Alo and De Evidence

Alo and De Evidence #21

Alo and De Evidence

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 27, 2018

Jun: But it is funny to me now... it took me a long time to find peace with myself... I struggled and struggled with my trying to comprehend the outsiders' logic, but then I finally realized... to us, Nature is the logic... we form our logic upon the unchangeable standard of Nature... to us, Nature behaves the same way always... we know that Nature always agrees with itself... Nature never contradicts itself... Nature never makes a mistake... if a mistake is made, then it was our own error. At first I questioned myself... is not our making an error also guided by Nature's way? It would seem so, and if we permitted ourselves to remain within a narrow and flat interpretation of Nature only being a physical creation, then the belief and argument would be rational, but Nature is not a mere mechanical thing... closed systems with set boundaries, open systems with no boundaries... Nature's open boundaries permit choices... in many ways it is as if a self-guiding and self-choosing self-creation... the songs of the earth enable the songs of the living beings... the songs of the living beings further enable the songs of self-creation... it so quickly becomes as if philosophical, of attempting to explain Nature's inner ways by what is observed from the outside, and though philosophical explanations are always nonsense, still, from what I was able to weigh as being fair of judgment, it permitted me a sense of acceptance that the songs of the outsiders' are as if Nature's own songs that tell Nature of what works and does not work... in the end, to me, it was as if Nature experiments like we do, finding what works, and what does not work... the outsiders' way, is as the way that does not work, and will now be self-eliminated. And, so, to me, it is as if I am a portion of Nature looking out at itself, observing how my other portions are behaving... in some ways, I am as Nature itself, judging itself, seeing what I am doing creatively, and seeing what I am doing destructively.

Alo: My chuckle, it is with happiness that you have found your own way of accepting what cannot be changed... I chuckle more, because your idea is not so far-fetched... a rather profound way of dealing with such a difficult topic.

Jun: Thank you, yes... I know that my way is, peculiar, in many ways, but it works so well for me that I also chuckle at myself. But my logic, it tells me that it is necessary to permit living beings a freedom to choose... self-creativity cannot occur within a closed system where there are no choices... and, so, in some ways, the outsiders and us are as if a single mind... the mind poses questions to itself, raises memories of different things, the different memories of things do not always agree with the other, and the mind then weighs each of the memories to judge which memory is of harmony with the other memories, and the mind then decides, that, if a memory is not valid relative to the whole, then the memory's conclusions are discarded and not permitted to be a portion of the sum... except, of course, the discarded thoughts having been contrasts to what is correct. Now when I see outsiders behaving as outsiders do behave, I place myself within the point of view as how I observe my own mind... I simply observe, my consciousness is as if disconnected from the reasonings themselves, letting the mind weigh its own conclusions, and then I choose which conclusions are to be permitted expression. I am fully aware that my method may not be quite Reality-based, but still, for the present, it is currently the only way that I have discovered how to endure the outsiders' contradictions of logic. Hopefully in future days I will form a better way, but, for now, this works good enough.

Alo: But it is okay to devise means of mentally dealing with topics that otherwise cannot be dealt with... of importance is health... remain healthy... there is always time to find another way that better suits one's own needs.

Jun: Yes... and for the moment, I am not in a hurry to find a better way... I am so much more at ease now... I can now look at outsiders contradicting themselves, and I interpret the people's behaviors to be as if a portion of a mind that is contrasting its own thoughts, as if presenting itself with conflicting ideas, but that portion of the mind is not the one that decides what it correct or incorrect... that portion has no say of what is right or wrong... for me to interpret the people's behaviors that way, my act enables me to disconnect from the people, to not be a part of their behavior... the disconnecting, it also dissipates my feeling... well, it disconnects my feeling connected.

Alo: But your idea is very interesting to me... De and I have also struggled with similar difficulties. The body exists within a closed system that has boundaries and a system of self-referencing itself to other beings who have similar shapes... the self-referencing is a necessary ingredient for numerous qualities, but at the same time, if another being of a similar shape is behaving erratically, then that causes us to feel the erratic within ourselves, which is destructive... and, so, your way works well for the intended reasons... but what about the self-referencing? Have you found a way of retaining the self-referencing while also disconnecting from the outsiders?

Jun: I hope so... at present I can disconnect from those who are erratic, but then I permit myself to reconnect with good people... take for example the outsiders' contradictions of emotions... the outsiders claim that they are the smartest people on earth with a full knowledge of all emotions, but the outsiders have written countless thousands of lists that clearly state that their emotions are almost all negative, with no good emotion written in any of the outsiders' lists. Millions upon millions upon millions of books, all with lists that repeat the very similar lists of emotions... the evidence is there, the evidence has been there for thousands of years, there can be no denying that the evidence exists within the lists themselves, but still the outsiders deny that the evidence describes the outsiders as being defective of mind and body. The outsiders self-describe themselves to be angry, hateful, selfish, and with a callous disregard for other people... their global religion describes itself to be a cult of hate, but, the outsiders cannot recognize their own contradictions. When I permitted myself to self-reflect with outsiders, their insanity deeply harmed me... my health did indeed fail... the outsiders are as if a bad disease, polluting and killing all that they touch. However, now, when near outsiders, I place my thoughts and heart at a different position, one of which merely observes the outsiders to be as primitive living organisms that have no relativity to my own shape... it is somewhat like looking at a dog or horse... seeing a common animal, for me there is no sensation of similar shapes, which permits me to not be personally troubled if the animal behaves erratically... animals dirty their environment, but we do not feel inwardly troubled... it is the animals' nature, the animals have no choice, no self-reasoning, no shame... and so, now I try to view outsiders similarly... they have no self-reasoning, and no shame, because, they are not similar to myself. Now, for the people of mindful behaviors, yes, I permit myself to connect, to self-reference... it is as if a portion of my mind that chooses which bits of data are to be accepted for consideration... and if the bits of data are acceptable, then I permit them to be of harmony with myself.

Alo: But what of caring? If we were to disconnect with outsiders, is that not also a form of callous disregard for other people, or is the caring still like how we care about animals?

Jun: Yes, still loving all things, loving all life, still caring for all things, but only not self-creating an interpretation that all living beings with similar shapes as ours ought to also think similarly.

Alo: Ah, okay then, that is sounding much more agreeable. If the disconnecting were full, then, there would be the contradiction of judging callous disregard for other people to be bad, while one's self would be doing similarly.

Jun: Agreed... I do realize that my present way is a lot based upon philosophical nonsense, but hey, it works! Ha!

Alo: Ha! Yes, as long as it works, and it does no harm, nor contradicts, then, why not?

Jun: There are so many topics like this, that are so difficult to solve... some of the topics may never be solved, but we keep trying.

De: Similar shapes, different ways... splitting of one...

Alo: Yes, I was pondering something similar... an interesting question... it would be, as if, we are present, when the species split... again.

Jun: Yes, interesting to me also... maybe, far into the future, people will look back, and think of our era as when the new man rose, and the old man became extinct.

Alo: Jun, you must now have dozens of babies, so that they will learn of your emotions and way... become the mother of the new man!

Jun: Ha! Scary thought! Quite a huge responsibility also! Not sure if I would like being responsible for future generations...

Alo: Ah, but all past generations created and are now responsible for the present one...

Jun: True, but still the final decision is one's own choice... bodies alone do not create a better man. The outsiders, they insist that all evidence must be agreeable with what the outsiders can comprehend... the outsiders' standard, is themselves. Within me is felt the question... would it not always be true that an individual must still choose? Body alone, cannot create outside of its boundaries. The outsiders claim that their religion created heavy metals, but then the same people cry that heavy metals are now in their drinking water, and the same people cry that only their religion can save man from heavy metals... the outsiders blame everyone else for all problems, but it was their own religion that caused all of the problems... the outsiders, all of them who believe in their global religion, none of the people can form a coherent thought... not at all... the contradictions are endless... the only solution, is that the people must actually think, and choose for themselves... their own form is evidence and proof that a body alone cannot do that.

Alo: True, true...

De: Jun... getting smarter...

Jun: Ha! Maybe so! But I learned it from you two!

Alo: Oh no! I feel the self-blame burning! Ha!

Jun: Ha! That is correct! It is all your fault!