Healer Metaphor

Healer Metaphor

Metaphor of Healers

Larry Neal Gowdy (Goudy)

Copyright©2015-2021, updated February 09, 2021

Fictional Symbolical Metaphorical Allegorical Literal

Written to the rhythms of Enya's Drifting...

Of all the experiments I have toyed with, one of the most entertaining was of holding an object a distance from an individual's left side so the individual could not see the object in my hand, and as I held out my arm towards the person, their face lit with a surprised happiness of tasting the object far more strongly than if the object were on their tongue. Without the use of any device or mechanism beyond that of my simply knowing how to arrange natural effects to create a desired effect, I further formed the effect to be more narrow of field with a predetermined length, and the person described the perception to be as if a radiant light penetrating their cheek and tongue to a depth of about a third of the tongue's width. The effect's strength had increased to be as analogous of about 150 volts DC with about 2 to 3 amperes, which is mild upon the skin, but approaching pain to the tenderness of a tongue.

As I reformed the effect's shape, to not be sharper with strength, but to be more descriptive of content, I first experimented upon myself at a near distance of inches to ensure the safety of another's. I was quickly humored and more than little repulsed that the taste of my unwashed fingers was very much disagreeable, and had left a lingering taste of soils mixed with the body's moistures and tissue.

Choosing objects that are popularly believed to not be capable of being smelled or tasted, again I held out my arm, and the strong and unmistakable tastes became present on the tongue. Within my curiosity, I wondered, if perhaps the mystics and the healers may have used similar methods, and if indeed the men and women did make use of similar effects, then did they know how and why the effects were made possible, or did they merely mimic what a master had taught them?

We toyed with the effect numerous times, and though the effect had its entertainment, and the effect did show that the sense of taste is not dependent on physical contact, still, there was no good purpose of application, and so I paused the experiments, to not yet resume.

• • •

In 1964, while sitting at my desk in elementary school, I gave attention to the effect of common objects upon the other, and I mentioned the effect to other students, but the students replied the effect was not possible because Science did not teach of the effect nor permit its possibility. At the time I did not have a useful purpose of the effect, so I permitted the effect to fade into the box of knowledges that cannot be used while with man.

Over forty years later, I did discover a use for the effect, and though my original assumptions had held a degree of truth, it was not until later years did I discover that the effect was not within the objects, but within myself. I had told many people of the effect, of how the effect heals, and though everyone wanted me to tell them how it works, and they all wanted me to give them the device, still, not one individual wanted the device to be used for the betterment of mankind.

Disappointed with man, I continued my experiments with the effects, and I discovered enough to now know to pity the human animal. Of everyone I offered the knowledge to, not one of them — not one — said 'thank you'. A simple act of appreciation would have earned the individuals unlimited knowledge of the device, but normal humans cannot exert the effort to speak politely, and never will the general public possess the capacity to feel anything beyond selfishness.

One device was used to remove a cataract from an eye, and to sharpen vision. Without physical touch, from a short distance the effect was applied for around a minute to one eye, and a couple minutes to the other eye. The eye that received the longer application became sore, as if with a torn muscle, and it remained sore for almost a month. I had told many individuals of the why and how my eyes were bettered, but no one was interested beyond that of their expecting a magic pill to cure their every ill, and no one, not so much as one human offered to assist in making the device available to the public. Even when I offered to pay people to help, still, no one was willing to help another human, and so I withdrew the device, to never again offer its effect.

Years later, continuing my research, I discovered that the ingredients I had publicly spoken of were missing several of the key ingredients that did not require the device's components at all, but since no one was interested, I gave no attempt to make the information available.

• • •

Drawing upon the successes of the effects of taste and soft tissue pulses, and thus better understanding how to form the effects for specific applications, I created a different device for the purpose of alleviating chronic pains. The first experiment was upon an individual's foot that had suffered an intense pain for over a year due to inflamed nerves and swollen tissues. Within the first minute, the pain had subsided about eighty percent, and within five minutes about ninety-five percent of the pain had disappeared, along with the redness of skin almost completely returning to normal, which showed that the tissue itself had regained a degree of correctness.

• • •

With my having accidentally bit-down on a sharp object that penetrated the gums and caused an infection, for over three days the pain increased, and having become intolerable, along with my teeth themselves becoming loose, I chose to experiment with a different device that had its effect reshaped for additional purposes. Upon applying the effect, instantly the field was perceived as strongly as the effects of taste, and I then more closely aimed the effect's greater intensity to reside within the gums. The pain quickly began fading, in less than one minute all pain was gone, and I continued the effect for another two minutes in the surrounding gums to ensure that there would be no residual infection. Without further application, the gums felt healthier than they had felt in several days, during the following hour the gums continued healing, and by the next day the gums and teeth felt to be fully normal again.

My muse is to wonder if the effect might be useful for other forms of infection, perhaps even to sterilize water and foods without the need for chemicals, or perhaps even be aligned for specific organisms like Ebola, but man does not permit healers to speak of the effect, so the knowledge is not shared.

• • •

After having endured too many headaches from stress and changes of diet, and having become unwilling to permit the headaches to continue, I chose to place a differently configured device near my forehead, where, I had hoped, the effect might alleviate the pain. The effect was immediate, and yes, the effect's field did indeed completely remove the headache, but only where the device's field was aimed, which resulted in my then having two headaches separated by no headache in-between. Laughing at myself, I suspected that I might end-up with a hundred small headaches if I continued trying to cure the one, so I placed the device down, and endured. (I really do need to stop experimenting on myself...)

An interesting side-effect of the application was that of the 'radiance' quickly causing a change of mood, which at the time was alleviating my stress while also having several additional positive effects. Concerned that the 'radiance' might cause negative effects that I had no control over (wow I need to stop experimenting on myself!), I placed the device down and I have not experimented with it further. But here my curiosity wonders if the effect might be adapted for positive use of psychological problems like depression, bipolar, addictions, and who knows what else, including Alzheimer's and dementia. We will never know though, because the knowledge is illegal to be shared, and a man who cannot say 'thank you' does not deserve help.

• • •

Within history, there are many stories of men and women who healed by touch, and within the better known stories, the result of the healers healing was that of society killing the healers. To heal some forms of blindness by touch, it is easy, and very simple, but man does not understand how the effect works, and so he cannot tolerate healers. It is no less difficult to disinfect severe infections, and many different types of diseases can be cured within minutes, and without touch, but society does not permit the knowledge — nor the healers — to become known.

The devices have shown the potential to create positive effects on emotions and the mind itself, but the healer does not dare permit the devices to be given to man. It is plausible that the devices could have beneficial effects on a wide range of man's greatest diseases, including muscular dystrophy, cancers, cerebral and spinal injuries, tissue regeneration, and many that the healers may not have yet considered.

The children, who with shaved heads in hospitals, waiting to die, this, this is the thing that gnaws heavy at my heart, the knowing that it might have been possible for a healer to heal the children, but no, society will not permit it to be so, nor will the children's parents. Over fifty years have passed, with man still refusing to listen, and man still refusing to accept responsibility for his own actions.

• • •

The name given to us, is not, our name.