Metaphor of 1998

Metaphor of 1998

Metaphor of 1998

Larry Neal Gowdy (Goudy)

Copyright©2015-2021, updated February 09, 2021

Fictional Symbolical Metaphorical Allegorical Literal

Written to the rhythms of Enya's Drifting...

During a 'dream' in 1998, I had a very remarkable experience unlike any experience before, or known to possibly exist. For those who can consciously perceive several sensory perceptions simultaneously, we often perceive 'things' that most people never know to exist, and what appears obvious to some individuals may not be understood by others.

The felt radiances of a hill's distance, the radiances describing varying temperatures and densities of river rocks, disturbed soils, different colored vegetation in different stages of growth, the aromas of the different soils, different plants, animals, they too reside within the ambience of the air's movements of warmths, densities, speeds, and sounds, and of the countless other simultaneous perceptions, each is compared to the other and as groups to produce emotional sums of what that specific moment of life means to me personally.

Man very strongly believes in his systems of faith, and since the systems of faith do not permit the possibility of a human sensing their environment, then I must refer to the perceptions as having been dreams and metaphors so the public will not suffer an emotional stress of discovering their faiths may possibly not possess all answers.

In the dream, I was positioned towards the northeast of my rural house, at roughly a full golden ratio closer to the east hill than the house, and at about half a golden ratio towards the north relative to the distances between the house and river. Within the sphere of perception, of my focus of attention being slightly higher than the east hill's height, which was roughly about a golden ratio higher than the house's height, I felt a tremendous joy of a beautiful thing that I had never perceived before, and as I dwelled within the sphere of perception of about three octaves larger than myself — an experience that I would without hesitation trade the rest of my life to experience again for only ten minutes — I shifted my focus towards the north, where from the focal point of the forward-upper region of the sphere, outside of the sphere's densities there stood an unknown individual of a specific age, specific ancestry, specific hair, specific face, specific culture, specific behavior, specific heart, and of all the other specific details, including the individual dropping to their knees, I later wondered curiously why the person was there in my dream, and why would that specific type of individual behave in that specific manner.

While within the dream, the individual's presence was of no importance, of no greater importance than that of the hills, plants, river, nor so much as that of any other nearby mammal; the only thing of importance was the radiant sphere of perception that included a beauty beyond, far beyond, infinitely beyond anything this world has to offer, except, that the beauty must originate from this world.

The 'dreams' of perceptions are normal, and so I did not place much emphasis on the experience beyond that of the astonishment of the experience being so remarkably beautiful, of a nature, that, if possible, I would choose over any heaven or paradise. The experience had included perceptions of other 'animates', one of which I was familiar, but one of which was too 'whole' to be normal, but one that I wished could someday be real in this world. The 'whole' thing can be given a word, but it cannot be known without being the thing itself, and no quantity of imagination can invent the thing; either it is real and present, or it does not exist. Within the sphere of perceptions I felt the thing from outside of me, but within my own self, I held no potential to possess the attributes that create the thing's nature.

Having pushed the dream away into the storage bin of past perceptions, my mind focused on the necessities of the day, and I did not again think about the experience.

In 2015, a series of unique events occurred... the thing's attributes, they had become my own, and while within a sphere of experience, there, in the very specific location during that very specific event, that very specific individual kneeled down in that very specific position, and at that moment, I then understood who and why the person was.

1971 and 2000, 1973 and 1996, there have been many pairs, all of which summed the same, and all included two very specific ingredients; one ingredient of which I never possess until the sum, and the other, it has always existed, but not yet.

Man's faiths yearn for three-dimensional gold and stones in a future life, and Wheeler may have mused of a three-dimensional self-excited circuit, but I am content: my dreams, are mine, and they alone possess the thing that I find to be ultimately beautiful: they possess reciprocated love.

In all of the years of my life, of the uncounted millions of perceptions, only one pair has not yet been completed. The perception included the two necessary ingredients, the perception was vividly strong with specific details, and all of the attributes were present, which gives me hope, that if all other pairs were true and did occur as perceived, then the last pair will begin my final dream, and that is where I wish to be.