Alo and De Emotions

Alo and De Emotions #2

Alo and De Emotions

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 05, 2018

Jun: The man in the park, he spoke to the crowd... he said to love your neighbor as yourself... the man's words were boisterous, toned of deceit, and vainglory... I did not trust his words to be true, but the words did sound reasonable.

Alo: Yes, there are many similar men also... the men repeat words that the men have read, but the men do not know what the words mean... the men speak the words for selfish gain.

Jun: My twin sister, De, she is smiling at me... we may be almost identical of appearances, but we are so different inside... I can see in her eyes that she knows that I have made a mistake about the man's words.

Alo: Yes... the man's words were for the common person... for the common person to spawn a belief that the man's words must be true, because the words feel good to the common person... that kind of feeling good, is a selfish thing... the people are selfish, and want to be told that it is good to be selfish.

Jun: But is it not proper to love other people?

Alo: Depends... what does love mean?

Jun: Caring, affection, kindness, gentleness, yearning for another person's wellbeing, mindfulness towards another person, emitting one's heart's radiance towards the loved person... those are among the things that occur when a person loves.

Alo: How many outside people have you seen, who express similar behaviors towards themselves?

Jun: Oh, almost none.

Alo: How many outside people have you seen, who have expressed similar behaviors towards other people?

Jun: Again, almost none.

Alo: How many outside people have you seen, who believe in the man's words?

Jun: Many, almost all outside people in this region believe in the words.

Alo: Then, why believe in words that no one else believes in, not even the men who speak the words?

Jun: True, but, are the words not worthy of one's own life? Would not the behavior enable man to live peacefully if everyone loved their neighbors?

Alo: Philosophical... to accept words that cannot be true, and to then make excuses of why people do not follow the words, it is philosophy... it is not what can be real.

Jun: Okay... I see that the man's words are not truly believed by him nor his followers, but why would the words themselves not be valid?

Alo: A person's body can express love for the soul, and express love for another person, but what form of love can love itself? Jun, you and De... you could walk into a crowd, and the common people would say that you and De are the same... would the people's belief be true?

Jun: No... the people would only see the outside, and not know the inside.

Alo: Similar is the word 'love'... common people do not know what love is... the people have memorized a word, while believing that what they feel inside, is the identical same feeling that everyone feels inside. It is very not possible for any two things in all of Creation to be identical, similar, or equal... it is Nature's way, that all things are always different. Nature has already set the standard, and now, today, all people exist within Nature's standard. But the common people, they speak of a love that ought to be identical for everyone, which, is, not possible. All teachings of love, or any other emotion, must be incorrect unless the teachings also include descriptions of which manner of emotion is spoken of. Now, if the people do not know what love is, then how can they love themselves?

Jun: True... then, that also means, that all of man's teachings disagree with Nature's way... and it also means that all of the teachings are untrue... literally, all teachings of all emotions are all untrue... there are no teachings of love on earth, that speak correctly of love, except chidao and daodeai... and they both are unknowns to the common people.

Alo: Correct... the love of De and I, it is formed within reciprocation... our kind of love cannot occur nor exist without reciprocation... our kind of love, it is as the Source's way, Nature's way... to create a thing within this Reality, first there must be harmony between three or more other things... the man, and the people, they are not so much as within harmony of themselves... how can it be possible for disharmonious people to love, or to love themselves?

Jun: That might be true... of the many outside people that I have heard to speak of love, all of them spoke of selfish things, of desires, and of personal gain.

Alo: Yes, the people do believe that when desire is heightened, it then becomes love. How can heightened selfishness be of benefit to one's self and to one's neighbors?

Jun: Then, it would seem, that since the people have not experienced a creative reciprocal love, then the people are easily tricked into believing that what they call to be love, must, therefore, be the only kind of love that is possible?

Alo: That sounds close... the common people do not know of Nature's way of creativity... the people have led themselves into believing things that cannot possibly exist. It does not matter who speaks the words... nor does it matter from which book or school that the words arrive... if any individual speaks of love, or any other emotion, without also speaking of the variations and natures of each emotion, then the words are false, and unworthy of hearing. The love, of mine, and De's... there is no desire... the harmony is real... the giving is real, full, and has no boundaries. There can be no love without harmonious reciprocation, and, so, it is not possible to correctly love one's neighbors who do not reciprocate harmoniously.

Jun: I, am, envious, sometimes... I have watched... De is so quiet, so very happy... her words, when she rarely does speak, are spoken so very softly... when you two are alone, both of you, are so happy, and peaceful... I wish, for myself, that I could have a love like yours.

Alo: The ingredients, the daodeai, are not far from reach, but they do require the conscious choice, to become the ingredients... but, finding a twin soul to reciprocate, that, that can be very difficult. The body is physical, it has boundaries... the body has fate... creativity has no boundaries, but, each person must choose creativity... one of the ingredients of daodeai, is choice. Finding another person who has also chosen self-harmony... chidao... who is able to love one's own body through centeredness, and is able to emit love to others, is very rare.

De: Yes...