like landscapes (because animals allegedly know when to migrate because the animals know what a lake looks like 2,000 miles away).

Without first possessing firsthand knowledge gained through firsthand observations — and being fully ignorant of physics — the scientists merely make stuff up and convince themselves that their imaginations must be true fact.

Scientists cannot feel their location on Earth, scientists cannot rationalize how their present location is different from a previous location, scientists cannot feel their location of height from the Earth's surface, scientists cannot feel the distance of their bodies from other objects, scientists cannot feel any Earth field, the only Earth field known to scientists is the magnetic field that was written of in books, scientists cannot feel temperatures beyond what might be felt upon the body, scientists cannot feel (nor mentally analyze) time dilation within objects, scientists cannot feel movement (kinetic force is not movement), scientists cannot feel patterns within fields, scientists cannot feel the effects of magnetic flux, scientists cannot smell aromas at a distance, scientists cannot sense the decay rates within aromas, scientists cannot hear patterns within sounds, scientists know nothing of consciousness, thoughts, memories, emotions, dreams, sensory perceptions, nor much of anything at all about the mind, scientists know nothing useful of physics, scientists know nothing of ideologies outside of their own, and scientists are numb and oblivious to over 99% of everything in the universe, but it is within that obliviousness and absence of cross-lighting that the scientists continue to invent millions upon millions of absurd claims that the scientists fully expect everyone to believe as truth.

Again, the topic of animal migration is outside of science. Science has absolutely no potential whatsoever to understand what animal migration is, and each time a scientist makes a claim about animal migration, the claim heaps more ridicule upon all of science.

The News Media is Not Science

There really are individuals who do research through firsthand observation, but almost never is their research made public. The popular science found in news articles is rarely correct, the articles twist the information to fit elementary-level science books, and the public is misled into believing pseudoscience.

It is okay if some individuals cannot feel magnetic flux, but the individuals ought to accept the fact that they cannot perform firsthand observations of magnetic flux through firsthand experience if the individuals cannot themselves feel magnetic flux. The individuals ought to choose a different occupation and let Researchers continue performing the firsthand observations.