Alo and De Standards

Alo and De Standards #9

Alo and De Standards

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 14, 2018

Alo: We knew from the beginning that the ancient books held some wrong ideas, but now... now, the first books were good, with relatively few bad errors, but the many other ancient books, I am no longer finding good.

De: Is it similar to what we suspected?

Alo: Yes... the first books had apparently made use of other people's good ideas, but then the future authors began twisting the ideas to fit other ideas that are not good. The first books began with Nature's unchangeable standard... the following books began claiming a different standard... a standard of the ever-changing whims of selfish philosophies. The following books, they speak of subservience... social rankings of job titles... to honor other people merely because the other people are employed within an occupation that is popularly deemed to be authoritative... to bow to, and to submit to everyone who has an alleged superiority of occupation... but far, far worse, is for a man to accept another person's subservience.

De: And, so, then, the west people... they suffer a similar fate as the east people...

Alo: Yes... they cannot escape their master-slave relationships. The following books, they speak of how people should give their life if a higher ranked person wants the people to die for them... the following books shifted the importance away from inward traits, to instead only give importance to outward behaviors... the bows of politeness, were changed, to become bows of subservience... bowing to all who held jobs of social rank...

De: Social rank, is not Nature's way of creativity... social ranks, that is what animals do... and bows, are worthy of giving to worthy people... not worthy of giving to unworthy people.

Alo: Agreed... bowing to an unworthy person, the act fuels the harm of submitting to false authority... the act, it makes the vain people more vain, and more violent... less harmony.

De: The books' teachings, then, might be useful for stabilizing an unstable nation, but the stabilization itself would be destructive... temporary strength cannot survive its own destruction... subservience is Nature's way of destruction... a thing not in harmony with Nature, it self-destructs... Nature's way.

Alo: Yes, precisely... there might be temporary years of what might appear to be an increase of national stability, but the people do not recognize the patterns of their ways... the people cannot discern the results of their own behaviors... and the history of man, has proven it to be so, countless times.

De: I more appreciate father's way now... no subservience, no social rankings, no giving of one's life for politics... we care for other people, we do not place politics over another person's life... our community continues to flower... not what is seen in the cities.

Alo: One of my first curiosities was to wonder why so many people accepted the ancient books' teachings, but then I discovered... the books' first words spoke of good things, of Nature's way and inner qualities... but then the books' words progressively shifted to only speak of subservience and outer mannerisms... I then realized that the books are as a sales gimmick... lure people into believing that one's words are true, and then slowly lead the people into assuming that all of one's words were formed upon the first words, leading people to assume that one's final words must also be true because the final words must be in agreement with the first words.

De: Ah, yes, I have seen people do that... the big cults of today, they do similar.

Alo: Exactly. The big cults begin with promises of self-betterment, but once a person has devoted their life to the cult, the cult then changes its teachings to make wild claims about other things, like the people becoming superior alien beings, flying in space ships, knowing how space aliens think, insisting that even space aliens must use human mathematics, that the cults' leaders' teachings cannot be questioned, and who knows what else... but, the trend is always there... the cults lure people into a trap by first speaking what appears to be correct ideas... but once inside the trap, the people cannot escape self-destruction.

De: My giggle is with the memory of your standing firm when you read the eastern books... the eastern ways, their philosophies are as cults... the people begin by making large claims of truth, but then, none of the people continue to apply the truths... you denounced all of the people's claims, in spite of your knowing that society would not like your words.

Alo: Yes, I stood my ground... Nature is the one and only possible standard... that is a fact that can never be changed... and I sincerely do not care what other people might believe... I will not be subservient to any cult... the people cry that I must bow to their beliefs because many other people bow to the beliefs, but I have not yet seen any of the beliefs that are based upon the standard of Nature's way... all of the beliefs are false... none agree with Nature's way.

De: That is still odd to me... people will agree that rocks do not float in the skies... people will agree that Nature's gravity causes rocks to not fly... people will agree that Nature's way is the way of how rocks will behave... but when the people speak of their philosophies, the people adamantly declare that Nature's way does not apply. Like the topic of emotions... the people sincerely, and often loudly, claim that all people experience the identical same emotions... and the people also loudly claim that their belief must be true because their cult teaches it to be true... the people ignore Nature's way... the people make no sense to me.

Alo: Nor to me, but... apparently that is the nature of the outsiders'... they do not cross-light rocks flying, and same emotions... and, maybe, that is also part of the reason of why people believe in cults...

De: To hold a standard... 'fist fist to bosom' as the first ancient book said... if the standard is valid, then the standard can never be changed... Nature is the only unchangeable standard... which sums to the obviousness... none of the people who followed the books' words, had ever 'fist fist to bosom' the standard of Nature's way.

Alo: Agreed... which lowers all of the books into a philosophy... some of the first books' writers were wise, but most of the other writers, they appear to have been mere philosophers... they destroyed the first books' good.

De: So, then... about three-thousand years of men writing books... and none truly accept Nature's way?

Alo: Not that I have seen... none.

De: I am reminded of the man, of whom the outsiders often claim to have been the world's smartest man... but the man, he also wrote books about subservience... totalitarianism is the word... he believed that all people should sacrifice their lives for their nations... to be slaves to the nations... kowtow to politicians... that the nations themselves were more important than life itself...

Alo: Yes... the fellow was not very bright... but, the people believed him to be smart because he could recite mathematics... in quantity.

De: And that further illustrates to us, that the outsiders do not cross-light thoughts... to believe a man to be smart, a man who recites things that cannot be true relative to Nature... well... no hope...

Alo: No... no hope, and no reason to hope.

De: But that is so sad... and there is nothing that we can do, is there?

Alo: Not really... it is each individual's choice, to choose 'fist fist to bosom' the inner standard of Nature that enables creativity, or choose 'fist fist to bosom' the outer selfishness of hoarding material things that causes destruction, including the outer selfishness of desiring social rank. Unfortunately, we already know which choice will be made by the common people...

De: Yes... oh, but more sad is that the people do not understand why it is sad...

Alo: Ha! Both funny and sad... to not know why emotions arise, the people also cannot know why sad arises, nor why a thing is sad.