Alo and De Fairness

Alo and De Fairness #7

Alo and De Fairness

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 06, 2018

De: Welcome father…

Jun: Father, it is rare for you to sit with us… we appreciate having you with us.

Alo: Yes, Morning Dove, we are happy that you have visited.

Morning Dove: Thank you… all of you… for always making me feel welcomed. De, Alo… Jun has told me of her visits… and of the topics of the ancient books… I choose to not know more than is useful within my own life, so I have not read the books, but, still, I am curious… do the books ever mention, planning for future generations?

Alo: Of the few ancient books that I have read, those that were written by our distant cousins… no, I have not seen the idea to be presented.

Morning Dove: Odd… I would have surely assumed that the topic would have been important… no less important than any other.

Alo: Actually… of all that I have read of many cultures, I can only think of one sentence that ever alluded to future generations… it was a writing from across the east sea, by a man from thousands of years ago… he had said something like 'we plant trees for future generations'.

Morning Dove: Only one man?

Alo: Yes, and I am not certain whether he implied that he believed that it was good to care for future generations, or whether he may have simply been pointing to how some things take longer than one's own life to accomplish.

Morning Dove: Only one… really… odd… very odd.

Alo: I have seen writings that cursed seven future generations for the bad deeds of their fathers, but helping future children? No… I know of none.

Morning Dove: I am very proud for De and you… in the old days, both of you could have been adawehies… and I am very happy for Jun, that she is striving to follow your paths… let me ask another question… what are your views of caring for future generations?

Alo: For De and I, the core idea, of course, is to care for other people… if a person truly cares for other people, then the person would naturally care for future generations also. Also… I do not remember how many years it has now been, but I used to say 'leave a place in better condition than when you arrived'. If everyone cared for other people, then everyone would ensure that they did no harm to the land, so that, the next people to arrive, would find the land to be clean, and happy of spirit.

Morning Dove: That is a very good phrase… I like that… it would be a reciprocation, of fairly paying one's ancestors for their efforts, by giving effort for one's own descendants. If everyone cared, within only a few years, Mother Earth would again be a paradise planet.

De: Yes… the land cries… because the people do not care for others.

Morning Dove: Alo, quick, explain to me why De's eyes are soft, and why Jun's eyes are smiling.

Alo: De's heart cares for the land, as well as the people… Jun's heart is happy to hear De speak more than one word at a time… Jun rarely gets to hear De speak much.

Morning Dove: Ah, yes, that is true. You two, when away from your land, neither of you speak much… we have to visit your little talking spot, to hear either of you speak much.

Alo: Yes, this is where we come, to release the disharmonious emotions of thoughts that are not useful to be held in our hearts.

Morning Dove: Good idea… ha! I had a place like this when I was young… I would go there alone, and yell and scream my bad words until the emotions were depleted… and then I could return home much more calm than when I went.

Alo: The thought of your having a place like that, it is humorous today, but I guess our neighborhood has not always been as peaceful as it is now.

Morning Dove: No, it was much different before De and you were born… so different, that it is not good for you to know why it was different. But, back then, all of we adults assembled one day, and we spent weeks discussing the wrong things and the right things. We had a good adawehi back then… he was wise, he knew the ways of Mother Nature… he helped guide us onto a path that we still walk today. It is much like the writing you spoke of, that it takes longer than one's life for trees to fully grow… we plant tree seeds with thoughts of our children enjoying the trees… we chose to leave this place in better condition than when we arrived… we cared for the land, we cared for our children, we cared for everyone, and so it was logical that we made plans that extend beyond our lives. Mother Nature's way is often slow… decades for a child to mature, more decades for big trees to mature, and even more decades for communities to mature. We adults, we agreed that it was fair and proper, that we give of ourselves, so that our children would not suffer the bad things that we had suffered. The neighborhood today, it is peaceful now… and it is fair that you, and De, and Jun, continue to improve the neighborhood, so that your children's lives will be more peaceful… and the land… please, make it happy too.

De: We promise father… we will try, our best.

Jun: All of us will try our best.

Alo: We are still learning, but I hope that we will prove worthy of the goal.

Morning Dove: Mother Nature's seasons, they come at balanced times… the summer's warmth balances the winter's cold… the sun's light balances the night's darkness… when weights are held in both hands, and there is no felt difference, we call it balanced… fairness is learned from Mother Nature's way of balances… these are things that I hold dear to my heart… Mother Nature has always been true to us… only Mother Nature has always been honest… and the balance of using our fathers' lands, is the fairness of handing the lands to our children, as you have said, in better condition than when we arrived. One of the things that we had chosen for the community, was to distance ourselves from other people. Here, our people rarely learn of the outside world… there is usually nothing worth learning anyway. The world is changing, as always… but the outsiders go one direction, we go another.