Alo and De Privacy

Alo and De Privacy #12

Alo and De Privacy

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 16, 2018

De: The world... changing... looking out at our land... it has not changed... Nature has not changed... but the people... they have changed.

Alo: The way of life, twenty years ago, is now an unknown to the new generations...

De: The books, at the government school, the books claimed to know what previous generations were like... but the books, the books used modern words, that could not relate to the old ways.

Alo: Yes... I have seen other books also, that use modern words when translating ancient languages... to use a modern word, to define an ancient word... it makes no sense... even today's words, do not mean the same things that the same words meant twenty years ago... it is not so much as possible to accurately translate an old newspaper article that was written in one's own native language...

De: Jun has spoken of the city people... they live a life, that twenty years ago, would have been illegal... a cause of immediate arrest by police... and a cause of the public's uproar... but today, now, people do many bad things, and the bad things are believed to be good things.

Alo: All generations must change, it is the way of Nature... but, to change, but not have creative standards... the result will not be good.

De: Already not good...

Alo: No, but, maybe there still might be hope within future generations... some ancient generations were said to have been as bad as this one, but, still man survived. As each generation rebels against the previous generation, so might a future generation rebel against the current generation... the cycle of feast and famine never ends, because, the people have no creative standard to live by.

De: You, and I... we are secluded here... free to live our lives almost completely unknown... I like that...

Alo: No street address... no telephone number... no connections with the outside world except having to pay property taxes...

De: To me, it is a little funny, that no one could find us even if they wanted... without knowing our region, and without knowing the name that is on the tax rolls, no one can find us... we, are, as if, unknowns.

Alo: True... no street address needed, if no telephone... no street address needed, if no city electricity... a post office box in a distant city, it is all that we need.

De: Jun said that her friends told her of how privacy is now gone in the cities... she said that there are big global corporations who are in the business of invading people's privacy... twenty years ago, the corporations would have been shut down by the police, and all of the employees would have been arrested... and no one would ever again buy the corporations' products... but, today, now there is almost nothing left that is illegal... except, of course, self-defense from bad people.

Alo: I wonder... I wonder what the ancient cultures might have been like... what if they too had been as violent and uncaring as today's? The ancient writings, they appear to have been aimed with a goal of establishing a shared cultural behavior, one that might enable the people to live more harmoniously... reducing disrespect for each other... but still the old teachings could not work today.

De: Yes... even if the behavior were merely, as, trained, and even if not from the heart, still, a trained behavior of public courtesy is far better than no courtesy at all... but only if the courtesy were reciprocated from all people, not just from the people of low social status.

Alo: But look at our present generation... it follows no ideals... none of the ancient ideals of foreign ideologies are present today in our region... which tells me that no teaching and no ideal can endure time, nor better mankind... ideals, are ideals... ideals do not put food in the belly, nor give warmth in winter... the common people, they need common needs, which appears to be precisely what some of the ancient books pointed to... the ancient books did not always point to high personal achievements, but rather, the books pointed at the achievement of attaining a stable society... some of the ancient writers, they may have been far more wise than what the public today believes, but still, to focus on a nation's stability without more strongly focusing on individuals' inner qualities, the result cannot be positive, nor long-lasting.

De: But, were not the books' methods enforced as law? Today, no known person would accept similar behavior without being forced... at present, I cannot imagine the current society to willingly choose courtesy.

Alo: Agreed... from what I have seen, the books' ideas were later enforced by law... and also agreed, no known outsider would today accept courtesy, not even if it were law. Today's way, it is the opposite... courtesy is hated... politeness is hated... respect for others is an unknown... and the proof is not merely within our opinions and our very limited exposure to outsiders, but also within the big corporations that express no courtesy. The big corporations exist... the big corporations rob everyone of the human courtesy of privacy... and no government objects... the victims themselves do not object...

De: Trained... the outsiders have been trained to accept destructive behavior... the people, they have been trained to believe that bad is good.

Alo: Ah, my chuckles are with the memories of other ancient writings, written by elders who were very displeased with their eras... the elders said that the world would end when a generation was born of people who were trucebreakers, false accusers, weak of will, fierce, despisers of those who are good, without natural affection for other people, traitors, heady, self-puffed-up, lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, unthankful, calling bad things good, calling good things bad, and lovers of pleasures more than lovers of properness... I wonder how many generations have come and gone with similar social behaviors...

De: My giggle is for my own silly thoughts... I considered teasing you, by saying that we need to quickly build a survival tunnel... but, like you said, many similar generations have come and gone... and Nature is still here... unchanged.

Alo: Although... sometimes I do wonder... we have seen how some small cultures used to live... their lands were beautiful... their homes were beautiful... the people themselves were beautiful of form, of heart, and of behavior... they were very happy. That world is now gone, perhaps forever... the world today, it cannot again attain that beauty... maybe, the world did end, and no one noticed.

De: Our little neighborhood, it still retains a small fragment of the old culture... as father has pointed to, it is now our goal, to rebuild the old ways... to choose that which is beautiful... to create our own pearl...

Alo: And to keep the pearl from being harmed... to remain secluded, unknown... free from man's way.

De: Yes...