Alo and De Sharing

Alo and De Sharing #4

Alo and De Sharing

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 05, 2018

De: My husband, I did it again... I came so close...

Alo: This paper... your descriptions of emotions, that you wrote, are very good... too good... too detailed... too descriptive... cannot be shared outside of our people.

De: Yes... I came so close to giving the writings to other people, but... it happened again. Each time that I decide to explain a thing, people do bad things that remind me... why I should not give the information.

Alo: Yes, I too have done similarly... many times... many of us have done similar, many times... and always, the bad things happened.

De: I wanted to help people... I wanted to be of use to the people... it is our natures that we help others... but... we can only help the people who are already helping themselves.

Alo: True... speaking of a path, is of no value unless a person is already walking their own path.

De: The people across the east sea, they have no path... no way of life... nothing to follow, no high goals, no wish to be better, nothing... and that troubles me. Surely, or at least it would seem to be, that surely many of the people ought to be searching for a good path, but I am not seeing it in the people...

Alo: Apparently it has always been rare... even within the cultures across the west sea, still it is not common...

De: It is sad, very sad... so much beauty, so much happiness, and so much goodness, but, the people do not want it.

Alo: Some cultures want social ranks of power over other people, other cultures want vanity of appearances, other cultures want material possessions... the people, they have what they want...

De: Yes, that is true, and I agree, but, still... still it troubles me. Material possessions, it is useful to have one good quality thing that serves a good use, but the people do not wish for quality, the people only wish for quantity. I have seen people's homes, filled with... oh, I am unsure of how to describe the people's possessions... many, many things in their homes, but none of the things are of quality. The people buy bigger homes to store more stuff... the bigger homes consume more energy, costs more for the energy, more for taxes and repairs too... the people work more years of their lives to pay for the homes and energy to store more stuff... the people buy storage shelves to place in their closets so that the people can store more stuff... the people build storage buildings in their back yards to store things that are never used... the people rent storage spaces to store more stuff... I heard that storage shelves and storage space rentals are now close to being the most popular things...

Alo: My laughter is sympathetic with yours... yes, it is true... I have been told that the average home has about 300,000 things inside, about a quarter to half of all homes' garages are too full of stuff to park a car, that there is enough storage rental space to enable all people in America to stand within a storage building at the same time...

De: And people are said to spend almost half a year of their life searching for misplaced possessions! Almost a fifth of the people's lives are spent working jobs to store more stuff!

Alo: Our laughter proves that we find it to be funny, but, to the people themselves, they believe that their way is sensible... they do not know what they are doing...

De: But it is so illogical to me, that the people hoard stuff, and the people believe that it is a high achievement to hoard a lot of things... the people hoard clothes, nick-knacks, other things that I do not even know to exist... and their culture, they believe that it is an achievement to hoard social status, hoard money, and hoard all other material things that can be stored.

Alo: I have heard people say that hoarding is considered to be a mental disease if the possessions are deemed to not have value to other people, or to cause a lowering of value of life... but, that also means that if everyone in a culture values dirty paper, then having mountains of dirty paper is not considered to be hoarding in that culture. Money consumes and wastes one's life... consumed while earning the money, and then consumed again while worrying about the money... to the people, they value their own lives to be worth less than a paper dollar.

De: True, and the people do not accept outside opinions... for us, who do not place value on papers, big homes, lots of low quality stuff, lots of social status, and lots of money, we see the normal people to be hoarders with a mental problem... their lives are miserable, and they do not know it... but the people see us as the ones with the mental problem... it is all relative... relative to the species' genre.

Alo: And that is why you could not give help to the people...

De: Correct. It makes no difference whether a thing might be of high quality, still, if the people do not want quality, then giving the people the quality thing will not be of value, not to the people, nor to myself... not to anyone.

Alo: The old writings, they spoke of a similar interpretation also...

De: Yes... not tossing one's pearls to the public... but I like the writings from across the west sea better... the writings are more descriptive, and feel more comfortable of logic.

Alo: Only the man who has possessed a pearl, knows through experience to not share the pearl... to not permit the pearl to become dirtied... to not so much as speak the pearl's name.

De: The east people, they do not desire pearls, they only desire words... the people hoard words... the people sincerely believe that hoarding many words is the social rank of superiority, even though none of the people know what the words mean.

Alo: My chuckles help to release my feeling disturbed of the people's absurdities... but, what choice do we have? The hoarders want more words... giving them more words, the act would worsen the people's disease, and harm us for permitting the things that we love to have been dirtied... dirtied with negative thoughts of how the people trampled upon our pearls.

De: I have now chosen, that, I will no longer consider sharing good things, not until the individual is as what the west writing points at, that of being a person who is already walking their own path, and is not the person who is 'not puzzled, not start, not want-speak, not express-interest, to hold up one corner, not with three corners up, to imitate not again also'.

Alo: The old writers, who wrote the ancient words, some of the men were wise... they wrote very little, but they wrote enough of their path, enough that other people walking a similar path can know that the old men knew more than what was written.

De: I wonder... I wonder if the old men ever met many, or any, people, of whom the old men could freely talk to, as like what you and I do. You are patient with Jun when she is here with us, but... you limit yourself, to only speaking of things that she can use, usefully... I know, that I am the only person that you have ever spoken openly to.

Alo: My guess, is that, the old men probably had few to speak to... and also, more rare, would be for the old men to have had wives to speak to... like you.

De: Then you appreciate me more, because, contrast.

Alo: Yes wife... you are beautiful, because, others ugly.

De: Ha! Beauty by comparison? You tease me, but I know your heart...

Alo: 'Ought-to your home be the treasury storehouse of wife's laughter'... see? I must be a good junzi, because, my wife laughs, a lot!

De: Well, that might be true, but it required a good wife to exist before a good junzi could exist... right? Right?

Alo: With laughter and happiness, yes, I agree... chidao.