Alo and De Origins

Alo and De Origins #15

Alo and De Origins

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 21, 2018

Jun: But how much more clearly could I have explained? I spoke of the Source of Creation with use of tiny words, easy to understand, and yet the people still replied with words that made no sense... the people continued interpreting the Source of all things to be as if a created thing itself, not the Creator of all created things. When I spoke of the Source's way of creating things, the people replied that it was the Source's inner nature to create... the people could not recognize that their words referred to a living being's inner nature, not the outward behavior of a thing that is not a created organic being... people cannot so much as describe the inner natures of themselves, let alone the inner natures of the Source's.

Alo: Yes, De and I observed similar replies... the people are simply unable to reason that the source of all created things, must itself not possess the inner nature of the created things themselves. Too, all things of Nature were created, including all of Nature's forces... cause and effect are created things, which means that Nature cannot be the effect of a cause... the source of Nature, therefore, cannot be a force like what is observed in Nature.

Jun: Exactly! Some people said that Nature was formed by energy, and the people got confused when I replied with the question of asking where energy came from... the people behaved as though energy is itself the spirit of the Source, and that the Source's spirit permeates all things.

Alo: Ha! Yes, that is a common assumption by people. 'Ghost divine, it act as character it permeate'... the old words, they mirror all modern ideas as well... people do not appear to be able to recognize that the source of a thing cannot be the thing itself... people still think of the Source as having human features.

Jun: Ha! Those words sound very familiar!

Alo: Ha! Yes... the ancient word for ghost is 'gui'... the same word that has been heard by people who were speaking about ghosts.

Jun: If we only slightly used different synonyms, then the words would parallel a different system of belief, and much too closely.

Alo: Yes... you must be careful of which words you choose... you would offend many people if you interpreted old words to parallel newer beliefs... the old words and new words might be arranged similarly, but each system of belief uses the words differently... it does not prove that the newer words arrived from the older words... care about other people, only speak of correct words... let the people choose for themselves.

Jun: Agreed... but now I am also better recognizing that today's global religion also claims the same idea... the claim is that all things, from atoms, to living beings, to thoughts themselves, are all based upon electricity, that electricity permeates and controls all things... but, electricity is a created thing, it cannot be the spirit of the Source.

Alo: Correct... our people might say that the 'spirit' of a lake permeates the lake, but we think of the spirit as being the combined whole of the lake's being... we do not say that the spirit dwells within and controls the lake, although, we might use the word 'spirit' to refer to other things as well, things that the spirit does control. Nevertheless, the idea of electricity is that it is a form of energy... the idea of energy, energy itself must arrive from a source... energy is a created thing... which is easy to recognize that energy cannot be the means of Nature's creation... there must first exist dimensions before energy can exist, which means that there must be a different kind of 'dimension' or 'presence' that is not recognized by people... until the people do recognize what does not have any of the three dimensions, then all of the things that people believe must be incorrect.

Jun: Agreed...and there is almost no difference between the modern beliefs and the ancient beliefs... the old beliefs thought that spirits permeated and controlled all of Nature... the new beliefs think that the spirit of electricity permeates and controls all of Nature... that is both funny and troubling... people today claim that they are not superstitious, but the people are very similarly superstitious as what the most primitive of cultures have ever been, which appears to suggest that the similarities of belief illustrate a thinking problem with the topic itself.

Alo: Yes... it is understandable why people can only think of heights, widths, and depths, but still the thoughts are incorrect.

Jun: Oh... and that better illustrates why the people got excited about my words about curvatures... the people interpreted the words to imply heights, widths, and depths...

Alo: Yes... their mathematics is an illustration of their own thinking...

Jun: Then, really, there was never a danger of the people learning from my words of curvatures...

Alo: Correct... the people will not know what your words pointed to.

Jun: It was a good lesson to be learned... learned on my own, and now more important to me than having merely learned knowledge of words...

Alo: I am much humored by the people's global religion... the religion began with a search to prove a belief... the funny part is that the way of the religion did indeed prove the belief, but... the people still do not recognize why the belief was proven to be true... and my chuckles are accompanied with the hopelessness of the situation... it is still not possible to explain to people why their beliefs in energy and dimensions cannot possibly be correct.

Jun: I am intrigued with the topic... for us, it is easy to observe at least three levels of creation... we self-observe our minds assembling ingredients, things that we give words of natures to... we self-observe the ingredients combining to create a new creation, that is given a new name of concept and nature... we then observe how the new nature is expressed outwardly, becoming one of the many ingredients that combine with others to create the societies around us... for us, when we self-observe our own selves, we are aware of how specific ingredients create many things, and we can trace our thoughts back to their beginnings... the beginnings...

Alo: Yes, and that becomes one of the necessities for all people, to self-observe... to self-participate in their own lives, to discover for themselves why they believe what they believe... the government schools train children to believe that memorizing words is the sole path to knowledge, but even if that path were possible, still there are no words given to an act of creating Creation... the people who believe in words, they cannot memorize words that do not exist, which, obviously, fully and permanently keeps the people ignorant of even the simplest things of Nature.

Jun: Self-observation... mindfulness... those will now be my next topics amongst the people... I am curious of how the people will respond...