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Larry Neal Gowdy

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Crazy ants are said to have earned their name by how they act. One bad behavior of crazy ants is to swarm onto electrical devices where the ants often cause severe damage by chewing through wire insulation.

News reports claim that the ants are attracted to "electromagnetic waves given off by electronic appliances," and a "microwave oven makes an irresistible target."

Oh? And how do the uneducated, unskilled, and inexperienced news reporters know this? Irresistible? And so an ant told a reporter this? Or are news reporters claiming to have the supernatural psychic power to read ant minds? What does an electromagnetic field feel like? Don't know? How on earth can the news reporters know that an ant is attracted to something if the news reporters do not know what the thing is? The answer is simple: the reporters or the reporters' sources simply made it up. The people go off into a room by themselves, make stuff up, and then expect you and me to believe the invention to be true fact.

Speaking of fire ants, a news video claims that the ants are "so small most of the microwave energy misses them." LOL! Wow, so then fire ants are smaller than a micro-wave? (In case you didn't know, microwave ovens (and cell phones) typically emit between 1 to 3 ghz, that's one-billion to three-billion plus-minus sine wave cycles each second.) And so, what, the fire ants see microwave fields approaching and the ants jump to one side to not be hit? Fire ants sure must be super-fast to dodge billions of sine waves every second!

I have a hard time even gathering the words to confront such outrageous stupidity in the news. The video about the ants is presented by a well-known European news source (BBC), and the video allegedly has a video recorder placed on a turning turntable inside an operating microwave as food is being heated while ants walk around on the food. I'm not making this up!

Everyone should put their most expensive camcorders inside a microwave oven and turn the oven on and leave it on long enough to boil cheese. Sure, if a person believes news reports then why not? News reporters always tell the truth don't they? Surely no news reporter would stretch facts...

But back to the crazy ants tending to be attracted to electrical devices, why why why why why must the attraction be electrical fields? Few humans can feel an electromagnetic wave, so on what reasoning do the 'experts' believe the ants are attracted to EMF? Did the 'experts' simply make it up? Well of course they did; pure fantasy.

What about the aroma (another thing that the 'experts' cannot perceive)? All electrical insulation emits specific aromas when electrical current is flowing, so why not suspect aromas instead? Even with the same insulation a low voltage wire will cause one specific scent (that is of a 'slower' toning) while a higher voltage will cause the insulation to smell different (of a 'higher' toning). The common shellac insulation used in electrical motors (a common target of crazy ants) emits a sweet aroma when electrical current passes. Surely no ant would be interested in something sweet! Surely!

If I did not purposefully aim all of my websites towards family audiences I would give a long stream of well-arranged expletives that describe my utter contempt for the gross stupidity and lies by the news media.

Ionization also creates differences of aromas; no insulation necessary. What about the sense of direction that the 'experts' claim is allegedly the source of migrating animals finding their way by feeling the earth's magnetic fields (another invention by 'experts' who also cannot feel the earth's magnetic fields)? What about the sense of height, which is different for different species and apt to be quite a bit different for a sub-terrain specie like ants? The possibilities for why crazy ants swarm to electrical devices are numerous, and absolutely never is there a valid reason for believing that crazy ants are irresistibly attracted to electromagnetic waves.

If the major news sources spew such nonsense about things that are easily verified as inventions, then can any news report be trusted? No. If the news media gets its information from 'experts' then can the 'experts' be trusted? No.