Alo and De Scales

Alo and De Scales #111

Alo and De Scales

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2019 January 10, 2019

Morning Dove: I would not have believed it possible until I saw it with my own eyes. Seriously, if someone had bet me that the individuals were cruel, I would have wagered all that I have that the individuals are not cruel... I would have lost.

Emma: It was very enlightening to see! Nice people, always polite to everyone, but then suddenly they became as ravaging dogs attacking easy prey. One tiny scent of money was all it took, and instantly the people's personalities changed to become selfishly cruel with an outrageous desire to grab the money.

Morning Dove: And the experience further illustrated to all elders that we must learn on our own through firsthand experiences... the 'involved-in' idea... no quantity of external knowledge would have prepared us for this.

Alo: An analogy that I have long liked to use, is of the mind being like thousands of balance-scales, with a string tied in-between each scale... placing a lot of weight on one scale, causes all other scales to lean towards the heaviest scale. If the one scale, does not have much weight, then all other scales will return to being near balanced. Similar is observable in all people... people, might behave balanced, but, if the scale of most importance is weighted, then the people's behavior will change. It is easy to determine which scale is already heaviest... determine, which scale that the people value most.

Morning Dove: In our example of topic, the scale of most importance was money... nothing else but money... the scale over-rode politeness, over-rode kindness, over-rode all rational behavior, over-rode rational thinking... it was extreme and similarly extremely obvious to see.

Alo: An example, is of a corporation that publicly voiced its devotion to the public good... the corporation wrote its guidelines with a goal of being benevolent to all people... but, when an opportunity arose for the corporation to make a lot of money if the corporation hurt people, the corporation, then, chose money.

Tom: Same still happens with all corporations that I know of. I could easily make a long list of corporations that are severely hurting people, being cruel because there is more money in being cruel.

Alo: Yes... hunger greed, is the most valued standard for all ignorant forms of life... to desire personal gain, is, similar hunger for money... similar, hunger for any form of self-gain... wild dogs do similar with easy prey...

De: Offer, benevolence person... all gold, in all universe... offer, topmost emperor of universe, if benevolent person harm another person... the benevolent person, would still do no harm...

Alo: Precisely... observe the scale with the greatest weight... if, a person, is truly benevolent... truly, virtuous... then no weight-quantity of anything else could possibly tip the scale...

Emma: And this is something that we absolutely must work-in to our guidelines of choosing which individuals are to be permitted into the community.

Morning Dove: Yes, and do so without letting anyone else know that the guidelines exist, else some people would pretend to not be selfish... they would already know how to be dishonest and cheat for the purpose of selfish gain.

Emma: And here I feel a deep inner itch to ask a question... no one needs to answer, but, if anyone wishes to offer an answer, I would appreciate it. My question... what 'weight' would cause one of us here to abandon our own current goals and values? For myself, I cannot imagine anything that could cause me to change my current life, but, there might be something that I just have not yet been forced to choose from.

Morning Dove: For me, maybe, if I discovered that my current path is incorrect... I would then choose a different path.

Emma: Then, one of the heaviest weights is to be on the right path?

Morning Dove: Yes, I think that is probably a good estimation.

Alo: It is, an uneasy question to answer... I suspect, most of us here, have, deep roots in our current lives... it, would be embarrassing, and self-pointing, to say much of the roots, but, I will add something here... there do exist some roots, that are as deep and heavy as the root of Source... the roots, intertwine... as woven strings... each, combine, compose the upper root... of the many imaginable scenarios, that could possibly force a scale to be off balance, the scenarios, are indeed imaginary, and not possible... also, cannot be judged. Also, cannot be spoken of, because, if outsiders heard the words, then the outsiders would use it as a weapon, to be cruel to other people.

De: Emma... just, so you will know... a portion, of, what Alo is pointing to, is love... roots are different, for everyone... but here, no strings attached... no balances, to tip... root, is long... root, longer, than anything... longer, than all that exists...

Alo: Cannot tempt, an eternal thing, by offering, a temporary thing... cannot tempt self, where no self exists...

Yan: Which also, suggests another 'string' to be aware of... without intertwined roots, then, person not rooted... all people, cannot acquire same roots... there will always be different virtues, different qualities of virtue, different expressions of virtue... cannot be same.

Morning Dove: Then this tells me that if a person is easily swayed by promises of material riches, then the person has no root?

Yan: Yes... the example that you and Emma previously gave, it shows an individual who is shallow, has no root, cannot produce fruit... if, anyone's scales can be tipped, then, not yet centered... not, yet, have root.

Jun: Ancient words, like... 'benevolence person use land to develop life... non-benevolence person use life to develop land'... if, weight of material desire, over-weighs benevolence, then, proves, no benevolence...

Yan: Further, after ancient words, like... 'not have topmost love benevolence, then below not love righteousness... not have love righteousness, it thing not finish person'... the general, and vague, idea is that the top level of benevolence, requires the ingredient of righteousness, and, if no righteousness, then ingredients are not able to finish the person's wished-for benevolence... the ingredient needed within the sentence, is love... love of benevolence... love of righteousness... must exist a love of what is good... but here, now, today, for us, benevolence has root that does not possess a definition of 'righteousness'... the ingredients are different... the intertwined strings are different... not, a sequence of point A to point B... many, flow, simultaneously...

Emma: I suspect that I might have an idea of what everyone is telling me, and, the idea sums to the knowing that helping teach a person to achieve virtue today is as a tiny step that has no final end.

Alo: Yes... no 'topmost' virtue is possible... no boundaries... can always, be, higher... deeper... wider... longer... if a person, begins walking the path today, the path will not end in this life, but, the walk must begin somewhere... today, is the only day to choose, and to take the first step... choice, becomes, the heaviest weight...