Alo and De Beauty

Alo and De Beauty #3

Alo and De Beauty

(PD) Alo and De Lake on Land.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright ©2018 September 05, 2018

Jun: I saw something interesting in a similar book that you had showed me... the ancient writings speak of contrasts, of needing ugly before a person can know beauty.

Alo: Oh, how sad... the writings, then, were not written by people who know what beauty is.

Jun: Apparently not... and the more that I learn of the common people, the more that I am disheartened with their beliefs.

Alo: Yes... we might need contrasts to recognize that a thing exists outside of ourselves... we need daytime to contrast nighttime, and we need the contrasts of different plants before we can know that there are different kinds of plants, but the inward self, it needs no contrasts of ugly to experience beauty.

Jun: Agreed... I looked at the modern writings also... they too speak of similar contrasts as what the ancient writings spoke of... I did not find any writing that spoke of the sense of beauty itself... not what is real.

Alo: Has your study of the writings been useful?

Jun: Yes... the common people's writings show to me that the common people do not know what any emotion is... including the sense of beauty. It is being said by the teachers of words that all emotions and all perceptions of beauty arise subconsciously. According to the writings, the common people cannot sense their own inward selves, nor are the people conscious of how their emotions arise... and so, to those people, emotions are uncontrolled, and uncontrollable.

Alo: Then, contrasts... visible contrast is the only thing known to the people... the people can only think of what they see?

Jun: Very close I suspect... if the people could sense their own selves, then surely the people would not have written the words.

Alo: Beauty is similar to love... the emotion arises when another thing is of harmony with one's own natures.

Jun: Yes... like you and De... though she and I may look almost identical, still, it is her that you love the good love... so, to me, through the contrast, I can understand that things seen are not the sole measure of beauty, nor of love... but, still, also, the contrast is not a description of the emotion itself.

Alo: Yes, and that is a very good example... if a person has not self-observed the rise of an emotion, then the person cannot know what the emotion is. Also, until an individual has attained some of the ingredients of daodeai, then the person cannot self-observe... there can be no good love, nor useful knowledge of emotions, if an individual has no chidao.

Jun: Then, to me, that appears to also contrast some of the differences between different people... to me, it appears that the common people are not much conscious, and the quality people are a lot conscious. To me, it appears to form a concept that the contrasts describe differences of intelligence... if smart people are self-aware of themselves, then, not being self-aware would be not-smart?

Alo: We can love and care about the dog, the cat, the horse, the deer, the rabbit, and all living beings, but we do not expect the animals to be smart... we do not expect the animals to be wise of Nature's way, nor do we expect the animals to self-choose self-betterment. Animals... we are all mere animals, until we choose.

Jun: Homes, all are built of mud and sticks... clothes, all made of plants, animals, or dirt... we humans, we are not much different than other animals...

Alo: True... there are boundaries of created things... we can rearrange things outside of ourselves, but we cannot create new things that come into existence from nothing... the only thing that we can create, is attribute... attribute then becomes the nascent of boundless creativity.

Jun: Yes, and I have watched it being birthed within De... she has changed since we were children.

De: Yes...

Alo: Though a man may tame his own mind, it is the woman who births his heart...

De: Chidao...

Jun: I apologize for my chuckles... I am growing increasingly aware of common man's way... he memorizes many words, words that he does not know the definitions of... and he then claims himself to be smart, because he can recite the unknown words.

Alo: I suspect that dogs may bark without knowing the meanings of the barks... cats meow, cows moo, birds chirp... likely no common animal is aware of what their voices describe. To my knowledge, only the human form possesses the ability to self-choose... to not self-choose, we remain animals. Choosing self-harmony... it is a very beautiful thing... becoming of harmony with another person... that, is far more beautiful.