Alo and De Migration

Alo and De Migration #13

Alo and De Migration

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 21, 2018

De: Ah... the urges... sometimes I feel like giving-in and taking the long walk... to revisit our ancestors' winter home...

Alo: It was fun when we were younger... but now, today... nah... almost two months of walking there... three more months waiting, and then two more months walking back to here. Once was enough for me...

De: It seems odd to us now, that our ancestors made the walk every year... it was their way of life... but, I agree with you... once was enough for me also.

Alo: We turn our chairs to face the south... near Spring, we will turn our chairs to again face the north... yes, I like being lazy... so much easier than the long walk...

De: Soon we will be seeing and hearing the geese flying south... the animals, their senses are good, but not quite as sharp as our people's...

Alo: I still find that to be odd, that most animals do not smell intruders, until the intruders are very close, to within a hundred to two-hundred yards... lazy, yes, I am getting so lazy that I no longer shoo-away the deer when hunters are smelled to be approaching from about half a mile away.

De: I am still humored of when the city hunters arrived several years ago... they parked their truck about six-hundred yards to the east... first was the stench of the truck's exhaust and gasoline, then the smell of the people themselves... the hunters stunk so bad... their stench was nauseating... some sort of chemical... rancid, sharp, rising color... the aromas were still present of decaying animal flesh within the meat eaters' stomachs... body sweat, bad odors, bad emotions, bad thoughts, bad health, the stenches of gun oils and gunpowder on dark metals... all of the scents were there, underneath the stench of chemicals...

Alo: Yes, that was kind of funny in a way to me also... the hunters were wearing what is known as 'no scent'... it is supposed to stop all aromas... to be 'odorless' as the advertisements claim... although, of course, putting stinky chemicals on the skin still does not hide the odors of the trucks, nor the hunting guns... the hunters, they could not cross-light what they had done.

De: Ha! Maybe odorless to hunters, but not odorless to us... but... why did the deer not smell it? Or, might the deer just not have recognized what it was?

Alo: My guess is that the animals are growing so accustomed to man's pollution, that maybe the animals did not recognize the chemicals to not belong within our environment... or, maybe, the animals are not capable of discerning new scents.

De: Our ancestors, they felt the seasons... smelled the seasons... saw the seasons... heard the seasons... tasted the seasons... analyzed each perception... knew what each perception meant... they let Nature's way guide them, not by instinct, and not unconsciously... they knew what senses mean.

Alo: Maybe that is part of the reasons why the outsiders are not interested in Nature's way... the outsiders have almost no perceptions, and analyze none. The outsiders cannot describe a scent, nor a dimension, nor an emotion, nor much of anything at all... outsiders memorize other people's words, and the outsiders believe themselves to be smart because they can recite the words...

De: But still the outsiders claim to know why animals migrate... the outsiders have made stuff up, and now believe that their weak imaginations must be true fact.

Alo: Ha! True... one of the very most obvious things on earth, and the outsiders do not have so much as a twinkling of an idea that it exists... we wished to share knowledge of Nature's way, but we failed because the outsiders appear to not even know that Nature exists... if the people are unable to recognize that covering one body scent cannot also cover the scents of the people's vehicles and other possessions, then, no thinking... no analyses... no hope.

De: Some of the outsiders... only a few... they appeared to recognize a small portion of Nature's existence, but the other people... no, I agree, they expressed no evidence of knowing. The hunters' vehicle... the exhaust described a large engine... the raw gasoline described an older model without fuel injection, also needing repairs... the vehicle was not well-maintained... the location described a four wheel drive... the passengers' behavior described the vehicle to most likely be a big pickup... the hunters' behavior described the vehicle to most likely be black or of another dark color... the oils on their guns described discount store oils... the guns' metals described low quality and low cost, made in America, not made in China, nor from Europe... of the many obviousnesses within the aromas alone, the hunters' behaviors described themselves to be careless, uncaring, and a danger because of their mindless uncaring... and yet none of the outsiders recognize what is so obvious and easy to us. We had over half an hour to prepare for when the hunters trespassed on our land.

Alo: You saw my drawings... by hand I drew the drawings, and I showed the drawings to outsiders. I explained to the outsiders why the things of the drawings were important... I explained to the outsiders by my using the outsiders' own language, as well as using the outsiders' own religious words... I explained and explained... with tiny details I explained with words simple enough for a two-year-old child to understand, but still none of the outsiders grasped how easy the things are... the only reply I received, was the recited phrase of 'magnetic fields', and spoken with empty tones that clearly described the people not knowing what the words mean. I was so deeply emptied because of the people's absence of thought, I chose to simply no longer bother trying more.

De: And the question now, is, will Jun have better luck? Will anyone fare better? Some of the ancients, they too spoke of Nature's way, but, no one listened, and still do not listen.

Alo: I have a great fondness for some of the ancient books' first words... the words are presented very simply, but still provide good meaning... the simplicity of the words, enabled a complexity of thought... to me, the first words ought to have sparked the public's interest... but it did not happen.

De: I have seen stars at night...the stars speak simple things... the stars, explain part of migration... and I wonder... when people see the stars, do the people think of anything more than seeing stars?

Alo: It seems, that, if a person cannot find the meaning of the books' first words, nor can the person find the error of masking one scent while not masking all scents... then much less likely will the person find the simple words of stars.

De: And the person will still believe of himself to be smart...

Alo: Yes...

De: Poor Jun... she does need the firsthand experience... and the experience will be helpful to her in future days... but when she finally finds the needed answer, she will then have to find her own path back home. It is such a hard lesson to learn, but, it is also a needed one.

Alo: Yes... the lesson, it gives strength. To find an incorrect thing, is easy... to remedy the thing, is not as easy... to find the created path, it is worth the cost.