Alo and De Parodists

Alo and De Parodists #11

Alo and De Parodists

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 14, 2018

Jun: Oh! I have now witnessed for myself what you and De have spoken of! I mentioned to city friends, a portion of how different people think different ways, and almost immediately the people that I was speaking to had begun to recite my words! The people behaved as though they had become experts of the topic! Experts because they could recite the words I spoke!

Alo: Yes... my sigh is for the people's way... we will all now be hearing the people claiming that they know all about how the mind works... the people will invent new theories, all philosophical, but, still, the people will believe the theories to be true, because the people had memorized a few new words.

Jun: You had previously spoken of how people had done similarly... you had given a few words, your purposefully omitting the key words, and then you witnessed the outsiders claiming to have discovered the new topic by themselves... the people boasting and deceitfully claiming things that were not true.

Alo: Yes... by omitting the key words, it is then easy to observe whether a person arrived at a similar conclusion on their own, or if the person dishonestly stole the idea from someone else. A good example is of a topic that I discerned by myself as a young child... I made the topic public about twenty years ago... I gave a name to the topic of energy... dimensional warping... but I was careful to not say more, and too, no one asked anyway. About ten years later I saw a paper written by a priest of the global religion... the paper claimed to have discovered that dimensional warping is the cause of energy. It was interesting to read the paper and see that the person making the claim expressed no knowledge of the topic, nor so much as a background knowledge of how the warping of dimensions could cause energy, nor did the paper so much as hint of what a dimension is. The final sum was easy and obvious... the man had stolen the idea from someone else, and then claimed himself to be smart.

Jun: Vainglory...

Alo: Yes... but, that is the way of outsiders...

Jun: Dimensions... in the government schools, I frequently heard the teachers speak of a fourth dimension, but still the teachers described the fourth dimension with terms that only relate to the popular three dimensions.

Alo: Yes... the people have invented a belief that a fourth dimension can be measured of width, height, and depth... but those are the popularly-known dimensions, and not a different dimension. I myself have not observed any writing that speaks of a dimension that is not height, width, or depth.

Jun: And the dimensional warp paper, it was similar?

Alo: Yes, which gave away the obvious... the theory was stolen by an individual who did not so much as know what a dimension is... the individual did not know enough of the topic's core principles for the individual to have arrived at the conclusions. I had publicly shared other topics also... like the sense of smell... some of the global religion's priests are now parroting my words, but the words that I gave, were purposefully incomplete, and I even stated within my words that I had purposefully not spoke of a completeness of description, but still the priests are now claiming to know how the sense of smell occurs... the parroted words can also now be seen to be spoken of in television programs. The outsiders, they truly believe that stealing another person's words is a smart thing to do, but, in so doing, it causes the individuals to be ridiculed and to be of a lower social ranking... the priests have condemned their own religion to be one of dishonesty and ignorance. Similar to your description of thought as you held the blades of grass, a description of smelling and of dimensions ought to be similarly detailed... but it does not happen amongst outsiders, which proves that the people do not know what their words mean.

Jun: And now I am concerned... the people I spoke to, they are now claiming things about the mind, but I too did not say much... I left out the core things... I did not speak of the foundations... and I am now concerned that the people will claim to have arrived at their discoveries by themselves... they will begin to preach their new words, and the general public will believe the new words to be true.

Alo: Yes... again, it is the way of outsiders'.

De: Jun... hold out your hand...

Jun: Oh! Without touching my hand, I felt it! What... how?

Alo: De is getting very good with that... but, we do not give the thing a name... it is experienced, not a word to be memorized, nor is it to be believed of one's self to be knowledgeable because of reciting the word. The name that I had given for energy... dimensional warping... the name was purposefully chosen, because, I already knew of the things that would happen... and they did happen. The actual thing, was what De just did...

Jun: Ah... and now I am very thankful that when I spoke to the outsiders of ratios and curvatures, I did not explain what the words meant... now I can watch, and wait, to see for myself how the outsiders will invent their false knowledge... they will use the names that I gave them... the people will speak dishonestly.

Alo: And I wager you a polite bow that the outsiders did not so much as say 'thank you' to you...

Jun: Ha! Wager accepted and admitted of my losing! No 'thank you', no appreciation, not so much as a kind word... the people believed that they had gained something, profited in some way... and that was all they cared for.

Alo: Chidao... harmony way, Nature's way... the outsiders will never know that it was their own selfishness that caused them the greatest losses... selfishness keeps a mind ignorant, and poor.

Jun: Yes... and, I progressively feel like living as our elders... go home, close and lock the front door, and let the world pass by... I am growing disillusioned... I am not finding a reason to hope for outsiders.

Alo: When all hope is gone... what still remains?

Jun: ...good question... oh, but the thing that will always still remain, is Nature's way... it does not change.

Alo: Then, you, are as unable to hide away, as De and I are also unable to hide... it is too late now... you already know Nature's way, and you already know that you cannot for a moment leave Nature's way even if it were necessary to leave Nature's way.

Jun: Ha! I am stuck!

Alo: De's giggle compliments my own... yes... there is no escape from what is real within this Reality.