Alo and De Caring for Others

Alo and De Caring for Others #5

Alo and De Caring for Others

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

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Alo: An interesting thing... statistics are sometimes funny, but also sometimes misleading. Within a selection of global communities, statistics have shown that about one-million to three-million people have been offered the opportunity to express a caring for other people... guess how many of the individuals expressed caring for other people.

De: Oh... not an easy guess... perhaps, one in a thousand? One in a hundred-thousand sounds much too scarce, as does one in ten-thousand... likely not one in a hundred, and, so, I will guess about one in a thousand, because, surely, at least one person ought to care.

Alo: Ha! Your guess is what I also initially guessed... but, the statistics were recorded by computers... over ten years of statistics... but, the final tally, was that the total number of people who were caring of other people, was... zero.

De: Wow... really?

Alo: Yes... I looked at the numbers myself... it seems to almost be unbelievable, but... the numbers are there... the number of people who cared for other people, was, actually, zero.

De: Surely something is not right with the numbers... how can there not be people who care for others? What kind of communities were they?

Alo: Many different types... cars, financial, religious, many others... all of the communities reported the same results.

De: But, if the numbers are true, then that would only permit, maybe, no more than about two-thousand to seven-thousand people in the world, who care for other people.

Alo: Scary stuff... but, although I believe that the numbers may indeed be valid for the people within the communities, nevertheless... there is the variable... the communities are all populated with selfish people. People who care for other people, may not care for the communities' topics...

De: Ah, true... like our wise elders, who hide in their homes... they close their front doors, and do not participate within normal society.

Alo: Correct... and here is the easy guess... guess how many of our wise elders care for other people.

De: No guess needed... they are all caring for other people... one-hundred percent.

Alo: Also correct...

De: The numbers, then, though the numbers might be true, still the numbers do not relate to what is real for all people.

Alo: Agreed... the numbers are misleading... the communities' people believe that everyone in the world are identical, the same, and equal... that no one can be different than themselves. The bigger problem, is that the schools teach similar numbers, while claiming that all humans are the same... and the school children are trained to believe what they are told to believe.

De: So, then, that might help explain the bizarre beliefs within the global religion... their masters sum numbers from their own people, and then claim that everyone must be the same, including those of us who do not believe in the global religion.

Alo: Yes, and the followers get angry when outsiders do not accept the false numbers. It is funny to me... I remember the man of statues... his writings said that we are savages because we did not believe in his people's books... but now, today, his people also do not believe in the same books, but his people still believe in the man's beliefs, which is a funny contradiction of logic. Our people have always believed in what is real, and it is funny to me, to observe how the global religion's beliefs change every year, while Nature's way never changes.

De: The poor people have no standard...

Alo: True... but I wanted to speak of this, to help you feel more at ease about your not being able to share with all people... attempting to share with the wrong communities, is simply not possible.

De: Oh, you never did explain how the statistics were evaluated... how was it determined that none of the people cared for other people?

Alo: Here is the paper, and the method used...

De: Oh... oh... really? Is this paper true? I am reading the paper's statistics, but I am finding it hard to accept the paper's conclusions...

Alo: Yes... unfortunately, very true.

De: To me, this paper is very disturbing... and I see now, that the number had to be true, because if no one helped another person for that reason, then the people would not help anyone at all.

Alo: And look at what the people lost...

De: Yes... they did not know that their selfishness cost them more than they will ever know... instant karma.

Alo: Ha! Yes... a pity... but the community people will never learn... their selfishness has robbed themselves of treasures... robbed their children and future descendants, their species... forever lost... forever gone... because no one cared about other people. The people were, literally, so selfish and greedy, that they could not think enough outside of themselves to recognize that their greed, to hold tightly an ounce of material things, had cost the people the gain of tons of material things.

De: I am still staring at the paper... but this! It says that the people were actually told to care for other people! The communities' people were not tricked, nor were the people unknowing that the statistics were being assembled... and the people were even told what the gain would be! And still the people were unable to care for others... oh, how sad...

Alo: The words have been repeated countless times... care about other people... but, apparently, some people, simply cannot do it.