Alo and De Tones

Alo and De Tones #8

Alo and De Tones

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 06, 2018

Alo: I always enjoy speaking to Morning Dove... his memory, it lingers here... it helps to heal, and to soothe the spirit of our talking spot... he is a good man.

De: He is wise in his ways... he only says enough... never says more than what is needed.

Alo: Your grandparents were also wise, for having given him his name. The sounds of doves before the first light of day... to me, the doves' soft calls are as a welcome to each new day... it is a good sound... soft, gentle, not rushed, not anxious like other birds... a comfortable sound to gently wake by... the sounds are very important for the health of not being stressed.

De: Yes... to us, the doves mean much to us... when younger, I used to wonder why other cultures call the doves Mourning Doves... I was concerned for father, because the names are so close, and it would be harmful to a person's life to be given a sad name.

Alo: It is true, that the doves in this region, their calls are a little different than in other regions, but still similar in many ways... I suppose that to some people, even our doves might sound to be as mourning if a person could only hear the downward tones. But still, each species has its own emotional language... like the road runners... they communicate by clicks and tones... when you and I sometimes walk with road runners, we can communicate with them by expressing with tones what we feel inside... I have always enjoyed communicating to animals with the universal language of emotion.

De: That is an interesting topic... the people outside of our community, most all of them can hear the difference between a baby's lullaby and a rock and roll song, but the people say that they cannot hear the differences of people's voices. Like our doves... when they coo, the chords and durations flow parallel to the central tones... the doves' voices carry an ambience of the doves' environment... to us, our doves' songs are calm, and gentle... not sad at all. And I wonder... since the people cannot hear the differences of tones between lies and honesty, then, it appears, that the people also cannot hear the differences of voice that carry the speaker's emotions.

Alo: I have noticed that also... for me, most easily observed is of people from different cultures... the people accent their words and sentences differently than other cultures, and though most people surely are aware of the accents being different, still, it appears that the people never give thought of how the spoken words portray the inward emotions.

De: Yes, my thoughts also... the people do not recognize the emotional tones within voices... not recognize the symphonies that so clearly describe what the speaker is thinking and feeling... and this topic parallels the topic of emotions... if the people have believed that everyone feels the same emotions, then that also tells us that the people have not heard the emotions within voices.

Alo: True... and it is so very easy to prove it to be so, because people vote for dishonest politicians, the people follow false masters, and the whole of all outside societies are formed upon the foundation of the citizens not being able to hear emotions in voices.

De: True... if people could hear emotions in voices, then... humorously, but seriously, what would happen to societies? Car salesmen would almost all go broke... no known politician would ever be reelected... the religious buildings would be empty of followers... there would be no more people being cheated by liars... and now I wonder... wars also might dwindle to almost nothing... if only people could hear emotions within voices.

Alo: You and I... we were conscious when infants... we observed, studied, and learned of emotions long before we learned of the spoken language... to us, the emotional tones are among our first languages... body language is one of the others... we still evaluate and judge all things by their body language and language of emotions. The people outside of our community, however, they say that they do not become conscious until about a year and a half old... my mind has great difficulty believing their claim to be true, but, what if it were true? What if most outside people do learn spoken languages first? If so, then the people might never learn the languages of body and emotion.

De: Agreed... but whatever the cause and reasons... the facts remain obvious, and verifiable within all outside societies... most people cannot hear emotions in voices.

Alo: That is scary to me... to think that a dove, a road runner, or most any other animal, has more reasoning power than most outsider humans...

De: Scary to me also... but you and I have seen the outsiders ourselves... different people from different cultures, speaking different accents, their words flowing with vastly different emotions, and yet the people were claiming that they are equal, the same, and that there was no difference. One group expressed body language and vocal emotions much like what we might see in a small child who is behaving silly, while another group expressed the body language and vocal emotions of coldness, deceit, and an uncaring for anyone but themselves. How bizarre it was to hear the different people claim that the cultures and people were equal, and of no differences.

Alo: My laughter is of my memories of having watched the people... both groups spoke with tones that described selfishness and a desired outward conformity that the people wanted other people to obey, but inwardly, their voices also carried the tones of feeling themselves superior to the other group of which both groups claimed to be equal. It was so, so, irrational... all of them felt inwardly to be superior to the other, and all of them wanted to rule over all other people's lives... the inward contradictions were numerous... and, apparently, neither group was aware of what they were doing.

De: My chuckles are from my own memories also... after hearing so many conflicting emotions within all of the people within the groups, I finally stopped caring to discern the other emotions... it was as if the people's inward emotions were all firing simultaneously, confused, conflicting, with no reasoning to guide which emotion might be best expressed. To me, the people expressed as if a noise of emotions... unthinking chatter... disharmonious... disconnected... just as if a bunch of notes played at random... perhaps, as if, something like, a, segmented mind, with no harmony of thought.

Alo: This topic reminds me of the writing in the ancient book... 'Happy angry, grieve laugh, it have-not expressed, call it center'. Maybe, maybe to many people, just being able to consciously choose which emotion to express, maybe for those people, the mere conscious act of choosing would be considered to be centered.

De: Yes... to them, it might be a high achievement, to simply be able to mentally choose a choice... but, as we have observed, it does not happen to the common people.

Alo: It appears logical to assume that an emotion would be a reflection of one's own life in relationship to one's own environment, which, of course, would necessitate that all emotions are always different than everyone else's, but... one's voice will still carry the descriptions of one's deepest thoughts and feelings... regardless of one's environment and life history, there will still be tones that describe whether the words are spoken sincerely with honesty, or insincerely with deceit.

De: Yes... the tones are there... always have been there... but, the people still have to listen, and to analyze all tones as they occur... oh, but it will never happen... the politicians, and cars salesmen, they will continue to laugh at their victims.