Alo and De Intelligence

Alo and De Intelligence #19

Alo and De Intelligence

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 27, 2018

Jun: Is there a better way to define it? It makes no sense to me, that many people sincerely do believe that memorizing many words is the sole measure of intelligence, while other people sincerely believe that memorizing mathematics is the sole measure of intelligence, and there are many different groups of people, all of whom sincerely believe that their own standards are the sole measure of intelligence.

Alo: What is your own standard of measurement?

Jun: To me, an intelligent person is aware of their environment... they are conscious of where they are, they are conscious of what is occurring around them, they form choices based upon what is occurring around them, they remember and mentally associate the memories with present things, they extrapolate thoughts, they cross-light most everything that they have experienced in life, their memories surface easily when related to a present topic, the people can control their emotions, the people can control their body expressions, the people can choose to be courteous, and of the many similar things, the people are able to form quality ideals and then to choose to live the ideals. Within my own personal experience, few outsiders expressed any of my own standards for intelligence.

Alo: Why is the memorizing of many words not a measure of intelligence?

Jun: Reciting many unknown words, means nothing, especially when the person does not have intelligence enough to not pollute their own lands.

Alo: What about the measure of mathematics?

Jun: It is much like memorizing words... mathematics does not relate to Nature, mathematics is but one of the many languages... doing a wrong thing correctly, does not make the wrong thing right.

Alo: What of your own standard? If you do not agree with the peoples' standards, then how do they interpret your standard?

Jun: As we have witnessed for hundreds of years, the outsiders claim that we are ignorant, stupid, savage, backward, and primitive because we do not believe in the outsiders' books, nor do we believe in the outsiders' mathematics.

Alo: Then, is there a way to fairly judge which standard is correct?

Jun: I believe so... the end-results ought to become the judge. If memorizing many words was a just judge, then the people who memorize many words would know what the words mean, and the people would somehow be creative with the words... but, that has not happened yet, not in over three-thousand years of known history. Similar is for mathematics... if mathematics were a standard of intelligence, then why have the mathematics people not yet created anything harmonious with Reality? Flying to the moon was an achievement, but man is still not ready nor worthy of traveling the stars... man trashed the moon.

Alo: My giggle... yes, man did leave behind his wastes... perhaps the signature of man himself... but, explain more of why you feel that your standard is more fair than other people's standards.

Jun: The other people's standards, the measure of intelligence is graded upon how well an individual answers written tests of intelligence... IQ scores, but there is another example of the problem... the government schools, it is known that some of our people's children scored the highest scores on the outsiders' own intelligence tests, and some of our children have the highest IQs in their government schools, but still the outsiders claim that we are ignorant because we still do not live like the outsiders live.

Alo: Then, their standard, is not really their standard?

Jun: No... the outsiders claim one thing, but when someone that they do not like scores higher of intelligence than all of the outsiders themselves, still the outsiders claim that the person is not intelligent. The outsiders have no control over their emotions, nor their thoughts, nor their behaviors... all contradictions of what the word-memorizers claimed... contradictions of what the mathematics believers claimed... all contradictions, and I find no intelligence within that kind of behavior.

Alo: Is the intelligence test difficult for word-memorizers?

Jun: No, it is very easy... or, at least for some of us... the tests' questions are elementary, only requiring an ability to read the language, and to judge what the test designers believed should be the correct answer. The mathematics questions are similar... the tests do not permit accurate answers, which leaves the test-taker to choose which answers best agree with the test designers' own level of intelligence... very flat, sequenced, elementary, mostly nonsense.

Alo: And how do the outsiders view your own interpretations of words and numbers?

Jun: They say that our words mean something different than what we said, and the people also say that our way of measures are impossible, and, so, therefore, ignorant.

Alo: Then, when many people disagree, it is sometimes because all of the people's beliefs are incorrect... what if your standard might also be incorrect? If the outsiders cannot recognize the errors of their own standards, how can you be confident that your own standard is without flaw?

Jun: Well... I judge people's ability to mentally participate in life, but, now that you have presented the question within a perspective that is new to me, then I must pause, and critique my own beliefs... ... ... oh... the birds, that build beautiful homes on the ground next to trees, and decorate the homes' lawns beautifully, we think of the birds as being quite intelligent and talented, we give honor to the birds' artistic talents, but we do not interpret the birds as being intelligent by our own standards... the birds do not weave clothing, nor turn the soil... and here is what I am now struggling with... caring for all living beings, does not mean that we must also believe that all living beings ought to be similar of intelligence... mother road runners teach their young courtesy and respect, of a higher degree than what most adult outsiders are able to achieve... then... that is telling me, that each species' way, is the species' own way, and ought not be judged by another species' way... ... ... then, what? Oh, but, then...

Alo: All healthy birds have two wings, two legs, two feet, two eyes... but each genre of bird is different...

Jun: Yes... it is slowly settling within me... similarities of the outside, does not mandate that there ought to be similarities of the inside... the birds, in many ways, they are superior to humans... ah, now I do not feel quite as intelligent as I did a few moments ago... though a person might do well on all human scales of intelligence, still it does not infer that the human form of intelligence can be the only measure... but still, I am still missing something here... something is not yet clicking...

Alo: It can sometimes be very difficult to discover the thing that connects and causes the discomfort... perhaps birds believe that all birds ought to have similar intelligence...

Jun: Oh... then, yes, that was what I could not yet place my finger on... it is very obvious now... the body's design, it tricks us into assuming things that might not be correct.

Alo: Yes...

Jun: But, still, is not Nature's way still the correct way?

Alo: Yes, Nature's way cannot be changed.

Jun: Ha! Then why all of the beating around the bush?

Alo: So that you would think, think your own thoughts, solve your own conclusions, recognize which thoughts were correct, and why some thoughts are not correct.

Jun: Yes, and that does permit me to feel more comfortable inside, more at peace with myself, knowing that it is okay to not be the same, nor identical, nor equal to anyone else...

Alo: Though I agree with your standards, still, there are things that our body designs cannot perceive... regardless of how intelligent we might believe ourselves or someone else to be, still none of us can recognize what cannot be recognized, which simply sums to the obvious... we form conclusions upon things, without first knowing all possible variables... all known living beings, are similar... none are much smart. The outsiders, they cannot feel magnetic fields, so the outsiders form conclusions that are wrong relative to magnetic fields... we feel some magnetic fields, but there are many other things that we cannot feel... we form conclusions that are wrong also... there are things that no human eyes can see... it is not our bodies' design to be able to see the things... therefore, we already know that no known living being on earth is without error of judgment. At present, the one thing that separates a person from all other living beings, is creative chidao... the answer is easy, the will of choice, is not.